Jose Napoles vs Floyd Mayweather Jr At WW

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Jose Napoles vs Floyd Mayweather Jr At WW

  1. Napoles by PTS

  2. Napoles By KO/TKO

  3. Draw

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  4. Mayweather By PTS

  5. Mayweather By KO/TKO

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  1. Jel

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    Oct 20, 2017
    Normally when Floyd is pitted against ATG WWs, he is at a natural size disadvantage (i.e. against Hearns or Robinson).

    Not here. Sure, Floyd was a junior lightweight at the start of his career but Napoles started as a featherweight and spent most of his 20s between lightweight and light welterweight so was always a small WW. Their physical stats are very similar - height and reach are practically identical.

    You've got to figure Napoles has the advantage in power but he could also put his punches together better than Floyd, who wasn't a great combination puncher. Speed, the edge is to Floyd...but Napoles was super slick defensively as well.

    I think Napoles wins this because he was naturally more aggressive and puts his punches together better and had the slickness to offset Floyd's defense. He'd outwork Mayweather and take a competitive but clear decision.

    Good matchup though.
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