"I'll make it up to those who bought that **** tonight" - Dana White

Discussion in 'MMA Forum' started by Addie, Apr 11, 2010.

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    I don't fully disagree with you except that I want to point out that it is always in the UFC's financial interest to put on the fights fans want to see. If the fighters had more liberty to choose their own fights they would choose the fights that best represented THEIR financial interest. As a fan it would be very disappointing for me if a champion did not fight a true #1 contender because he knew if he lost his 0 or his title he wouldn't make as much money down the road.

    The fights that are in the promotions best interest are usually the same as the fights that are in the fans best interest. On the contrary, the fights that are in a fighters best interest (easy fights that make the fighter look invincible, fights that a fighter knows he can win) are not in the fans best interest.

    Also, Hendo has moved to strikeforce which is running a pretty damn good promotion right now.
  2. The UFC have been feeding Silva cans, either that or they simply do not have the depth of fighters. Anderson needs to go back to Japan and fight international fighters, there are many more top fighters around the world who do not fight in the UFC.
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    Like who? Name names.
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    Its beena while. Make it up to me by sorting out UFC 133 shite.
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    **** dana white, **** zuffa from now on im streaming every ufc aint worth my money.
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    This ****ing forum is falling to ****. Idiotic posters and bumps at every turn.