John Fury headbutts Usyk camp member who looks about 18 years old

Discussion in 'British Boxing Forum' started by CutThroatFade, May 13, 2024.

  1. Vince Voltage

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    Jan 1, 2011
    He once gouged out a man’s eye. Imagine your father head-butting a kid? No wonder Tyson turned out to be such a train wreck.
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  2. kostya by ko

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    Feb 18, 2005
    There was always a possibility that something like that could have caused far more damage than it actually seems it did.

    Or if he fell backwards afterwards and his head slammed into the side of a table or the floor.

    Had he been seriously injured ... the whole fight could have been in jeopardy, including the undercards who have trained for months (twice now).

    Here in Australia there are specific one (sucker) punch laws which have brought in after people have fallen back and slammed their heads on the way down and died. Not being too over-dramatic ... but on the 0.1 or so% chance that that had happened, it would have been the end of not only that fight but probably Saudi involvement in boxing.

    If the victim here was seriously or permanently injured that's exactly the opposite of the mainstream publicity the Saudi's are trying to get out of all this.
  3. carlingeight

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    May 15, 2016
    Pretty impressed reading comments from all over the internet and hearing them in interviews and in person.

    Not sure there's ever been a more unanimous public opinion than John Fury being a bully, a coward and just an overall lowlife who should be a million miles away from boxing.

    There's no room for interpretation here folks.
  4. EJC83

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    Jan 20, 2019
    Not only did he gouge the man's eye out but he did it in front of the man's onlooking son. Truly disgusting behaviour and he cried when he went down saying that he was worried about Tyson. They're all scum, Tyson is a complete idiot too, let's not forget what he's been like in the past and what he'll continue to be like.

    The childish lack of self control exhibited by John and Tyson in the last three years alone should never be forgotten, as a society we're going too soft and forgetting too easily, you should never forget.
  5. Jamesofthenorth

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    Oct 15, 2023
    He's exactly what ya see on screen isn't he? A big bully. It's an unprovoked headbutt, it should be investigated by the relevant law enforcement. But I'd much much rather Usyk give his brain dead son a boxing lesson, stop him in the 12th,and get him retired. Then he can **** off and take his Father with him.
  6. Craigt93

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    Oct 15, 2020
    Love how he’s know having a pop at Tony Bellend.

    Granted Bellend is also an insufferable *****, I’d love him to put it on John Fury.
  7. pow

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    Apr 26, 2014
    Big Joan Fury's reputation is in tatters, his only way to resolve this is to fight Big Joe Egan and Mickey Theo by end of year.
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  8. Punchdrunk1

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    Mar 2, 2019
    I just hope Usyk smashes the Fury legacy to bits then one of his team knocks John out in the same ring afterwards.

    The perfect nights boxing
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  9. BXNG101

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    Jun 9, 2018
    Spot on. They're a scuum family. Top to bottom. Bunch of liars. Bunch of frauds. Usyk's team have conducted themselves throughout this whole 2/3 year saga with nothing but class but the same can't be said for these bunch of classess idiots that are the Fury family. He's talking about Saudi hospitality. You get treated like that all over the Middle East especially in the 5 star hotels. They're not specifically doing it for you, you fackin idiots.
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  10. Oreet Cha!

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    Jul 18, 2018

    Froch would spark him out within 30 seconds.

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  11. Throwback

    Throwback "Somebody wake up Hicks" Full Member

    Jul 11, 2020
    The way John Fury talks, he was some big unstoppable juggernaut as a 'pro, when in fact he was featherfisted , weak chinned, and a bit........ ****.

    That attack on that individual was an absolute disgrace, he should be getting locked up, not given a microphone,an audience and a ringside seat.

    Some posters are absolutely right in saying that were that to have ended up with a serious injury, imagine the fallout, on not just the unfortunate individual, but also the entire promotion and fighters that have trained for months for a payday.

    The almost 100% condemnation of Furys actions are heartening to see, also the almost unanimous assertion that he's a fat, deluded bullying bellend.
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  12. Punchdrunk1

    Punchdrunk1 Well-Known Member Full Member

    Mar 2, 2019
    I thought that despite the open bravado of team Fury regarding the headbutt behind close doors Tyson or Turki would read John the riot act and he would keep a low profile for the rest of the week.

    Then in yesterday's 'grand arrivals' big bully John walks out with Tyson as bold and brash as ever.

    Hope Fury gets beat so bad. Will bring the whole lot of them down a peg or two
  13. Sonny1

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    Mar 11, 2013
    Steve Garber. All that needs to be said.
  14. Throwback

    Throwback "Somebody wake up Hicks" Full Member

    Jul 11, 2020
    The second fight?

    Lost on points in the first one iirc

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  15. Throwback

    Throwback "Somebody wake up Hicks" Full Member

    Jul 11, 2020

    Probably enjoy watching this defeat more, as at least Akinwande was world class, and an Olympian, whereas Garber was a journeyman ham n egger.
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