Joshua Buatsis bum carousel continues

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    Sep 7, 2017
    Blenda's KO record suggesting he aint a puncher either
  2. Kennedy

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    Aug 7, 2010
    No easy fights anymore said Fast car
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  3. Skyver

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    Apr 29, 2015
    Deary me this looks awful on paper but everyone thought calic was going to be rubbish so you never shouldn't be headlining that's for sure.they should put Harper v choi as headline people would be more accepting.
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    Sep 7, 2017
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    Nov 1, 2012
    Disappointing fight this, even yarde has at least decent opposition kinda says everything.

    The division in UK alone is set up for great fights
    The long layoffs dont help always seems be injured , but pretty sure on podcast heard ages ago doenst want fight any niggles or anything could be the Daniel sturridge of boxing
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    Oct 22, 2018
    this thread aged well, three years later still riding the carousel!
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    Aug 4, 2018
    Lol this thread was only meant to be in response to all the Matchroom fans constantly bagging Anthony Yarde's opposition.

    Now it's actually still relevant 3 years later for Buatsi to the point where his opposition is actually getting worse. Maybe he actually does need a change in promoter.
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    Sep 6, 2008
    It’s not like the uk scene is slim as well, Buatsi vs the likes of Arthur, Burton, ajisafe even. Why didn’t they target bolotniks or someone solid stateside at least? Caperello even.

    buatsis packing glass I reckon
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    Mar 12, 2018
    Most times I slag off a boxers choice of cab driver someone pipes up to remind me about layoffs and tuneups etc. So I'll skip that part and do it myself. I wonder if a few fighters like Buatsi have seen what's happened to Warrington, Yarde, Hutchinson, Dubois and others during lockdown and are a bit wary of testing themselves, even slightly testing themselves.

    Either way, you only get to be potential and learning for so long before the moment of truth arrives. If Buatsi can't punch hard enough he needs to be elusive for 12 rounds and outbox oppoents. If he can't do that either then he's not going to fulfill all that hyping he's had.
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  10. Mitch87

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    Jul 29, 2018
    Disappointing opponent for Buatsi. I was hoping for somone like Mikhalkin, Caparello and Boesel level at the very least.
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    Feb 16, 2013
    PPV Baby.

    Another rather embarrassing fight for Buatsi, at 28 years oldand an Olympic medalist he should be stepping it up somewhat now.

    And to think I had the nerve to criticise Yarde, at least he has fought Kov and Arthur (a domestic rival).

    Will Buatsi have the nuts to fight any domestic rivals? Like any? Just o ne will do.
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    Aug 4, 2018
    And for those mentioning Caparello, he just lost recently to Faris Chevalier who was 11-1 and hadn't fought in 5 years so I don't think Caparello is a step up either.
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  13. james5000

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    Apr 11, 2010
    Maybe I am buying too much of what matchroom is selling but I still rate Buatsi as the top brit @175

    1a Buatsi
    1b Johnson
    3 Richards
    4 Yarde (I honestly think he just had a bad night against Arthur, would win the rematch comfortably)
    5 Arthur
    6 Pitters
    7 Burton
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    Aug 22, 2009
    Haven’t heard of his opponent, but a quick look on his boxrec shows he’s not fought anyone who’s come to win yet. They are towing a dangerous line here - Conroy, Periban then Ford was a good trio of fights for him but he’s regressed with two unbeaten lads who are really just record padders.

    He needs a fringe fight before boxing a genuine contender - he should box Krasniqi before going in with Eider Alvarez or Jesse Hart - then he can challenge one of the champions.

    I like Joe Smith Jr but he is very limited - I think any pure boxer beats him and he is the target for Lyndon Arthur and Buatsi (plus anyone else gunning for a belt.)
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  15. DON1

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    Apr 6, 2006
    He needs a decent fight after this, to be fair this bout actually makes sense as he has been out for a while. Next fight needs to be meaningful.
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