Kambosos Jr. Vs Lopez

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who would YOU PERFER to win.

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  1. Lopez

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  2. Kambosos

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  1. Mickea4

    Mickea4 Member Full Member

    Aug 22, 2018
    I remember seeing Lopez before the Loma fight and thinking no way in hell is this guy a lightweight, no way... Surely can't be long before that kinda weight cut starts being detrimental to his performance and I wouldn't be surprised to see him miss weight in his next couple of fights if he doesn't move up, he'd probably outsize most of the 140 division in all fairness
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  2. TBI

    TBI Active Member Full Member

    Oct 20, 2015
    I just watched the presser. Lopez seems absolutely gone out to lunch. His dad is an embarassing nightmare. He just stated he was injured and also he was to be in the new Creed movie...

    I smell an upset.

    Lopez distracted, looking past George and no respect, he's gonna KO in the 1st round....

    Lots of factors play into this.

    If Lopez blitzes early like he said, he could get caught being wreckless.

    I wish Kambosos was a puncher....

    I'm throwing money on Kambosos to stop Lopez prolly within 5 or 6.

    That being said Lopez should win and is favored for good reason, but this has all the makings of an upset to me.
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  3. VBOX


    Feb 8, 2012
  4. StussyBrownnn

    StussyBrownnn Member Full Member

    Aug 17, 2021
    I agree with you! and ill double down. I think his fight with loma was the type where he won but he knows damn well he didnt actually beat loma. For someone with his arrogance, he doesnt seem to wanna jump back in with loma. I think he knows that he got his ass absolutely whooped from rounds 6-11 in the loma fight, and he doesnt wanna feel that much pain ever again hahah

    How do yall think him and haney will pan out? Who you got winning in that fight?
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  5. sasto

    sasto Boxing Addict Full Member

    Aug 5, 2020
    Not sure where the Lopez hates comes from. Dude does everything we want to see, did the amateur thing, works on his craft, always in shape, ran right at the champions of the division including most people's #1 P4P and dethroned them.

    He seems pretty devoted to his family and you can't choose your father. A little light **** talking isn't much to be bothered about, people hate Crawford for not doing enough of that.

    Kambosos is cool though too, when this fight was announced I thought maybe he would make trouble. Now I'm not feeling his chances too much. Just a (lack of a) hunch.
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  6. JDub

    JDub Active Member Full Member

    Dec 8, 2018
    He looked pretty drained in that interview he did talking about having and injury going into the fight I gotta say.
  7. JDub

    JDub Active Member Full Member

    Dec 8, 2018
    Yeah I agree, although technically he beat Loma, I'm pretty sure he doesn't think he could do it again, and he'd probably be right, Loma gave away the first 6 rounds there not doing anything, probably overcompensating for coming up 2 weight classes or whatever but when he did up the activity levels from round 6 onwards he was lighting Lopez up. Lopez knows this too, we all do.
  8. JSpizz

    JSpizz Jay Spizz. Full Member

    Jan 8, 2021

    For me personally, I love watching him fight. Sometimes he talks and I think to myself, "oh this guy is maturing a bit", then the next time I hear him talk he comes off as way over arrogant...
    His dad is a punk, and that's the main reason I'd like to see him lose.

    I see what your saying about Crawford, but there's being confident and talking yourself up, and then there's how Lopez Sr and Jr roll, over arrogant.

    I was VERY impressed by Lopez in the 12th round vs Loma, but like mentioned by others he got somewhat dismantled from the 6th-11th, and it certainly looks like he's ducking the rematch. Not only that but he's called out Taylor, Tank, Haney, etc.... Seems like he's looking past Kambosos.

    Anyways, I think Lopez probably wins.
    But I like the way Kambosos carries himself, so that's who I'm rooting for.
  9. JSpizz

    JSpizz Jay Spizz. Full Member

    Jan 8, 2021
    Could be a Lopez KO, Linares showed that Haney could be a bit Chinny.
  10. Babality

    Babality KTFO!!!!!!! Full Member

    Dec 6, 2008
    I don't care. Don't know Kambosos and I'm not really a Teofimo fan.
  11. MURK20

    MURK20 Boxing Addict Full Member

    Sep 26, 2008
    He's from Brooklyn you douche canoe.
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  12. PIPO23

    PIPO23 Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    May 18, 2006
    The only um chance i see now if Kambosos has enough omph in his punches. Is the later rounds when TEO's buggered tries that shoulder scroll crap and drops hands down his waist. There is an opening if he is good enough to take it!! I remember watching the fight against Loma. This kid literally has his left hand down his waist lol and was target practice for Loma. His right hand not glued is not blocking the left hook of Loma as well. This kid will get KTFO if he doesn't fix this.

    It may also be he is not used to fighting southpaws.
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  13. JDub

    JDub Active Member Full Member

    Dec 8, 2018
    Both him and his dad are classic fake wannabe gangster. I don't think I could find more a obvious example if I tried.

    That kid's no gangster, and the dad definitely isn't. Their whole personas screams actor.
  14. velagod

    velagod Well-Known Member Full Member

    Oct 20, 2012
    yeah his defence from what I’ve seen looks leaky I think Lopez will find it easy to take center of the ring as well and just counter George when he’s coming in looking to let off his combos.

    also hope your well bandeedo my brother.
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  15. Furey

    Furey EST & REG 2009 Full Member

    Oct 18, 2009
    From what I've seen of Kambosos (basically the Lee Selby fight), he's a very good talented fighter

    But Teo I believe is elite.... and that's the difference.

    His dad however is a ****ing fruit cake