Is Amanda Nunes domination unprecedented in any combat sport?

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    Mar 5, 2021
    The fights with Nunes that were remotely 'competitive' (and I use that term generously) were made so by the opponent completely limiting their arsenal to avoid getting hurt by a single strike. It's not like anyone has went in there, stuck to anything resembling their normal game plan and had success. They literally fight scared and wait for what few openings arise. GDR had to resort to a strategy that had something like a 2% chance of working just so she wouldn't get hurt. To me, that fight doesn't prove that any significant amount of women can compete with Nunes. It proves that a select few women are skilled enough to execute a hopeless strategy for 5 rounds that allows them to avoid getting hit hard but never provides them with a real chance to score points against Nunes. You can't stay in the pocket AT ALL. That's unprecedented. Even with a fighter like Mike Tyson, you could stay in the pocket here and there and have a reasonable chance of coming out alive.

    I feel Valentina is actually the best fighter in terms of skill by far, and is so good that she was able to compete with a woman like Nunes. This will become increasingly apparent in hindsight. Against 99.9% of all other woman, Nunes dominates no matter what. I'd also suggest that Nunes can beat 99% of women by doing nothing but light cardio in training.

    Here’s another way to look at it. Imagine being Amanda Nunes. You know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that for 100% of the entire fight, your opponent is basing everything they do on the fear of getting hurt by one strike and will not even consider staying in the pocket. Even Mike Tyson knew that there were guys out there skilled and strong enough to stay in the pocket with him if they were able to create a favorable circumstance. Not the case with Nunes.
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    Valentina won and shes smaller.
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    Ill go with nunes corner, we both had valentina winning the second fight. Nunes got sucked into fighting valentinas fight and lost fair n square.
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    Given the extremely shallow talent pool I'd say it's very precedented.

    When Fedor came onto the scene he was like Combat Jesus only fatter and with less hair.
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    Didn't some one kick her ass already in the ufc
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