Joseph Obey Joyce vs. Daniel Dubois & Jack Catterall vs. Abderrazak Houya RBR.

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    May 18, 2006
    He was never a quitter that's fo sure. But the guy in UK sure is. But look every fighter is different.
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    Margarito also had been a badass for his entire career.
    This was the first time Dubois had to deal with anything like this.

    Inoue managed to fight through a similar injury. As did Yoel Romero in MMA. But they too had already had though fights(Inoue not so much, but still). But the thing with Dubois is that he is young, inexperienced, his corner was freaking out between the rounds AND he kept getting jabbed to that eye.
    Inoue didn┬┤t take as many shots to the eye as Dubois did.

    I think it really came down to Dubois just being out of his depth and the fatigue getting the better of him. I honestly think he is nothing like Victor Ortiz was.
    He reminds me more of Sergio Martinez who crumbled under Margarito┬┤s pressure, but came back strong.
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    Mr Crawford says hi xx

    Joyce takes that shot and smiles lol

    Oh come on now

    Your just trolling and playing up to the narrative you believe the forum has of you

    Wilder as a comeback fight ffs lol