Joseph Obey Joyce vs. Armand Carlos Netsing Takam & Chris Jenkins vs. Ekow Essuman RBR.

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    Que failed drug test
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    Not only was I shocked people had an issue with the stoppage, but also shocked at the stunning about of people who not only had Takam in the lead, but a lot had it a shutout for Carlos. Which is flat out delusional. Okay, fine... I got some ****, because I had it a shutout for Joyce, but as I pointed out, my shutout, was far more reasonable than theirs. At least I was willing to concede that 4-1 or 3-2 were perfectly feasible, but that's about it, anything more, would be bending over backward to find rounds to give to Takam. Also, I went back and rewatched it, and yeah, I thought the second probably went to Takam, I was momentarily distracted in that round the first time around. Regardless, it seems this match scoring and stoppage wise, short circuited the minds of several usually fairly reasonable, rational people.
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    Hard for me to see a shutout either way because they IMO each had one pretty comfortable round (2nd for Takam and 3rd for Joyce), while the other three I flagged as close if not super close, leaving open a range of about 49-46 each way technically, but...I think my card is as generous to Carlos as is reasonable. To give him the 1st and 5th suggests that a person is susceptible to fallacious 'last impression' scoring (ie would have Leonard pitching shutouts in every fight :sisi1); to give him round 3 is deranged. To have a shutout for Takam just means flatout irrational hatred toward Joyce.

    ...and this from a Takam fan.
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    Holyfield never failed a drug test!

    It was all that other guy, Evan Fields!