Joe Joyce vs Zhilei Zhang is set for April 15th

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Chuck Norris, Feb 2, 2023.

  1. Flo_Raiden

    Flo_Raiden Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Oct 12, 2010
    Great HW match up that we really needed. This will deliver the goods.
  2. Mickc

    Mickc Active Member Full Member

    Nov 28, 2015
    Both Joyce and Zhang are durable but I just can’t see past anything else other than a Joyce win tbh .
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  3. Kiwi Casual

    Kiwi Casual Active Member Full Member

    Jul 31, 2021
    Interesting match up. Rooting for Zhang as he's the underdog and I like a good southpaw, but I think Joyce will end up with mid fight KO.
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  4. ipitythefool

    ipitythefool I am the Eggman Full Member

    Mar 17, 2017
    Interesting fight. Joyce should win but Zhang showed against Hrgovic he's a good pressure fighter. He'll cause the Juggernaut problems but think big Joe will wear him down for a late ko.
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  5. CroBox29

    CroBox29 Well-Known Member Full Member

    Nov 24, 2019
    Unlike Hrgovic, Joyce presses more and is more dangerous when he comes forward, Joyce also has a habit of opening up too much and neglecting the defense, that's where Zhang could have a chance...
  6. DoubleJab666

    DoubleJab666 Dot, dot, dot... Full Member

    Nov 9, 2015
    Two wrecking balls. One with stamina, the other, not. Pretty easy fight to pick...
  7. Sandman_

    Sandman_ Undisputed Full Member

    Feb 20, 2009
    Good fight for both guys. Battle of the former Olympic Super Heavy finalists.
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  8. Limerickbox

    Limerickbox Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Jul 18, 2015
    Not going to be any dancing or running in this one!
  9. ShovelHook

    ShovelHook Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Jul 22, 2019
    Joyce amassing a hell of a resume before even getting a proper title fight. I have so much respect for his willingness to fight anyone.
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  10. bandeedo

    bandeedo Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    Feb 19, 2007
    should be fun. like boxing...but in slow motion.
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  11. CST80

    CST80 De Omnibus Dubitandum: Reject The New Normal Staff Member

    Nov 23, 2013
    Like with Dubois.... Joe will know the risks posed by Zhang, he'll take his time, peppering him with the jab for the first 5 or 6 rounds, do his level best to avoid that murderous right hook and straight left, then slowly amp up the pressure on a fading Zhang, and batter him senseless down the stretch, which will lead to a brutal stoppage victory. Thankfully for Joe, he seems to have no issue facing southpaws, he cuts the ring off quite well, and consistently moves to their extreme right, ushering his opponents to their left, constantly forcing them to pivot and reset their feet. So he may even end up causing Zhang to make mistakes and walk him into something early. Because the mental pressure even a slowed down Joyce puts on his opponents can be energy sapping.
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  12. Dangerwood84

    Dangerwood84 Boxing Addict Full Member

    Sep 21, 2017
    Yep, reckon this will end violently for Zhang too.
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  13. Dangerwood84

    Dangerwood84 Boxing Addict Full Member

    Sep 21, 2017
    And viciously.
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  14. reckless

    reckless Active Member Full Member

    Mar 18, 2018
    If Joyce wins he deserves a title shot.
  15. NullaLexInk

    NullaLexInk Member Full Member

    Mar 10, 2022
    I see where everyone is coming from saying this won't go the distance, but I'm actually gonna go against the grain and say I think it will. Both guys are extremely hard punchers but they also have pretty good chins, and I don't think either will have a hard time avoiding the other or tying up in an emergency, even in later rounds.

    Gonna fully admit though, that prediction is probably more from me being a fan of both and not wanting to see either of them get knocked out :lol:

    I want Zhang to win this, but my mind says Joyce by decision. Honestly though, I'm just glad we're even getting a fight like this, so no matter how it ends I'll be happy. I'm ready for the Silver medalist Slugfest.
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