Joe Frazier vs. Cleveland Williams.

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    Prime 1970 Joe Frazier vs prime Cleveland Big Cat Williams, 1960. Joe has been on the deck 3 times at this point of his career, twice by Oscar Bonavena, on Sept 21 1966, before winning a very close decision. On Dec 10 1968, Joe easily beat Oscar by 15 round decision to retain his New York State Title. On Sept 20 1965, Mike Bruce decked Joe, but Frazier got up to win. Big Cat has been knocked out twice by Sonny Liston, in 1959, even broke Sonny's nose. He drew with Eddie Machen in 1962, stopped Ernie Terrell, on April 3 1962, in round 7.Big Cat dropped a split decision loss to Terrell, on April 3 1963. Williams, is a big hitter , but Joe would batter his body as Cleve fought with his hands held high to protect his head. Frazier may suffer a flash knockdown early, but Frazier gets up to merciless assault Williams into a knockout in round 4. This was the Williams before he was shot by a Texas State Trooper, in 1964.
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    Good points. Reasonable scenario.
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    NO UPSET HERE.CLEVE NEVER BE A contender,he doest knock down,Joe FRazier does a SONNY job 2 or 3
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    I'd go with Frazier but with Williams power, Fraizer could be vulnerable.

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