If both Ali/Liston fights were fixed, how would it affect Sonny's and Ali's legacies?

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    "The FBI literally said they found proof the 2nd fight was fixed.
    Never heard this, do you know if there's a good link out there that describes what they found?"

    That's not what the FBI said. They said they had evidence the FIRST fight was fixed.
    Someone told them that one of Liston's mob handlers (Resnick, I think) told them that Clay would be KOd in the 2nd round. The day of the fight, Resnick called him and told him not to bet on the fight, just watch it.

    "On one occasion, Resnick introduced Magids to Sonny Liston at the Thunderbird, [one of the Las Vegas hotels organized crime controlled]," the memo states. "About a week before the Liston and Clay fight in Miami, Resnick called and invited Magids and his wife for two weeks in Florida on Resnick. Magidsā€˜ wife was not interested in going, but Magids decided to go along, and Resnick was going to send him a ticket.

    "Two or three days before the fight, Magids called Resnick at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami to say he could not come," the memo states. "On this call, he asked Resnick who he liked in the fight, and Resnick said that Liston would knock Clay out in the second round. Resnick suggested he wait until just before the fight to place any bets because the odds may come down.

    "At about noon on the day of the fight, [Magids] reached Resnick again by phone, and at this time, Resnick said for him to not make any bets, but just go watch the fight on pay TV and he would know why and that he could not talk further at that time.

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    Spot on. I have alwasy considered the 2nd fight as fixed.

    However, I don't think the mob was the only thing Liston possibly feared. Where about the NOI? Those brothas were not above killing other blacks.
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    I agree. The NOI had just finished assassinating Malcolm X.
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    Really truthful great post, thanks for posting.