Jermell followed in the footsteps of Kovalev, Smith, Yildrim etc

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    Apr 6, 2023
    Why didn't Bivol follow the script like the others? Did they forget to pay him his bribe?

    So Bivol was actually trying to throw the fight? Why didn't he just win 8 rounds rather than 10-12?

    Can't you see the blatant contradictions one sentence to the next?

    Was Golovkin also following the script when most had him beating Canelo in the first two fights?
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    May 1, 2006
    Pontefract, do you know the meaning?

    Anyway, what’s the alternative to what you’re presenting?
  3. MismatchHypejob

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    Aug 24, 2022
    I've already made it clear, not all Canelo's fights are fixed. He's a skilled fighter after all. But multiple opponents post GGG 2 have extreme question marks many are in denial about.
  4. MismatchHypejob

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    Aug 24, 2022
    The alternative is all these opponents are scared of Canelo's "power" and counterpunches that they fail to throw many if any heavy shots with intent throughout the fight (despite many being much bigger (height, reach and frame) and stronger - Kovalev, Callum Smith eg), . Or when they rarely do, they don't follow it up with anything. But I've discussed this before, and this alternative is pretty silly and unlikely
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    May 1, 2006
    The only thing that’s obvious to me is Canelo gives his all every time he’s in a match, it’s entirely possible his opponents are holding back. I do believe some fighters are bought and take a dive here and there (I’m not speaking about Canelo’s opponents, guys like Malik Scott for example, a clear dive the punch didn’t even connect)

    In saying that, the opponents after facing Canelo don’t usually look like majorly improved fighters.

    Boxing is a weird sport.
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    Nov 2, 2010
    Remember, there is a big difference between John Jackson, Erickson Lubin, Tony Harrison, jeison Rosario, and Canelo Alvarez. The difference was evident.
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    Sep 5, 2008
    Only "fixed" in the sense that the fighter with the economic leverage stacks the odds in his favor to the extent that he can, which has been going on forever.
  8. MismatchHypejob

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    Aug 24, 2022
    This has been going forever. However, Canelo’s fight are extremely suspect and go quite beyond that
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    Apr 26, 2006
    Yes.....Kovalev didn,t go all out for sure
  10. MismatchHypejob

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    Aug 24, 2022
    Kov was literally pitty pattying a guy coming up two weight classes who had knocked out absolutely nobody at 154 or 160 (with exception of tiny glass chinned Khan). He did this all night against Canelo with the jab, rarely putting snap on any of his jabs/extending his arm fully. I think he also threw one right hand, if that, which looked pulled to begin with.

    This was 2 months after he wrecked a heavy hitting cruiserweight in Yarde (FAR bigger puncher than Canelo), dominating him around the ring with a stiff jab before knocking him out with it. 2 months later he's scared to throw a heavy jab against small light puncher Canelo.

    Either Kovalev wasn't trying and allowed himself to be knocked out...or he was injured in both arms...or he was so concussed from the Yarde fight that he wasn't able to extend his arms and throw hard punches with intent through 11 rounds against Canelo. In my opinion, if he was that concussed he wouldn't have been deemed fit for fighting..I fail to believe a fighter that concussed can walk to the ring looking fine but simply be unable to extend his arms throughout the entire fight.

    The only evidence we have is the fight itself..if we are going off that Kovalev wasn't trying at all. Whether Canelo was in it, who knows, but I'd suspect can tell in sparring if someone is going easy on you, Canelo's a smart guy
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    Feb 5, 2016
    How is Yildrim on this list? He's a bum that would be Ko'd my most of the top 10.
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    Dec 2, 2021
    If someone is offering you long-term financial freedom, like life changing money to you & your family and where you're in a career that's so brutal, so unstable and so short, you'd take the money, realistically. Cash the cheque, go a bit easy and Bob's your uncle. That's basically what's happening. +$10m is nothing to be scoffed at and it's a winning lottery ticket.

    Either an explicit contractual artefact stating who is set out to win or a gentleman's agreement that taking the fight means going easy. That's what's happening in most of canelo's fights post GGG. A fight with Canelo means maintaining a very nice, post boxing lifestyle. And, of course cherrypicks and deckstacking for the opponents less willing to compromise or the more dangerous ones.

    Boxing has become a grift in most cases.
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    Aug 24, 2022
    He stood in front of Canelo for 3 rounds, right in front of him, showed ZERO resistance, chucking throwaway meaningless light jabs when he was taking breaks from being a punchbag.

    The guy didn't even try. Threw zero with intent. Yildrim was swinging for the fences against Eubank AS he was getting freaking knocked out. Against Canelo, he stood in front of him with his arms to his head, allowing Canelo to tee off at his mid-section (which, he actually looked like he could take them) and did absolutely jack-****.
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  14. MismatchHypejob

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    Aug 24, 2022
    Oh absolutely, many would happy to be offered $10 million to take a few punches from Canelo and get "knocked out".
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    Sep 19, 2012
    None were fixes but Kovalev came in underdone he didn't have enough time to recover from the Yarde fight.
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