I need help choosing new traning gloves! ;) everyone's advice is welcomed

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    Jul 5, 2019
    Hello everyone.
    As a mentioned i need help from someone with good experience with different glove brands.
    Im like 6 foot 2 (im my country we use cm so it's 190cm) and 169 lbs(77kg).
    I just train because i like boxing and i have no intention to compete.
    Also im tired of 25$ gloves that get's destroyed after couple of months,i want some gloves that can last up to 2-3 years(if it is possible)(sorry for my bad english).
    My budged is 200$ no more than that.
    I also make a list of some gloves i think it's kinda good for this amount of money.
    Everlast Powerlock Traning Gloves(Lace up)
    Everlast MX Traning Gloves(Lace up)
    Cleto Reyes Traning Gloves(Lace up)
    Rival RS100(Lace up)
    (If someone thinks i missed some good brand for this amount of money,say it,also Winning and Grand are just too expensive for me)

    At the end i wanna say ONLY important criteria for me is DURABILITY.I want them to last much as they can and to chose most durable of those four.
    Thanks :)