Is Mike Tyson Tailor Made for George Foreman ?

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    Jan 5, 2021
    I read it at least once somewhere and there are some articles in the internet about it. I have to admit though, that the credibility is questionable.
    Nevertheless, there is an old article (The Sweet Science: Why we never saw Foreman-Tyson). Cus D'Amato and Tyson watched the first fight between Frazier and Foreman. D'Amato said to Tyson, that Foremans style is deadly for short swarmers (just tall fighters with good movement could beat him)...Tyson was fearful of Foreman (you can google it).
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    This is a great thread with lots of great posts.

    I enjoyed reading yours, but I think you’ve exaggerated in parts and not really looked at how their styles would have meshed.

    Looking at results against other guys is certainly an important factor, but then you have to look at the styles, as well as at what point they fought and under what circumstances etc.

    I’ll just make a few points:

    Ali knocked out George because he’d psyched him out and let him empty his tank.

    Ali hit him with a few great right hands, but Mike was obviously much smaller with a lesser reach than guys like Ali and Lyle. Which meant that those punches were coming from different angles. Mike would have needed to have got a lot closer and inside of George’s reach which would have been very dangerous for him.

    Yes, Mike beat a guy like Savarese much easier. But is that really relevant here? George was almost 50 years old and had fought 80 fights when he fought Savarese. You could also spin it and say that George caused a peak version of Evander trouble whilst he was in his 40’s, whereas a past prime Evander knocked Mike out when Mike was 30. So I don’t think it’s relevant at all.
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    Tyson would be in range of Foreman's uppercuts. That was his wheelhouse. Even glancing blows could move an opponent. He would also have to deal with the Foreman jab. With that said, no Tyson was more explosive than Frazier. He was quicker, better punch variety. George wouldnt be able to sit on one punch and smother it.
    Tyson brings Foreman more problems.
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    Depending on what Foreman bouts someone watches, the point of view for this bout is pretty one sided.
    If you show 2 rounds of Frazier and Norton, prob. most of the fans would go for a Foreman bet. If you showed the Foreman-Lyle (or Young) with both man crawling over the floor, many might bet against him.

    When I started reading this board for the first times, every time this fight came up anybody had Foreman way ahead pointing to the Frazier fight. As time went on, this bout became more and more even. I believe this is because of Tysons chin against single heavy blows got a better rating by fans, while a differentiation of both 90s and 70s Foremans durability started distinguishing between these fighters and their defense, with 70s George relying more on overwhelming power, but beeing open at the process.

    I believe its correct to strongly differ between the styles of Frazier and Tyson, who are more even in height than anything else, primary their tempo in early rounds and punch variety.

    Next to Razor Ruddock, we never saw how Tyson would do if someone stood the ground and simply went for a exchange without stepping back. But I believe that version fought pretty careless too.
    Before evaluating this bout, someone should make clear if 70s Foreman made use of his reach and indeed punches on the backfoot or if he doesn´t give ground, pushes and pounds away.
    If you got 90s George inside the 70s body with both these tools available, I´ d bet against Tyson. But not that sure about 70s Foremans chin.
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    The mental side of it is the wildcard with these two guys. George Foreman in the 70s had a murderous intensity. When he hurt a guy it was a sight to see him go for the finish. He had a presence that I think my opinion Tyson would be uncomfortable.
    These guys are pretty evenly matched physically. If I was in Tyson's camp I'd be on the lookout for the mike that showed up and didn't really want to be there. The one who tightens up, start leaning, throws one at a time, bites his gloves.
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    um did I miss something here?
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    If jimmy young can deck foreman then options are open
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    Unlike Frazier, Tyson was a lot harder to put down in the first place. Sustained punishment and fatigue is far more difficult to recover from than single shots from a KO artist. If Tyson had a lesser chin, Smith, Tucker, Ruddock or Bruno would have dropped with single shots which I'm sure he would have gotten up from based on how the fight went. In any case, Holyfield dropped him in the 6th round of their first fight and he got up and continued to fight on (not sure if you missed that part).

    You're right to question the credibility, it's a fairy tale. The reality is that George Foreman actually declined the fight 3 times; there were 2 known offers that he received from King one for $5 million in 1990 before the Douglas fight and the second was for $20 million in 1991 after the second fight with Ruddock.

    In fact, it's a well documented incident where Don King gave Roy Foreman (George's brother) a check for $1 million dollars as a good faith payment to entice George to sign to fight Tyson on what would be a $20 million dollar payday and he reportedly refused to sign instead showing more interest in a rematch with Holyfield.
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    Is Mike Tyson Tailor Made for George Foreman ?

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    Correct and it is well documented yet posters still claim Tyson/Damato/King were afraid of fossil Foreman...................the famous Tyson interview when he stated that the press would crucify him if he would put that "old fossil out of his misery"........instead Tyson fought the highly regarded and extremely dangerous at that time , highly rated and praised by critics , Razor R twice.
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    I broke my ass. My ass is broken. Scrotal
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    Tyson would beat George to the draw. His success with this could spiral quite quickly. But George wouldn’t go down without a fight and it would be interesting to see the prime Mike Tyson reacting to that kind of spirit.

    what we saw with Douglas, a completely different fighter to Foreman, was the young Tyson not understanding why he was getting hit. He did not solve this, he toughed it out, took the beating but his boxing just fell apart.

    it’s not that I think Tyson is not going to understand why he he is getting hit by Foreman. It is wether his boxing is going to fall apart when he gets hit.

    we all know how fast and fluid Tyson was, how adept and advanced he was to attack from the sides using his angles. Tyson would go through his drilled program and look amazing. But when he got hit, he could snap out of this and get involved in a shoot out like he did with Ruddock or the mauling brawl that the Bruno fight became. If he does this and offered up that kind of scenario with Foreman then Tyson would be in way more trouble than he ever was with Frank or Ruddock.

    Bonecrusher lost every round against Tyson but he also managed to break up the Tyson program cycle of success through mikes frustration.

    I think this fight could be 50-50 in certain situations...but overall Tyson is not tailored for Foreman.

    in many ways Tyson is far too advanced of a fighter for prime Foreman.
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    Nope. Prime for Prime 50-50/55-45 for Tyson. In the 90s, Tyson TKO 7-12.
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    No. Tyson had greater handspeed and head movement than Frazier. He can slip shots on the way in then rain punches on George's unprotected head
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