Is Canelo Still The P4P Number 1?

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Joeywill, May 9, 2022.

  1. lordlosh

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    Jun 4, 2014
    They were competitive, not close. There is a huge difference in that. And his run wouls not have exist if he wasnt paying the judges.
    And its not just the GGG fights, but Lara, Trout, alao his stipulation and stecking the deck heavily in his favor. The guy is a fraud and was exposed. His fans should be quiet after all the time they were on high and talking nonsenses.
  2. FastLeft

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    Apr 23, 2022
    I am sure a fighter like Usyk does not care about this stupid pound 4 pound rubbish. He is undefeated fighter and top division heavyweight #2 and aim to prove himself as undisputed #1 like he did at 'second division' cruisers. which is real achievement . Pound for Pound is not real it is child fantasy titles & very very stupid concept.
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  3. Brighton bomber

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    Apr 4, 2005
    Never was in my opinion even before losing to Bivol, I had Usyk above him. His resume I think is wildly overrated, full of good names but many on the slide like Mosley, Cotto, Kovalev and GGG.
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  4. DynamicMoves

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    Sep 15, 2010
    If Loma isn't in the discussion after Lopez, Canelo isn't after Bivol.
  5. ElCyclon

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    Dec 2, 2012

    IMO most those names should not even count cause they go too far. Top 10 PFP ranking should be based on current accomplishments maybe the last couple of years and the last 3-5 opponents(not strictly but ballpark).
  6. Pimp C

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    Jun 23, 2005
    1. Crawford
    2. Usyk
    3. Bivol
    4. Spence
    5. Inoue

    Canelo down to 6 or 7 now
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  7. iii

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    May 3, 2016
    1. Usyk
    2. Bivol
    3. Spence
    4. Crawford
    5. Inoue
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  8. Liquorice

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    May 13, 2018
  9. Serge

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    Jul 21, 2009
    Usyk is #2 and it sounds like they might bump him up to the top spot when they update their rankings and deservedly so too

    Some Bivol stats

    Bivol vs Clenelo compubox stats

  10. drenlou

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    Jan 22, 2015
    1. Usyk
  11. Serge

    Serge Ginger Dracula Staff Member

    Jul 21, 2009
    1. Usyk
    2. Jake ''Money'' Paul

    The rest
  12. Geo1122

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    Jul 7, 2017
    Depends on how you work you P4P list. For me it stays the same. All of Canelo’s accolades are for what he’s done below 175. Can’t punish a man for daring to be great in a division were he doesn’t belong. Had it happened at 168 or 160 that’s perhaps a different story. It’s also just as much about other fighters not earning a spot above him by default.
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  13. Heavy_Hitter

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    Jul 7, 2018
    He is still number 1.
    He just needs to pay double for the spot after the beatdown.
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  14. m.s.

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    Nov 2, 2010
    Why do you act like 115 - 113 is a real score? Everybody knows that is not even remotely accurate.
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  15. shadow111

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    Aug 1, 2012
    I'm not acting like it was the real score, it was in fact the real score. I'm not sure I would score it that close, but that's the official verdict. I know you have a hard time with official results. The judges at ringside score the bout and those scores determine results. Like in the past you claimed GGG beat Canelo twice and stuff like that. Those aren't real scores or real results, that's only your personal feeling about what you think it should have been, but wasn't.