Jack Dempsey not showing any mercy

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    May 3, 2019
    Wrong,Oscar Bonavena is the greatest ha ha!
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    I have plenty of problems equating Dempsey's greatness historically with how great he was in the ring.
    But how many times need we go through the mythologies of Dempsey using a loaded glove, or the vast overstatement of Willard's injuries? Neither were true.

    And I cannot blame Dempsey for following the rules & a referee not stopping the fight.
    The low blow against Sharkey, yes.
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    A lot of people don't know this but Jack Dempsey's favourite dessert was pecan pie with four dollops of clotted cream and shaved dark chocolate over the top with a dash of Himalayan sea salt. Said the salt being pink reminded him of pudenda. And the chocolate? The darker the better. He'd have been all wrong for most of us. Meaner than a rattlesnake and twice as cunning. They don't get pecans down south for all the states there to satisfy a man like that going into the ring with murder on his mind, sugar on his teeth and gingivitis deep down in his gums where the DNA of a thousand lovelies could be swabbed. Yes, sir; there ain't no men like Jack L. Dempsey no more, I can tell you that. Not even Patrick Dempsey.
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    I agree, the Carpentier was definitely a built up fight to make a boat load of money however I don't think anyone was challenging the legitimacy of Carpentier as Dempsey's opponent. Not that you were saying that.

    You're right there's not much we can do other that go on what we read. That's the hard part about it. When it comes to this sort of thing I try my best to use common sense and recognize exaggeration when I see it. When it comes to claims that Miske, Gans, or any high level fighter supposedly having a serious illness while competing you have to immediately cast doubt upon it unless shown proof. I tend to find it far fetched that anyone would be able to fight with active tuberculosis. Gans would have a coughing fit everytime he exerted himself exchanging punches. I skimmed one of the newspaper accounts of the fight round by round and wasn't able to find anything regarding coughing fits. A lot of these illnesses are probably misdiagnosis, we shouldn't automatically take the word of newspapermen who probably didn't finish the 6th grade when it comes to medical illness. The doctors of that time had a mere shadow of an understanding of the diseases so you can imagine how much the newspapermen didn't know. They come from the generation that thought drinking whiskey helps you get over a cold or boil some stew to get over the flu.

    I don't pretend to be an expert on the subject. I'm not. I implore anyone to always check these things out for themselves. I just happen to be lucky enough to have a medical professional a text away.
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    Fair play Dan, what you have said has a lot of merit, I am new here as you can see by the small amount of posts and when joined, I have tried to frame my reply's by what I have read over the years, also don,t look up Google or Box- Rec just go by memory !!! Other wise any body can join in by using them tool engines, so I will prob make errors along the way on dates, stats, etc, but would rather do that than pretend to have more knowledge than I really have. Enjoyed our little joust, hope we engage again soon. keep well and safe.
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    I love talking about Greb, Dempsey, and the whole lot. A lot of times in a long discussion I'll usually find a golden nugget in the form of a newspaper article or something that I haven't seen before or in a long time that might put certain things into perspective that previously seemed foggy.

    Also, if you're interested in colorized boxing footage I came across this youtube channel a few months back:
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    " what a vicious puncher this dempsey is "
    Jim jeffries watching dempsey workout 1927