Hurdles for Wilder to overcome and the case for Helenius

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by ShortRound, Aug 10, 2022.

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    Jul 4, 2014
    You are a wilder nut hugger, so no, you are the mentally defective one.

    Yeah, Duhaupas was modestly talented guy who busted up Wilder's eye, and they had to do a quick stoppage when he was on his feet, so yeah, he exposed Wilder.

    Nothing hypocritical about me. I have been saying the guy is a fraud for ten years, and he is.

    You should probably change your name to "short bus."
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    Jul 31, 2021
    I'm not a fan of Joshua. I think he'll lose to Usyk and I criticize AJ as much as the next guy, whereas you seem unable to give anyone except Wilder credit, except Fury because he beat him and you have to.
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    I think it's definitely a good fight. Wilder has taken a lot of punishment his past 3 fights, and Helenius is a proven worthy opponent. I'm picking Wilder, I do think Helenius has a chance in this fight. The outcome will be interesting whoever wins.
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    Jul 29, 2018
    I've never, ever seen anyone claim Ortiz that highly (and there's been a couple deluded LDBC racists lunatics on this site) claim Ortiz is better than Povetkin? How is he better Whyte, Parker , Ruiz etc?

    Ortiz most notable wins: Martin and Jennings

    Povetkin most notable wins: Whyte, Byrd, Chagaev, Takam, Huck, Hughie Perez, Wawrzyk, Price etc.

    There's no comparison in terms quality of opponent and depth of quality.

    Stiverne better than than Whyte, Parker, Ruiz, Pulev and Takam? How? His most noteworthy (if you can even call it that) win is Arreola? I'm trying not to be disrespectful, but I want to know logic behind this?

    If I was to do a similar list mine would be:

    1. Wlad.
    2. Povetkin
    3. Whyte
    4. Parker
    5. Ruiz
    6. Pulev
    7 Ortiz
    8. Takam
    9. Martin
    10. Duhaupas

    You mention Martin as a paper champion which I agree with but how do view Parker as a paper champion and not Wilder? Parker beat a better opponent to earn the title shot (Dimitrenko obviously better than Gavern) and beat a better opponent for the title ( Ruiz obviously better than Stiverne).

    Whyte ducked Ortiz? You failed to mention Ortiz whilst with Matrhcroom turn down the chance to fight Whyte opting a weaker opponent. Obviously Ortiz after calling out AJ saying he would step in as a Miller replacement, bluff was was called and offer made - he turned it down.
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    Jun 6, 2022
    "you are the mentally defective one"

    "he explode Wilder"


    "Nothing hypocritical about me"

    Claim that Duhaupas is game, big, tough and has decent skills, he's going to beat Wilder...

    *Wilder outlands him more than 3:1, is never remotely hurt, batters him and becomes the first fighter to stop him in 35 fights*

    "Terrible performance from Wilder, Duhaupas caused some eye damage and was only stopped on his feet, Wilder was exposed"

    Keep it going you dishonest clown.
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    Aug 4, 2020
    To be fair he’s jumped up and down on fury’s phallus just as much.

    When he was posting as Neet he was a wilder phallus rider, since wilder got owned by fury he’s changed his alt to short round and inserted the fury phallus into every orifice for the last few months instead. It’s only since fury’s impending and now confirmed retirement he’s gone back to frog hopping on the rod of the dented head costume wearing Alabama native again.
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    Jun 6, 2022
    "I've never, ever seen anyone claim Ortiz that highly"

    I've seen plenty of LDBC guys rate him above the Klitschko AJ beat and many normal boxing fans rate him above Povetkin, so in boxing terms you're living under a rock.

    Back in 2015/2016/2017 Ortiz was seen as a major threat to Wlad, Fury and AJ. Whyte was seen as a bum by comparison.

    "Wawrzyk, Price"

    How the hell are these "notable wins" but the likes of Hammer, Scott and Thompson are not? Hammer and Thompson destroyed Price on three occasions and Scott schooled Thompson.


    Highly controversial decision, most thought it was either a draw or Huck (who had been KO'd by Cunningham at home) deserved the nod.

    No one denies that Povetkin had a longer list of names on the "resume" but the Povetkin who fought AJ was coming off a war with Price and was unable to KO Rudenko or Hammer in his previous three fights.

    Ortiz's best win over 2015 Jennings is better than Povetkin's best win over 2014 Takam as Ortiz won a far greater proportion of the rounds and got him out of there 3 rounds earlier.

    Ortiz was taller, rangier, heavier and more vicious than Povetkin, a better pointfighter, a bigger puncher and a southpaw. He was also younger, with far fewer punishing pro fights, never knocked down and undefeated.

    "Stiverne better than than Whyte, Parker, Ruiz, Pulev and Takam? How?"

    Whyte's best win prior to AJ was Brian Minto and Ruiz's was Liakhovich, so even by your standards Stiverne had a superior record.

    Stiverne had a granite chin (never knocked down in 26 pro fights prior to Wilder 1) big power (neither Vitali or Wilder messed up Arreola nearly as badly) and approached the fight with confidence, aggression and determination.

    Parker was a light puncher, on his backfoot in Britain, came to collect a cheque. Gutless.

    Light puncher Ruiz turned up at 283 lbs. That's 43 lbs heavier than Stiverne (who wasn't the best conditioned himself) despite being shorter and stubbier.

    Pulev and Takam were light punchers, neither believed they could win. Pulev was in poor form (Dinu, Booker) aging and inactive, Takam's best ever win was decisioning Thompson 9-3 in France, who Scott also outboxed and Ortiz schooled and annihilated not long after. Takam was sub-Chisora level as proven in his next fight.

    "how do view Parker as a paper champion and not Wilder?"

    Parker won a vacant title by disputed decision (Ruiz) defended it by disputed decision (Hughie) and had 2 defences. Wilder beat a champion for the belt by a near-shut out over 12 and defended it 10 times, including wins over 3rd ranked Stiverne, 5th and 6th ranked Ortiz and a disputed draw with 7th ranked lineal champ Fury.

    "You failed to mention Ortiz whilst with Matrhcroom turn down the chance to fight Whyte opting a weaker opponent."

    Provide evidence or retract the claim. Ortiz fought Allen on the same Matchroom card that Whyte fought Chisora and Ortiz had previously signed to fight Takam on a Matchroom card in Monaco before Takam pulled out to make a fight with Duhaupas, which never materialised.

    Whyte never wanted the Ortiz fight and plenty of his fans defended his decision to avoid Ortiz and fight Chisora for a second time instead, as Ortiz was deemed high risk low reward.
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    Jun 6, 2022
    I currently have Usyk above Wilder as the 2nd best in the division, with the 2nd best heavyweight record (Hunter and Briedis both have good HW wins and performances, prime Gassiev was dangerous and could beat many decent HW's) so your claims are inaccurate.
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    Jul 4, 2014
    He is eyes was all ****ed up and they did the quick stoppage to save Wilder, just like they did the quick stoppage in the second Ortiz fight. Also, they outright fixed the Scott fight, probably Audley and Liakovich as well. Guy is a fraud and you ride the short bus.
  10. ShortRound

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    Jun 6, 2022
    "quick stoppage to save Wilder"

    Duhaupas had taken 16 unanswered punches in the 11th round after getting battered for the previous 10. Wilder had his left eye largely closed up and fought through it to win in style, rather than quitting like Dubois.

    Ortiz was never winning the 2nd Wilder fight; he had over 15 minutes left to survive to win a decision after slowing down, being badly hurt and would have only been 2 points ahead going into the 8th due to the KD. The referee saved the old man for another day.

    Scott fixed the fights unilaterally by getting himself counted out against Chisora, diving against Wilder and running a marathon against Ortiz.

    "probably Audley and Liakovich as well"

    Anything that discredits your r*tarded positions is a fix lmao. Every sparring partner and every fighter who has fought Wilder knows he has massive power, some who sparred Lewis and Wlad claim that Wilder's right hand is more devastating than theirs.

    You've already admitted why you hate Wilder: he dissed Mike Tyson, beat up a hooker, has racially charged supporters and claimed to want a body on his record. Everyone can see that you are a hypocrite with zero objectivity or intellectual integrity.
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    Povetkin "went to war" with price? He stumbled once after catching a heavy shot, then proceeded to spark Price out just afterwards. That's not going to war... Yet in the same breath Wilder going 12 with Stiverne is a "shutout", but AJ out boxing Ruiz completely isn't....

    I think I'm done with this thread. Every time I look at it there's several lengthy posts from NEETz never actually addresses the points made, and he just throws more paragraphs of absolutely inconsistent comparisons to try and hide the facts he can't answer.
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    Jul 4, 2014

    And he was on his feet.

    The Scott fight was fixed, and almost certainly Lyakovich with his theatrical twitching. He threw a whole bunch of punches at air against Audley, so best case scenario it was a fix, or another illustration of just how bad Wilder sucks.

    Damn Shortbus.
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    Jun 6, 2022
    You can be more beaten up and hurt on your feet than another fighter who goes down. It's not unusual for a fight to be stopped if one guy is getting battered, has been for several rounds previously and is throwing nothing back.

    Provide evidence that Scott was paid by Wilder's team to take a dive. This is why I think you are a scumbag with zero integrity. Scott has a pattern of quitting, making no effort to win and throwing himself to the canvas in an attempt to get counted out. He clearly had no heart and as a friend of Wilder wanted to pad Wilder's 1st round KO record without getting seriously hurt, hence the dive.

    It's not uncommon for fighters to spasm on the floor after suffering a brutal KO:


    Audley got drilled and went down, Wilder went crazy and windmilled. It had no practical impact on the fight, other than possibly to encourage the referee to stop it sooner and Audley not to continue.
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    Apr 23, 2020
    Is the OP seriously trying to make a case for Helenius? I feel like crying.

    Helenius. Is. A. Nothing. Fighter.
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    The only hurdle he'll have to overcome is to avoid tripping over Helenius' prone body right after he momentarily sends him to the Upside Down with the first clean straight right he lands.
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