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Who would win

  1. Joe Louis

    30 vote(s)
  2. Usyk

    10 vote(s)
  1. CHOZEN196

    CHOZEN196 New Member Full Member

    Feb 11, 2024
    Joe Louis in his respective prime vs usyk in his current prime would win 4 15r
  2. PRW94

    PRW94 Active Member Full Member

    Nov 26, 2020
    Joe Frickin’ Louis!
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  3. ikrasevic

    ikrasevic For the honorable cross and the golden freedom Full Member

    Nov 3, 2021
    Joe Louis is a mechanical marvel. But Usyk has far better footwork, and that's why I voted for Usyk.
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  4. catchwtboxing

    catchwtboxing Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    Jul 4, 2014
    I love Joe Louis, and, because fighters are judged by what they accomplish in their own time, he was either the greatest or second greatest heavyweight ever.

    But in a h2h, let's be realistic. A certain amount of evolution has taken place between now and then. A guy who was stopped by Schmeling at 192 pounds, dropped by obese bar-fighter Toney Galento, dropped my light-hitting career LHW journeyman Braddock, and who struggled with LHW Billy Conn, is not going to beat Usyk.

    And yes, Louis admitted that he would never, ever defend against a southpaw, so he's going to jump in there and beat the best southpaw heavy ever?

    Louis is the greatest BY ACCOMPLISHMENT, but Usyk wins this ten out of ten times.
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  5. Melankomas

    Melankomas Prime Jeffries would demolish a grizzly in 2 Full Member

    Dec 18, 2022
    Louis stops Usyk late in a fight he’s losing. Odds are if Bettina’s southpaw style was enough to scare Louis from fighting southpaws, that Usyk will cause him fire. However, I also doubt Usyk’s durable enough avoid getting rocked as well.
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  6. Reinhardt

    Reinhardt Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Oct 4, 2016
    Really? Louis by brutal KO.
  7. AwardedSteak863

    AwardedSteak863 Boxing Addict Full Member

    Aug 16, 2018
    This one has been done before and produced a lot of arguments. At the end of the day, Joe Louis is a pioneer of the sport that was heavyweight champ during a pivotal and popular time for boxing. Uysk, is something that Louis never saw in his era and I don't think he could handle him. No disrespect to Louis but this is not about legacy or impact on the sport but a contest between fighters. I have Uysk.
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  8. robert ungurean

    robert ungurean Богдан Philadelphia Full Member

    Jun 9, 2007
    I get so tired of people saying he had poor footwork. No No he didn't. He had superb economical footwork and could bounce or slid quickly in out side to side. Joe was a perfectly balanced fighting machine.
    Usyk doesn't make it to the final bell.
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  9. mr. magoo

    mr. magoo VIP Member Full Member

    Jan 3, 2007
    You make a compelling case
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  10. RockyJim

    RockyJim Boxing Addict Full Member

    Mar 26, 2005
    Joe Louis by "Murder"...How old are you guys?
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  11. Reinhardt

    Reinhardt Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Oct 4, 2016

    That's it!,,,, the phrase I was looking for to describe Louis,,,,Perfectly Balanced!
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  12. Pugguy

    Pugguy Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Aug 22, 2021
    Louis is the most technically correct HW I’ve ever seen. I mean, that’s a good thing, right?

    His footwork was fine also - efficient, on point, never superfluous.

    But somehow, and curiously so, boxing has “evolved” to a point that is well beyond The Bomber’s own exhibited and unparalleled capabilities???

    Also, when did the sterling attributes of elite speed and power become superseded AND, superseded by what, exactly?

    Somehow I missed the Darwinian update memo for that also.

    Btw, did Zab Judah’s obviously greater mobility help him against the efficient, sure/steady advances and precision punching of Kostya Tszyu?

    “Low Tech” met “High Tech” but “Low Tech” somehow won the day - and resoundingly so. Crazy, isn’t it?

    Perhaps there is case to say boxing hasn’t so much evolved, rather, some fans ability to properly appreciate the legitimate qualities of a great and always effective fighter has de-evolved somewhat.
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  13. dmt

    dmt Hardest hitting hw ever Full Member

    Jul 2, 2006
    We can all make these arguments. Usyk was dropped in the amateurs by body shots. Using that logic, he should not have been able to beat better fighters as a pro. But he did.

    we know Louis could be complacent and sometimes dropped by a lesser fighter. But a focused Louis rarely if ever got hurt.

    Louis is technically the best Combo puncher in history. Which techniques that have coke subsequently are superior to Louis’s own technique?
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  14. Shay Sonya

    Shay Sonya The REAL Wonder Woman! Full Member

    Aug 15, 2021
    Joe Louis was a better Boxer-Puncher than Anthony Joshua, by far, in my view. Usyk won both encounters with Joshua by WU12 and WS12. I question if Oleksandr Usyk survives 12 rounds with Joe Louis, but, since Usyk's never been stopped, I will go with Louis by Decision win.
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  15. catchwtboxing

    catchwtboxing Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    Jul 4, 2014
    And I respect your opinion, but amateur is amateur. He's come into his man strength. And there is no circumstance in which I could see Galento or Braddock being a tough night for Usyk.

    Consistency counts, too.

    I respectfully stick to my opinion.