Is Corrie Sanders overrated ?

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    It wasn't; just who Sanders beat, but also how quietly he beat them, He has 30 K's inside 3 rounds, and some of were vs names boxing fans should be familiar with. It wasn't his fault the press would use his name for Lewis, Tyson or Holyfield and he never got the chance to fight any of them. Sanders was close to fighting Roy Jones as well. Jones didn't want any part of it.
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    At what point was Sanders a worthy contender whom Lewis, Tyson, and Holyfield should have fought?

    From his debut in 91-93 his biggest win was the C level Bert Cooper. That didn't mean much to champion Holyfield who had already beaten a better version of Cooper and had bigger fish to fry like Big George, Bowe, etc. Then in 94 Sanders gets stopped by Nate "Nobody" Tubbs. Tyson was in jail. Lewis was on the rise and looking for his title shot after putting together impressive wins over Tucker, Bruno, and Ruddock. Sanders didn't offer much for Lewis' resume before the Tubbs loss, and offered absolutely nothing after the Tubbs loss.

    For the next 6 years, Sanders didn't do much outside of stopping an old Bobby Czyz who was overweight and coming off a 2 year layoff, decisioning the inconsistent journeyman Ross Purrity who had 10 losses (this was before he beat Wladmir). The rest of his wins were over mostly very mediocre guys with poor records who weren't ranked and had long stretches of inactivity. Then in 2000 he steps up against his best opponent in Hasim Rahman and loses. By this point, Tyson was completely washed up. Holyhfield was old and inconsistent and was struggling with Ruiz in a trilogy. Lewis was fat and old and looking for one last big payday. Sanders offered absolutely nothing to them, no belt, no name, no money.

    By the time Sanders managed to pull off a good win that made his name worth something against Wladmir in 2003, Lewis and Tyson had retired and Holyfield was completely shot getting his ass kicked by blown up light heavies James Toney and Chris Byrd. Even if for the sake of argument you think Holyfield should have fought him, Sanders proceeded to lose his belt in his very next fight against Vitali and never produced any good wins after that.

    The idea Sanders is some sort of victim who "never got his shot" against the big names like Tyson, Holyfield or Lewis is completely false. THe reality is he was inconsistent, often out of shape, took long periods of inactivity, and took a long time to step up. Even when he did step up, he often lost or had very mixed results over opponents who ranged from mediocre to good.