Is this maybe the record size/weight across all combat sport styles (Ssiereum Wrestling 2004)?

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    Sorry but it didnt know in which thread i could post it...we dont have a forum about Wrestling here, only about MMA and Boxing.

    I came across a Youtube video from the Ssierum Championships 2004, and in the final was the match up betweewn former K-1 and MMA fighter Hongman Choi versus Younghyun Kim.

    Check this out:

    Height -> 2.18 m (7 ft 2 in)
    Weight -> 175.5 kg (387 lb; 27 st 9 lb)

    Height -> 2.17 m (7 ft 1.1/2 in)
    Weight ->
    167.8 kg (370 lb; 26 st 6 lb)

    They brought together 343,3 kg (756.8 lb; 53 st 12 lb) and 4.35 m (14 ft 3 in)

    Kim also fought in K-1. He won against Ryushi Yanagisawa (who fought against Vitali Klitschko in the 1990s) but lost to Nicholas Pettas and Ruslan Karaev.

    During his K-1 and MMA days, Choi weighed in his prime 352-367lb / 160-166 kg, but as you can see in the clip as a Ssireum Wrestler his weight was 387 lb / 175.5 kg / 27 st 9 lb

    When he fought Fedor he was 366 lb / 166 kg / 26 st 2 lb

    (clip starts on the right spot)

    You see Choi's name many times written as "Hong Man Choi". This is a very old and outdated romanization of korean names and only leads to confusion.

    Hong and Man are not two names like Jean and Claude, it is one name who consists of two syllables, like Patrick (1Pat2rick).

    His given name is written either as "Hong-man" or "Hongman". Check out his Instagram page:

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    He himself writes his name as "Hongman" and not "Hong Man".
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