Joshua has to take a risk against Fury?

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    Apr 21, 2017
    In a straight dog fight Fury wins has to much heart and Fury will fight to the death Joshua will quit

    Joshua best chance is to out box him and he cant
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    May 4, 2017
    AJ throws better hook combo`s than Fury.
  3. mark ant

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    May 4, 2017
    72 hours from now, we will find out whether they managed to sort out a deal for Joshua Fury or not.
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    Mar 6, 2018
    I watched that video and did not see a single shot thrown by Joshua while being chest to chest with his opponent, Takam. Do you have trouble with comprehension of the English language? Chest to chest means that they're chests are literally touching. Like that clip from Fury's Twitter that I posted earlier. As I said, he tried that with his uppercuts against Parker and Parker slipped literally every single one of them, yet Parker is not known for his slickness, head movement and infighting skill in general. Even the SKY commentators pointed it out that it's too easy for him to see them coming. Since the Parker fight Joshua has never tried to throw a punch with real mean intent from the clinch.

    It also seems that you do not read the posts of others in a thread, even the ones made by the poster to whom you're replying. I stated clearly that it seems Fury is coming in light and is intending to box, which is a mistake in my opinion. Here is the part from that particular post:

    "I doubt Fury will do much either since he seems to be coming in light. That's a mistake imo. He should come in 270 and wreck the bodybuilder."

    You're demonstrably wrong in your statement that Fury did not eat shots while moving in against Wilder in their second bout.Fury did eat several right hands from Wilder while closing in, but he saw them all and rode them well. He said in the post fight interview that Wilder tagged him with a right hand from hell in the opening round, but he managed to take most of the sting out from it.

    As for the Wallin fight, there was visibly something wrong with Fury. He didn't change out his trainer for a reason after that fiasco. Straight after the switch he went on put on his best or second best performance ever, which obviously proves that there was something wrong with him.

    All in all, as I said I believe that if Joshua is not too hot headed he can win a razor close UD or even a MD as a courtesy of Matchroom judges. If he chooses to turn it into a firefight, he gets mauled, simple.
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    Jan 13, 2021
    You dont have to be "chest to chest" to infight thats silly as crap. You're delusional.

    Here is a classic clip of infighting:
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    You're chests don't have to be touching when fighting in the pocket. You can see Joshua and Takam fighting in the pocket in spots

    He comes in at 270 and he'd get destroyed because Joshua would tear him up at midrange if he tried to close the distance like he did against Wilder.

    Thats my entire point buddy :lol: Fury took some telegraphed right hands when moving forward but he had to roll Wilder's shots to take the momentum out of them. He didn't slip them and move forward at the same time like Frazier or Tysons. And keep in mind that is 1 right hand. Fury didn't eat the punch and steamroll into him at the same time either. When Wilder threw, Fury took a step back, rode the shot and preceeded to pressure Wilder with his jab at mid-long range. That is suicide against Joshua because Joshua's is at his best at midrange and he can throw more that 1 right hand at a time. He can pull counter Fury's jab, he can throw hooks, uppercuts, quick combinations, mix them up, go to the body, he had better head movement than Wilder, he has better balance than Wilder, he has better footwork than Wilder, he can box negative better than Wilder, he can mover in and out of range better than Wilder, and he can fight on the inside better than Wilder. Get it through you're head. Joshua is a hell of a lot better than Wilder. Fury trying to pressure Aj at mid-long range will only play into Aj's hands.
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