If Deontay has a dented head...

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    Jun 25, 2014
    Everything came to a stop basically two weeks after the fight. They were never going to meet in July. And we know Wilder has had at least one surgery (bicep) since then. Most minor skull fractures heal in weeks. Those photos of MMA fighters with caved-in heads are extreme examples. Even if you break an orbital bone and require surgery, it heals in weeks/couple months.

    Regardless, if he literally cracked his head and they had to wait for the bone to heal, the extra time was certainly beneficial.

    It's a dangerous business, for sure.

    I'm more interested in where the damage was. Back of the head means it was a foul shot. It always looked like he clubbed him in the backside of his head.

    He was pretty disoriented when he got up. Never fully recovered from that shot. And justifiably so, if his head was cracked. But he got right up. Kept fighting.
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  2. gmurphy

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    Oct 30, 2013
    Wilder was always a low i.q simpleton

    No first brain damaged him and he is coming back for more.

    Honestly guys its not a laughing matter. Wilder can't afford to get any dumbest, he needs to pull out and retire

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