in the UFC they pay more than boxing on average and boxing depends on the fighters to exist

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  1. Juan carlos

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    Aug 31, 2019
    according to this UFC propagandist... who has the largest Spanish-speaking mixed martial arts channel... he makes an unfair comparison between how much a boxer who fights in local circuits earns with how much an average UFC fighter earns... after making this comparison acts as if he feels sorry for how little boxers earn... then he says that boxing depends on the names of the boxers... while the UFC does not depend on its fighters, it depends on the company itself... it Which is false... boxing is poorly managed and gives away too much money to the boxers... if Canelo, for example, doesn't want to fight with such a boxer that you put in front of him, simply don't hire him.
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  2. lufcrazy

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    Sep 15, 2009
    I think the average UFC fighter gets more than the average boxer, that's just common sense though.

    But boxing superstars get far more than UFC superstars.
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    Apr 17, 2009

    That is parroted a lot... But it's the UFC, the ultimate of the MMA leagues. Put average MMA guy vs average Boxing salary and take the MEAN. Boxing pay would dominate MMA fighters. Probably 2-3 x as much.
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  4. lufcrazy

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    Sep 15, 2009
    I imagine it would.

    Fans don't watch UFC because of how much money the fighters make though, they watch it because of the competitive matchmaking.
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    Jan 6, 2024
    The lower UFC fighters get paid more because lower fighters are the UFCs economic leverage against the stars. Paying 10,000 more(example) to protect their ability to pay millions less.

    If you steal from the lowest fighters they end up destitute on the street and people get mad but its hard to generate outrage over someone who nominally makes 6 figures not being a multi millionaire.
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    Feb 21, 2021
    MMAs entire talent pool is 5000-7000 pro fighters, and the UFC has close to a thousand fighters signed at any one time. Thats one factor that always gets lost in the pay discussion ie your chances of making it to the UFC as an MMA fighter are much much higher statistically than making it to a major league in any other sport. If an athlete was to make a 5 year plan where at the end of it they're making 6-7 figures and somewhat famous, MMA is probably a better path to that overall than boxing, even though boxing pays higher at the absolute top end.

    As for boxing depending on fighters to exist, thats somewhat true. The fighters are obviously important in MMA as well but the major difference is the UFC, like the WWE or the NFL or whatever, has a degree of brand power where the name itself sells tickets to some extent. I mean they just did a crowd of 12,000 for a card headlined by two women nobody has heard of.
  7. outtieDrake

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    Dec 17, 2009
    it's legit. Watch any ufc fight night, these matchups are closer than any boxing card. In ufc about 40-45 % underdogs win per card compared to boxing where it's 5-10% sometimes 0%

    that means ufc is matching difficult fights that are earned, you have boxing cards that are filled with can crushers who are there to pad the next big superstar. There is a guy in my local boxing gym who is 27-0 and no one knows his name and he's a middle class earner, has a regular house. Because in boxing there are the prospects vs the cans or can crushers. In the ufc an average fight is competitive with maybe a few exceptions. so they aren't going to be nearly as fed less pay if their fighting a tougher matchup.
  8. bluebird

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    Apr 17, 2009
    I think it's more the nature of the beast.

    In MMA there is so many more ways to win and lose cause of different styles, that's why only a genuine phenom like Jon Jones can stay Undefeated (DQ aside) for so long. Boxing is more black and white - are you more skilled? yes? - 90% chance you win depending on fitness, stamina, power of the combatants.
  9. outtieDrake

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    Dec 17, 2009
    I've seen big boxing cards where you have a guy or two with a negative boxing record on the lower undercards. Unacceptable. It's true mma has more ways to win, but in ufc level, no one is going there with a neg record or garbage skills unless they have a fraud record.

    Tszyu vs. Fundora | Boxing Event | Tapology

    Garcia and Walker in the bottom have crap record.

    And look at the prospects who are facing the decent record like : Sulaiman Segawa | Boxer Page | Tapology

    16-3 you think (well that is a decent positive record.) but peal the layer back more

    his last win was against this guy : Prince Dzanie ("Octopus") | Boxer Page | Tapology

    another positive record 24-3 (impressive right? but get ready for it.)

    look who the 24-3 is facing in his last three fights where he won

    ttps:// 3-10
    Juan Gabriel Medina | Boxer Page | Tapology 14-12
    Sherif Kareem ("Lecturer") | Boxer Page | Tapology 9-4

    A typical boxing card matchmaking looks like this

    undefeated Prospect > can beater > can beater > can

    that is the nature of boxing. The fact that the average boxing champ has like 25-30+ matches to get the strap tells you there is a lot of can beating and can crusher padding.

    How do you fix this?

    Make it so any pro boxer with a high successful ameteur is matched with another boxer who has ameteur experience or at least 0-15 matches as a pro that is positive. A can crusher should only be acceptable till around 5 fights. So a guy like Joshua by the 6-10th fight can fight a guy like Walin or Whyte when they are in their first 10 fights. Then around 15-0 Aj fights for the title vs Wilder, Fury, Usyk.

    That is the ufc model. Boxing stays in stage 1 up to 15-20 fights and then even sometimes an establish boxer with title credentials will still go back and fight a bum . So it goes back to my argument why the average boxer is getting paid less. Would you pay a fighter that is fighting cans or fellow can crushers a high wage? Most don't even have social media and a name. ufc fighters on average( not counting boxing mega stars) have a higher social media presence.