Jeff Horn is thinking about retirement.

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Nopporn, Sep 21, 2020.

  1. Boxed Ears

    Boxed Ears The Best Fighters Are American Because Nationalism Full Member

    Jul 28, 2009
    I've been thinking about retirement every day of my life since beginning to work. That isn't even that unusual and nobody is beating the shirt out of me. Normally.
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  2. titanic

    titanic Boxing Addict Full Member

    Aug 7, 2016
    Horn Dog should retire and sell Corn Dogs
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  3. Kiwi_in_America

    Kiwi_in_America Boxing Addict Full Member

    Oct 19, 2006
    I thought Horn monstered Pacman to a clear win.

    Ugly but still incredible. Hope he retires a happy man
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  4. ayala

    ayala Boxing Addict Full Member

    Jun 21, 2007
    He should have made enough dollars, maybe he’ll just need to go back to on teaching. At least I thought that was what he was doing prior to the pac fight
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  5. POTUS

    POTUS Boxing Addict Full Member

    Nov 26, 2016
    Daniel Lewis vs Horn is a death wish lol!!!! Love horndog but hang em up brother, can go back to school teaching kindergarten
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  6. George Crowcroft

    George Crowcroft 'Snarky Little Gobshite' - IntentionalButt Full Member

    Mar 3, 2019
    I was thinking David Lemieux.
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  7. 22JM

    22JM Boxing Addict Full Member

    Sep 10, 2016
    He will be remembered as the underdog that beat Pacroid.
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  8. Richmondpete

    Richmondpete Real fighters do road work Full Member

    Oct 22, 2015
    Gatti at least could move his head
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  9. Kiwi_in_America

    Kiwi_in_America Boxing Addict Full Member

    Oct 19, 2006
    An underdog who over-achieved hugely

    Always should get some props
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  10. boxfap

    boxfap MasterGardianElite Full Member

    Aug 2, 2014
    Horn already overachieved. Id like to see him retire while still healthy and spend the rest of his life feeling content that when his big shot against Pac Man came around he managed to pull the trigger and get the very best from himself. Very few people in life ever achieve such satisfaction
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  11. MidniteProwler

    MidniteProwler Fab 4 Full Member

    Sep 19, 2012
    I have reliable sources within Aussie boxing that are telling me we are going to be seeing Jeff Horn fight Daniel Geale early next year.
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  12. BoxingDialogue

    BoxingDialogue Well-Known Member Full Member

    Apr 26, 2019
    Guy is a legend most hardcore fans didn’t even know he existed then he goes on to beat the great Manny Pacquiao. No one can ever take that away from him.
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  13. oldcanvasback

    oldcanvasback Active Member Full Member

    Jan 26, 2018
    Genn Rushton is the worst trainer in World Boxing. Didn't protect him at all.
    Jeff took a terrible beating round after round from Crawford and Tszyu.
    Incredible chin right up there with Barry Michael but none of Barry's craft.
    I don't see how Jeff wont suffer badly with brain damage.

    When Jeff first went to train with Rushton, he was a lad without a father.
    I feel like Rushton gaslights and manipulates Horn
    From observation Rushton only care about Rushton.

    Hang 'em Jeff. Enough's enough. Before you get more badly hurt.
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  14. Reinhardt

    Reinhardt Boxing Addict Full Member

    Oct 4, 2016

    Bingo, Tszyu put a beating on him. There's just no way he can compete at a top level. He could beat some C- fighters and cash out later but that's dangerous
  15. miniq

    miniq Big Stiff Idiot Full Member

    Oct 23, 2011
    If I got them Pacquiao and Crawford paydays I'd be off in a heartbeat.

    To be fair Horn probably only made $500,000 after taxes from BOTH fights.