Joseph Pedroza Diaz Jr. vs. Mercito Moya Gesta & Oscar Duarte Jurado vs. Alexander Otha Martin RBR.

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    Apr 17, 2011
    He did compete for those belts at 126 and 130.
    JoJo won that BS regular WBA belt at 126 and then upset Farmer to grab the IBF 130 belt.
    But then he took a year off, missed weight and ended up moving to 135, where he won the BS interim WBC 135lb belt.
    But he seems to have gotten lazy and inactive. Fighters should be taking stay busy fights. You can´t be at your best fighting 2x a year. And ****! JoJo has been fighting like once a year since 2020.

    Not to mention all of the money you loose by not fighting.