Is Canelo the most overrated boxer in history?

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by DoubleM, Jan 24, 2023.

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    Nov 28, 2015
    Canelo made opportunistic moves to artificially inflate his aura of greatness. He is overrated. But still a top P4P. I also agree that watching his fights against GGG with no sound and more objectivity allows us to see the fights are much closer than what commentators and crowd see. He should have a loss against GGG.

    I believe Beterbiev is currently more overrated than Canelo though. I can't stand that people see this guy as an unbeatable slugger. He is only one punch away from being knocked down. Yarde had zero amateur experience. Joe Smith fights like a youtuber. Gvozdyk is the only legit win Beterbiev has. Canelo in comparison achieved much more.
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    Jan 21, 2022
    He got schooled by Floyd and Bivol, lost twice to GGG and couldn't knock him out when the latter was 40 years old and just came in for the payday, was losing against faded Kovalev who did nothing more than pitty pat him. Generally his fights are boring because he lacks that killer instinct to get some of the lesser fighters out of there (took him 11 rounds to stop Caleb Plant). Damn right he is overrated. Basically he is nowhere near on the top 50 ATG list as some delusional fanboys claim he is
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    Nov 17, 2022
    There are many shady things around Canelo but the man has a very deep resume with many legit wins against legit opponents. He might be many things, but a protected fraud is not one of them. Mayweather would never have risked a fight against Bivol. So the answer is no, he is not a fraud. And that’s coming from someone who never particularly liked the guy.

    Even in this era, I can think of more overrated boxers. There is a certain fat ogre in the heavies who is surrounded by mass hysteria even though he only had six title fights against mostly laughable opposition, one of them being an almost 40, 12 losses Chisora (whom he already beat twice like a decade ago) as a voluntary title defence. Imagine Ali or Lewis voluntarily defending a WBC belt against someone like that and then calling themselves the greatest while ducking the reigning unified heavyweight champion of the world. Fraudy does have a legit claim to be the greatest of all time - the greatest fraud, that is.
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    Still roided and got suspended lmao what a cheater