Josh Taylor vs Jack Catterall in November

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    This fight was always on the cards after Catterall stepped aside to allow the unification match up. Taylor would likely move up after that one.

    Incidentally, Taylor's former stablemate Carl Frampton says that the only two fighters he would ever hang around to watch sparring (not each other) are Taylor and Catterall.

    Believe it or not, Catterrall has actually sparred both Floyd and Clenelo

    LAST year Jack Catterall warmed up inside the Mayweather Boxing Club and waited patiently for his turn. He wrapped his hands, he shadow-boxed, he jumped rope. He thought about the many years he’d spent watching Floyd Mayweather on television. He thought a little about Mayweather’s upcoming fight with Manny Pacquiao, one of the biggest in history, and how he, a southpaw, had been brought into the gym to mimic the style of the legendary Filipino. He thought about the sweltering heat. He thought about the countless cheerleaders congregating around the ring. It was then, while midthought, that Catterall spotted Mayweather extend an arm his way and beckon him to enter the ring. With that, the kid from Chorley was up first. He’d kickstart Mayweather’s sparring that day.

    “I was more nervous then than I’ve been for any fight as a pro,” recalled Jack. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t.

    “We got into the gym and it felt like it was 200-degrees in there; I’d only been in Vegas a week, so I was still adapting to the altitude and the heat. Also, it felt like there were 500 people in the gym, all banging on the ring canvas and making lots of noise.

    “I was nervous, but grateful for the opportunity because I knew Floyd’s career was coming to an end. Anyway, as soon as the bell goes, all the nerves leave you and you’re just doing what you do day in, day out. You’re doing what comes naturally.”

    Catterall was staying in Las Vegas with his manager and trainer, Lee Beard, as well as fellow fighters Jamie Cox and Cecil McCalla. Together they decided to rent a house not far from the Mayweather Boxing Club and then use a hire car to get to and from the gymnasium. Catterall was asked to spar Mayweather twice a week for four weeks and each time he did so he grew more and more in confidence; no longer the sheepish Englishman at the back of the gym, drowned out by the whoops and hollers of the overbearing Money Team posse, Catterall started to make noise of his own.

    “Floyd was very good,” he said. “You see him hitting the bag and pads and sparring other people and you think you can see things you can exploit. But it’s totally different when you’re in there with him. He’s a very good defensive fighter, he picks his punches extremely well and he’s very accurate.

    “Still, you come out the gym and you feel on top of the world. It gives you a lot of confidence. That’s the level you’re looking to reach in the future.” Before heading home, Catterall, seemingly benefiting from word of mouth, gained more priceless experience when, days after finishing with Mayweather, he ventured to San Diego to work with Mexican Saul Alvarez ahead of “Canelo’s” fight with James Kirkland. Again, Catterall’s southpaw style had landed him a job. But so too had his ability and growing reputation.

    “I enjoyed that more,” he said. “Both of them were amazing experiences, don’t get me wrong, but going over to San Diego and leaving the rest of them in Vegas was a great thing for me. “I got to go to the gym three times a week for two weeks and it was nice and quiet up in the hills. There were only three or four other sparring partners and ‘Canelo’s’ coaches. It was very peaceful. You’d focus on the boxing when in the gym, but once you were done, that was it. You’d just chill out for the rest of the day, eat some food and relax.”
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    So what you're saying is Josh Taylor needs to beat the guys he & his opponents already beat & a fkin Russell brother? :lol:.. you for real? No matter what some fighters do people will find fault… Caterall is a mandatory pal, it tends to happen when you win all the belts. He was promised a shot, he even stepped aside already to await his turn… So why would Taylor now backtrack on his word just to please you? I don't have a problem with this fight, Catterall is undefeated, Southpaw V Southpaw, and in the UK it will do decent business. Taylor got his shot when he was up and coming so why can't Catterall? That's how boxing works.. if Catterall had lost to the scrub i.e Matias has lost to you'd be ridiculing him .. yet you are acting like he's levels beneath these guys… The truth is we don't know if he is able to step up a level yet, whereas half of those names you've mentioned have already been found wanting somewhat.. Taylor doesn't need to prove **** to you, he's already proved he's legit and the man at 140.. Usyk fought Bellew just after he'd unified, Hopkins fought Eastman just after he'd unified, so what is so bad about this fight? & Stop pretending to be a concerned fan of Taylor.. & acting like you have followed the careers of all those names you've mentioned, what you've really done is gone onto boxrec and picked out some names just to nit pick at Taylor under the guise of being a fan all of a sudden LOL.. there is nothing wrong with this fight. Yes Taylor will win, but it will be interesting to see if Jack can hang with him. Just like say Groves v Froch or Reid v Calzaghe. Domestic affairs in the UK are not for everyone but let's not act like you just reeled off a murderers row that Taylor should be facing instead of this guy! Caterall is a skilled operator, he may rise to the occasion, he may not, we'll see.
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    He's not a massive hitter by any means but he has good enough pop on him. He's beaten good opposition to date, many at fringe world level and European level. It's about time he steps up to fight for a title and I believe he'd be a decent opponent for Taylor. He's awkward enough and has enough skills to present a good challenge.
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    I can’t see caterall lasting the distance
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    Could be a entertaining scrap to be honest

    Id watch it but can't see anything other than a Taylor victory
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    This feels a little bit like Frampton boxing in Belfast. Zero chance he was going to land a big payday fight there, just as Josh won't land a payday fight in Edinburgh. But he needs to get it out of the system so might as well make it a domestic mandatory...
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    Catterall deserves his shot.
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    Step-aside money should be honoured, and I'm glad to see Taylor giving Catterall his shot; Catterall could have put a rather major spoke in Josh's goal of undisputed if he hadn't accepted the step-aside money.

    "Quid pro quo Clarisse"
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    Another fight no one cares to see... No wonder the Paul brothers are making so much money. Top boxers don't fight each other
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    Caterall doesn't appear to be ranked in the top fifteen by the WBA or IBF, does this mean it's likely that Taylor will already have to vacate two of the titles?
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    Good of Taylor to honor the mando, and he should win without worry.
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    Get this kid out the way and fight the big boys. Hopefully Taylor is motivated for this one, will be a bit of a step down but he should do the job via stoppage. Lets be honest the kid shouldnt really be operating at this level but good he is getting an opportunity.
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    May 22, 2011

    Crawford would knock Taylor out, no doubt about it. As a matter of fact, Taylor wouldn't get pass Jaron Ennis.