Jin Sasaki vs Andy Hiraoka

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Jin Sasaki vs Andy Hiraoka

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  1. Jin Sasaki by Stoppage

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  2. Jin Sasaki by Decision

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  3. Andy Hiraoka by Stoppage

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  4. Andy Hiraoka by Decision

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  1. JunlongXiFan

    JunlongXiFan Member Full Member

    Aug 9, 2020
    Jin Sasaki (11-0 10 KO) vs Andy Hiraoka (17-0 12 KO) for the vacant Japanese Super Light title and the vacant WBO Asia Pacific Super Light title on October 19th.

    Jin Sasaki has been a power house prospect so far throughout his career, only allowing one opponent to go the distance in a four rounder. Recently he fought undefeated Kaiki Yuba and was knocked down a few times before knocking out the defending champion in round two. It was the first time he had been knocked down, and he seemed unhurt, taunting his opponent throughout the fight. Fights sort of like a mini Mike Tyson, uses the peekaboo style and loves his power punches. Is 5’8.5.

    Andy Hiraoka is also a former JBC Youth champion, also winning his title by stoppage. He has trained with Mayweather and in several other American gyms. He seems to be more popular with western boxing publications and is coming in as a favorite, arguably quite deservedly after Sasaki had to pick himself up off the ground three times to get the KO, although against a very good domestic opponent, and in round two. Hiraoka uses his reach and jab a lot more than Sasaki, but is correctly known as a power puncher. He’s 5’11, tall for the division, and uses this to his advantage.
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  2. Rubber Glove Sandwich

    Rubber Glove Sandwich Member Full Member

    Aug 15, 2020
    I'm picking Sasaki by stoppage but I wouldn't be surprised if I was wrong. Should be a good fight!
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  3. JunlongXiFan

    JunlongXiFan Member Full Member

    Aug 9, 2020
    Unfortunately Sasaki failed to make weight. If he comes in at over 8% over the limit tomorrow, the fight will be cancelled.
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  4. sasto

    sasto Boxing Addict Full Member

    Aug 5, 2020
    I picked Sasaki after watching some video of both. Maybe I didn't see the best Hiraoka but he seemed open to the reckless winging overhand right that Sasaki favors. I saw him winning a lot of jabbing battles with smaller guys. Sasaki fights in the style for a small guy to beat a tall guy.

    But maybe I'm screwed because of the weight issue. Thanks for the info!