I'll give Wilder credit if he wins without a screwjob, but that has to cut BOTH ways

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    Jul 4, 2014

    I have made no bones about the fact that I think Wilder is a protected fraud who intentionally targets medically unfit fighters who are punch drunk from past beatings (Lyakovich, Harrison, Molina), morbidly obese (Stiverne, Arreola), or have high blood pressure (Ortiz), with the occasional flat out bum (Duhapaus, Washington, Szpilka) and professional diver (Scott) mixed in. And yes, he thinks he has a gold mine in Fury who is a former lineal champ who had to lose 130 pound and kick a cocaine habit. Most fighters are never the same after even one of these kinds of changes, ala Buster Dougals, Jim Jefferies, Pinklon Thomas, Tony Tucker, etc.

    I do think Fury is going to beat the odds.

    Wilder's fans are already whining that Fury's fans will not give him credit if he wins. I promise that barring a screwjob, I will give Wilder the credit of being a legit #2 man in the world and a man that Joshua MUST fight for his own credibility. Right now, I don't see Wilder as distinguished from Whyte, Miller, Parker, Chisora, Kownacki, Pulev, or a any contender that has made a career out of devouring hand-picked fringe contenders. If he wins here, then he is a legit #1 contender, head and shoulders above the rest, and if Joshua won't fight him, then Wilder is the man by default.


    That has to cut both ways if Fury wins. We can't have the crybaby's coming in and saying "well, you didn't think Wilder was that good, so what does it prove?" Wilder is on paper a WBC champ with seven defenses, and his proponents brag of his "freaky power." Fury gets full credit for coming back and taking on this man in his third fight even though Wilder's toughest opponents have been a hooker in Las Vegas, A Telemundo sombrero mascot, and Charlie Zellenoff. And if Fury pulls this off, then he is not to far off of being an ATG.

    Let's both sides agree that appearances are sometimes more than reality, and leave it at that. We can either look at this fight as a total fraud fighting a bloated drug addict who found weight watchers, or we can look at it as a successful WBC champ against a lineal champ who unseated an ATG. Maybe the truth is somewhere in between, but we are all strongly backing our guys, so let the better man win and let's give credit freely to the winner.

    Fair enough?
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    fair enough. i think fury is criminally OVERated, in this forum. so if he can handle a protected fraud who intentionally targets medically unfit fighters who are punch drunk from past beatings, then i will admit he is better than i thought.
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    Both should get credit. But having said that I'd give Fury more credit for coming back after losing all that weight and winning a title again in his opponents backyard again.

    I'm favouring Wilder in this and think he chose Fury because he hasn't looked good in his 2 come back fights. So while it would be a good win it's not like he would of beaten the Fury that beat Wlad, he again saw a vulnerable fighter and made the fight. But again it's still a risk even if the odds our in his favour.
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    Im probably too bitter at the fact that once again Deontay Wilder is going to be facing somebody with serious question marks about his condition, health, age, freshness or quality.