K-1 World Max 2007 ***SPOILER***

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    Masato defeats Gesias Cavalcante by Decision
    Buakaw Por. Pramuk defeats Nicky Holtzken by Decision
    Andy Souwer defeats Ole Laursen by KO (or more like due to an injury)
    Mike Zambidis defeats Drago by Decision
    Yoshihiro Sato defeats Denis Schneidmiller by Decision
    Albert Kraus defeats Virgil Kalakoda by Decision
    Artur Kyshenko defeats Soo-Hwan Lee by KO

    For Andy Souwer vs Ole Laursen, Souwer dropped Laursen with a right hook to the head, and as he fell i think he hurt his right leg. He wasn't out or anything, but he couldn't get back up due to his leg, so the fight was stopped via KO.

    Fight of the NIght...Zambidis vs Drago was a great match. First two rounds were war. I think Zambidis began to get alittle fatigue during the 3rd round. The fight went to a draw, and the extra round was a nice battle. Zambidis sort of rocked Drago with a high kick...pretty much Zambidis was more aggressive during this round, which made him the winner.

    Sato vs Scheidmiller...Sato was basically picking Denis apart with low kicks. Denis went for several punching combinations but not many landed cleanly.

    Albert Kraus vs Virgil Kalakoda was another great match. Kalakoda caught Kraus with several clean shots. In the final round Kraus rocked Kalakoda with a punch that jerked his head back, then landed some more clean shots, went for two spinning back kicks which didn't really land. Kraus was more aggressive.

    Buakaw Por. Pramuk landed nice kicks against Nicky Holtzken. Nicky managed to block Buakaw's high kicks. Nice knees by Buakaw. Mmm...the match was OK.

    Artur Kyshenko rocked Soo-Hwan several times. In the end he KOed him with a punch.

    Masato landed a lot of good clean shots on JZ, many of them landing on his jaw. Im amazed that none of them rocked him or put him down. There was this one part during the clinch were Masato threw JZ down to the ground like a ragdoll. Good match.

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