Jerry Quarry vs Mike Weaver WBA heavyweight title

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    From 1978 to 1981 mike weaver fought prime versions of John Tate, Bernardo Mercado, Gerrie Coetzee, James Tillis and Larry Holmes... He beat the first four while giving the last one fits... His next defeat came at the hands of a peaking Michael Dokes and that was a controversial stoppage which came after Weaver had been out of the ring for fourtneen months. They fought to a draw in the rematch in a bout that many felt Hercules won.. Years later while being well past his best, Weaver sparked a prime Williams and also chalked up win over the undefeated Pritchard and the dangerous Duplooy.. I disagree with your statement about him not fairing well against top opposition... That said, I wouldn't favor him to beat Quarry. But weaver losing is hardly a forgone conclusion and in either case I think it would be a competitive fight.
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    Mike progressed a great deal from the fighter he was who lost by stoppage to Duane the version who toppled a much better fighter than Bobick in Gerrie Coetzee...He was a true late bloomer who as noted earlier, gave Larry Holmes fits despite losing in a gallant effort. This much said, I still would pick JQ to win this fight, as stated, by an early knockout or more likely a tko. Quarry would have attacked him with purpose and confidence, unlike Coetzee, who was capable of doing a lot better vs Weaver than he actually did. No head problems from Quarry vs Weaver,...Mike was the type of fighter that Quarry feasted on. Mike wasn't the type who would have provided the high level of pressure, like Frazier, nor was he a sharp shooter like Ali or Jimmy Ellis.
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    We are talking about both at their best. Weaver started off his pro career 6-6 (3) and was stopped 4 times. He was stopped by Howard Smith, Billy Ryan, Larry Frazier, and Duane Bobick. He lost decisions to Howard Smith and Rodney Bobick. This obviously wasn't Weaver at his best.

    Weaver went 13-2 (9) over his next 15 bouts and earned a shot at WBC HW Champ Larry Holmes in 1979. During that 15 fight stretch Weaver beat Tony Doyle KO9 (Doyle went 0-2-1 vs. Quarry and suffered 1 stoppage loss in those 3 fights), Pedro Lovell W10 (Spider Rico), he lost two close 12 round decisions (back to back) to Stan Ward (he went 2-1 (2) vs. Stan Ward) and Leroy Jones, and he beat Bernardo Mercado KO5. He fought well vs. Holmes prior to getting dropped in the 11th and stopped in the 12th.

    He went 8-1-1 (5) in his next 10 fights. He beat Scott LeSoux, John Tate KO15. Gerrie Coetzee KO13, James Tillis W15, and he lost to Michael Dokes and drew with him (a lot of people felt Weaver deserved to win the rematch).

    A past prime Weaver stopped Carl Williams KO2, lost a SD to Razor Ruddock, he beat Johnny DuPlooy KO6, and beat Bert Cooper by decision.

    Weaver is 1" taller, has a 6" reach advantage, he is bigger, he is stronger, and he punches harder. Quarry has the better chin but I don't think Quarry had enough power to put Weaver away. Weaver would probably weigh-in around 215 Lbs. and Quarry would weigh-in just under 200 Lbs.

    Quarry had decent overall boxing skills but he also liked to brawl. Weaver held his own dealing with guys with quick hands and who could box well like Larry Holmes LKOby12, James "Quick" Tillis W15, Michael Dokes D15, and Carl "The Truth" Williams KO2.

    Both men at their very best, I'll take Weaver by close decision but I wouldn't rule out a late round TKO stoppage.
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    Freaky? Not so freaky when discussing Quarry vs. any good HW.
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    that's what his record says alright. Look a little closer at those "vintage weaver " bouts you are describing....he was the underdog in all of them except Tillis. And a lot of folks were going with Tillis in that one. That was no perceived softie defense and no easy match for Weaver to look good against that guy.

    But he did win as the underdog. So very few heavies actually do. Most need all the cards in their favor. Not Weaver. That's why it's so hard on paper or hypotheticals to see him as the guy with his arm raised at the end of the night. quarry would be no different.
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    Nov 7, 2011
    Even with the WBA strap on the line I am going Quarry.
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    Sep 22, 2013
    Due to his big edge in the boxing skills department, a vintage Jerry Quarry would beat Mike Weaver with ease.

    - Chuck Johnston
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    You guys certainly have a thing for Quarry and Liston on this forum.
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    May 15, 2020
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    No. When Mike Weaver was the WBA champ, he was a tough out for anyone.

    I know Jerry Quarry gets a lot of love on this site, and people like to post about how long he was rated and such, but I never got what all the fuss was about. And, to be brutally honest, he was dead by 53 (which is young) because he ate flush punches ALL the time. He didn't die of a heart attack, high blood pressure, cancer, and he wasn't shot outside a brothel or bang his head on the side of a swimming pool or something like that. His brain was mush because he got hit WAY TOO much.

    I think Weaver jabs Quarry's head off, and then starts firing right hands, and Jerry's bid for another title ends in the eighth or ninth round.
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    Shakespeare, how refreshing to see on a boxing forum. Thanks.
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    They sparred quite a bit, Weaver helped Jerry get ready for Shavers, actually cut Jerry's chin with stiches cost him an San Diego clash with Steve Iceman Carter. this was about a month before Jerry took off for NY
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    I have a draw at the end of 12 rounds but if it is scheduled for 15, Quarry TKO 13 over Weaver.
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    It's Dylan Thomas, but that's an understandable mistake.