Is Tyson Fury a dirty fighter?

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Mendoza, Nov 29, 2022.

  1. Themessiah

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    Feb 1, 2021
    Yes but its part of the game
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  2. Cally

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    Sep 12, 2015
    Tricks of the trade, its nothing too bad with fury, it's more to do with ring IQ of an intelligent fighter, for various reasons.

    Plus, it's fighting, not tiddly winks!
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  3. miniq


    Oct 23, 2011
    Tyson fury is a dirty dirty man

  4. Redbeard7

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    Oct 9, 2022
    "1. McDermott. Fury deducted a point in the 7th round. The first fight by the way with Fury , McDermott should have won on points! I dare you to watch it and score it."

    Don't lie you prat. Fury was deducted a point in the rematch where he stopped McDermott. McDerm was lucky not to lose points himself for turning his back on Fury twice in the 10th round of the first fight.

    Wasn't Vitali Klitschko popped for steroids and banned from the Olympics? Yes he was.

    Wasn't Wlad deducted points multiple times for his illegal tactics, despite frequently having A-side advantage? Wasn't Wlad-Povetkin one of the most embarrassing displays of near-constant grappling in boxing history? Didn't Wlad headbutt Fury in full view of the referee in Germany? You are far more likely to be deducted points in fights as the B-side, which Fury frequently has been unlike the Klitschko's.
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  5. Mendoza

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    Jun 29, 2007
    No--not five point deductions and 1 a pro PED suspension. Also its unfair to compare the 33 year old fighter with far less fights to Wlad.

    My point was McDermott won the first fight ( present your card if you dare ) and in the second one Fury fought dirty and was docked a point. Got it now?

    I don't think Vitali was every docked a point and always tested clean as a pro. Wlad is a very clean fighter, unlike Fury who as dirty as the Thames River. I take it you do know wha I'm talking about
  6. Redbeard7

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    Oct 9, 2022
    Didn't you support lifetime bans for PED use earlier in this thread? So by your own logic, Vitali should have been banned from boxing for life before he even turned pro.

    McDermott lost the fight 98-92 officially. Once we get into revisionism then we're talking about what "should" have happened in our opinions, not what actually did. And as I implied it works both ways: McDermott turned his back twice in the final round, at one point running away. Jim Watt said "you can lose points for that in this game" and it's potentially a DQ-worthy offence. The view that Fury won the fight or that it was a draw (even without McDerm losing a point/points) is the majority opinion on Eyeonthering and Boxrec, a view that I share. Obviously, people who don't like Fury or who have an axe to grind will say otherwise. It has no relevance to whether Fury is a dirty fighter anyway (which he is, as is common) as he doesn't control the referees.

    "Wlad is a very clean fighter"

    You're an Eastern European nationalist with zero objectivity.
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  7. turbotime

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    May 4, 2012
    Sure but it's really up to the ref in these situations so it's their fault really.

    I remember losing a point as a kid for ducking below the waist line. Had no idea that was a thing, Whitaker did that notoriously, does that make him a dirty fighter?
  8. Mendoza

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    Jun 29, 2007
    Well then, just start your own thread. Your reply is obviously geared to take away form Fury's 5 separate point deductions and drug suspensions. It's not working.

    And I did not need to get it to him clinching and doing various stuff. Should I post that? I fell I don't need to, its a closed case.

    Vitali always test clean as a pro. He didn't come close to using hard core stuff like Fury did either. He took something from a doctor one of 200 substances that produce a positive test and missed out in the Olympics. So there was a price to pay. He went pro after this. No--I didn't say Fury deservers a life time ban. Read the thread. He may have been on something vs a 39 year old Wlad, but that is another thread. Did you know neither he nor Wilder is allowed to talk about their drug test? Yep, it in the contract.

    Fury should have lost the first fight with McDermott! I repeat this.

    Zero cred right? Judging by your response and word twisting it is you who has that. And Fury is DIRTY. I wish for a change he would fight a young ring magazine ranked contender. But then again he doesn't have too, fans like you will watch him fight crap and pay for it.
  9. navigator

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    Nov 5, 2017
    Yeah, don't mention that the deduction was a nonsense (blow clearly landed to the side of Waldo Klitmunsch's head and was thrown just as Weeks was yelling for them to stop and break) or that a fully sighted Weeks had watched Waldo launch a blatant, undisguised flying headbutt into Fury's face without so much as a word of reprimand just one minute before he needlessly took the point off Fury. You wouldn't want to expose the extreme bias of your thread or anything.
  10. MorvidusStyle

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    Jul 11, 2017
    The reality is that Fury has been on the end of plenty of dirty tactics in the ring, it's obvious if you've followed his career.
    Here are some examples.

    Abel headbutted him and Fury retaliated with a low blow.
    Wlad headbutted him and Fury didn't even retaliate. The soft rabbits in the clinch were nothing and he got deducted a point just to help Wlad that night.
    Wilder got him on the back of the head in the first fight (first KD). Maybe an accident, but still.
    Wallin butted and raked his cut.

    He is more likely to retaliate then to initiate, generally speaking. He's not squeaky clean, but he's hardly habitually dirty like many fighters. He never developed a wrestle/hug style like Wlad or Ward even though he could have, but preferred to box normally.

    The outrage at his mauling is absurd since leaning and pushing and smothering people is pretty mild and nowhere near as bad as Wlad's octopus style which is actually pure grappling. The idea he's defeating people by leaning on them with his head and so forth is so frickin laughable. And the idea he's just coming in with elbows and whatever is also laughable. The ref is right there and hostile refs in many cases.

    The reality is that Fury normally boxes clean and from range, but turned to maul fighting in the fights he was in trouble, Cunningham and Wallin. Also he used it to smother Wilder due to Wilder's threat. But don't pretend he just started elbowing and low-blowing and headbutting and nutshotting in these fights as a tactic, it's a plain lie. He mainly fought 'ugly', and used his size to obstruct and position the opponent. But he landed clean punches to beat them.
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    Sep 8, 2022
  12. Furey

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    Oct 18, 2009
  13. lordlosh

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    Jun 4, 2014
    Pretty. And he is constantly holding and putting his opponents on head lock and hitting them when holding, all illegal.
  14. MrBarry465

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    Jun 17, 2021
    Go watch the Fury fights, Wilder takes multiple swings to the back of Furys head which is an illegal punch.
  15. MrBarry465

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    Jun 17, 2021
    Disagree, Fury could have clobbered Whyte with another punch instead of pushing him. It would have been worse.