*** Kirks Championships 2019 *** The Boxing Throne : Boxing Prediction League

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  1. Drinquor

    Drinquor Texas Representative Full Member

    Apr 16, 2011
    ***2019 RANKINGS***

    (-) MexicanInsanity 0-0 (0 KO)
    (-) David B 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Ge UD Xiang UD
    (-) UnleashtheFURY 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) Chuck Norris 0-0 (0 KO)

    …Ge UD, Xiang UD
    Haney UD, Uzcategui UD, Oubaali UD, Tepora KO, Pacquiao UD
    (-) Drinquor 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Magramo KO Xiang UD
    (-) FIGHTER2R 0-0 (0 KO)
    (-) BoxingABC1 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Ge UD, Xiang UD
    Haney Wide UD, Elbiali TKO, Figueroa TKO, Andrade Wide UD, Tepora KO, Jack Close UD, Oubaali TKO, Pacquaio Close UD, Nyambayar TKO, Kownacki TKO, Thurman TKO, Rojas UD, Munguia TKO, Palicte UD
    (-) pincai 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Ge UD close Xiang UD close
    Haney UD wide Elbiali KO9 Figueroa UD close Uzcat KO9 Rivas UD close Andrade UD close Ceylan UD close Tepora KO10 Jack UD close Pac UD close
    (-) Oneirokritis 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) KiwiMan 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Ge Close UD, Xiang Close UD
    (-) lepinthehood 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Magramo UD, Xiang UD
    Haney KO, Figueroa UD, Uzcategui TKO, Rivas UD, Andrade UD
    (-) PinoyProdigy 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Magramo KO, Xiang UD
    (-) nellybc 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Ge UD, Xiang SD
    (-) Pimp C 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Ge UD Xiang UD
    Haney TKO
    (-) Jake LaMotta 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Ge UD, Xiang UD
    (-) DanielDimov 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Ge UD, Satorn KO
    (-) Dfaulds 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Ge UD, Xiang KO
    (-) Drew101 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Ge UD Xiang UD
    Haney UD
    (-) Zakman 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Ge UD Xiang UD
    (-) lufcrazy 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Ge UD, Xiang UD
    (-) VG_Addict 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Ge UD Xiang UD
    Haney UD Green UD Figueroa TKO Uzcategui TKO Jennings UD Andrade UD Sanchez KO Tepora TKO Browne KO Warren UD Pacquiao UD
    (-) PaddyGarcia 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Ge UD Xiang UD
    (-) DONT B SCARED 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Ge UD, Xiang UD
    (-) f1ght3rz 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Magramo KO, Xiang UD
    Haney KO; Elbiali KO; Figueroa UD; Uzcategui UD
    (-) CST80 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Magramo KO, Xiang SD
    Haney KO Elbiali KO Figueroa KO Uzcategui KO Rivas UD Andrade UD Sanchez KO Tepora KO Jack KO Oubaali KO Pacquiao UD Germain SD Marrero KO Kownacki KO Thurman KO Leone SD Rojas KO Munguia KO Palicte KO
    (-) jordan1 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) Boxingfan200 0-0 (0 KO)
    …wenfeng UD , xiang ud
    haney KO, elbiali KO figueroa ko plant ud Jennings ud Andrade ud sanchez ko tepora KO browne ud warren ud paquiao ud
    (-) pablinov 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) theanatolian 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) JordanK2406 0-0 (0 KO)

    …ge close ud Xiang Close UD
    Haney close ud Elbiali tko6 Figueroa close ud Plant close ud Rivas close ud Andrade wide ud Ceylan wide ud Jack sd Warren Close UD Tepora tko4 Pacquiao tko10 Claggett sd Nyambayar tko9 Washington Close UD Thurman tko6 Franco close ud Rojas close ud Mungaia tko3 Palicte tko7
    (-) kirk 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) uppercut_to_the_body 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) Limerickbox 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) Bustajay 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) Dagnaldinho 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) The Akbar One 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) drenlou 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) MCJ 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Ge PTS, Xiang PTS
    (-) OvidsExile 0-0 (0 KO)

    Andrade UD, Jack KO, Pacquiao SD, Thurman UD, Munguia KO
    (-) Mr Butt 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Ge UD Xiang UD
    (-) james5000 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) jmashyaka 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) ACOPromotions 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) mirkofilipovic 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) Russell 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) AWNP 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) Sugar 88 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) GK BOX 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) Texascyclone 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) The Ogdoad 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) minemax 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) Birmingham 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) MVC! 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) 305th 0-0 (0 KO)

    (-) chatty 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Ge UD Xiang UD
    (-) red_roo 0-0 (0 KO)
    …magramo to win, satorn to win
    (-) Max Thunder 0-0 (0 KO)
    …Ge SD Satorn KO
  2. Drinquor

    Drinquor Texas Representative Full Member

    Apr 16, 2011

    White - Featured Fights
    Yellow - Recently Added Fights
    Lavender - Early Morning Warning

    1/5 - Wenfeng Ge vs. Giemel Magramo - 12x3 WBO International & WBO Oriental Flyweight Titles
    1/5 - Jing Xiang vs. Suriyan Satorn - 12x3 WBC Silver Light Flyweight Title

    1/11 - Devin Haney vs. Xolisani Ndongeni - 10x3
    1/13 - Ahmed Elbiali vs. Allan Green - 10x3
    1/13 - Brandon Figueroa vs. Moises Flores - 10x3
    1/13 - Jose Uzcategui vs. Caleb Plant - 12x3 IBF World Super Middleweight Title
    1/18 - Bryant Jennings vs. Oscar Rivas - 12x3 IBF International & WBO NABO Heavyweight Titles
    1/18 - Demetrius Andrade vs. Artur Akavov - 12x3 WBO World Middleweight Title
    1/19 - Dennis Ceylan vs. Jesus Sanchez II - 12x3 EBU-EU Featherweight Title
    1/19 - Jhack Tepora vs. Hugo Ruiz - 12x3 Interim WBA World Featherweight Title
    1/19 - Badou Jack vs. Marcus Browne - 12x3 Interim WBA World Light Heavyweight Title
    1/19 - Rau'shee Warren vs. Nordine Oubaali - 12x3 WBC World Bantamweight Title
    1/19 - Manny Pacquiao vs. Adrien Broner - 12x3 WBA World Welterweight Title
    1/26 - Mathieu Germain vs. Steve Claggett - 10x3 IBF North American Super Lightweight Title
    1/26 - Tugstsogt Nyambayar vs. Claudio Marrero - 10x3
    1/26 - Adam Kownacki vs. Gerald Washington - 10x3
    1/26 - Keith Thurman vs. Josesito Lopez - 12x3 WBA Super World Welterweight Title
    1/26 - Joshua Franco vs. Lucas Emanuel Fernandez Leone - 10x3 NABF Bantamweight Title
    1/26 - Jesus M Rojas vs. Can Xu - 12x3 WBA World Featherweight Title
    1/26 - Jaime Munguia vs. Takeshi Inoue - 12x3 WBO World Super Welterweight Title
    1/31 - Aston Palicte vs. Jose Martinez - 12x3 WBO World Super Flyweight Title Eliminator
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  3. Drinquor

    Drinquor Texas Representative Full Member

    Apr 16, 2011
    :campeon:THE PEOPLE'S CHAMPIONSHIP:campeon:
    2018 Lineage and Records

    Want to challenge the champion? Just look at the champion's upcoming fight picks. If you feel a pick by the champion will be wrong, post your pick, and announce that you want to challenge for the title!

    - First come first serve on challenges issued
    - No stacking of challenges
    - Can not challenge a fight more than 7 days away
    - If champions change their pick after challenge has been set, they forfeit their title and it goes to the challenger who then becomes the interim champion, to fight for the vacant title against the next challenger
    - Only 1 challenge per day, although a champion can have unlimited defenses per day
    - Anyone who loses or forfeits a title fight, must wait until 3 challenges occur before they can challenge again. If no one has challenged the champion, ANYONE IN THE TOP 20 OF THE LEAGUE RANKINGS (even those who have lost/forfeit/participated in the past 3 title fights) can challenge the day of the fight they are challenging (12AM est)
    - The champion should try to place their picks as soon as they can, to give the field enough time to challenge their picks.

    CHAMPION: Chuck Norris
    His Picks: Ge UD, Xiang UD

    Chuck Norris Dec 22, 2018 - Present
    Defense #1: Occurred on Dec 31, 2018
    Defense #2: TBA
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  4. Drinquor

    Drinquor Texas Representative Full Member

    Apr 16, 2011
    From my perspective, I can't see a rule change that would make things more fair for everyone.
    I liked several of the suggestions, but ultimately can see arguments against each of them.

    We have a few players who like to make all the picks (or at least a majority of them) in the beginning of the month. As the fight nears, or news about one of the fighters comes out, they may rethink their original pick and want to change. They might want to change from a KO to a UD, or change a KO round in the WBK. Either way, I feel like a 10-change limit would unfairly handicap them. It would force them to change their strategy, which is something I would like to try and avoid.

    Same explanation as above

    We will have to agree to disagree on the "beyond apparent the difference between the two". It would be a judgement call from someone on whether to "accept" the change based on an interpretation if the pick was "competition manipulating" or not. Too me it is not a clear black and white divide.

    See 1st explanation

    I agree that its a pain, but other players may change their pick based on a pre fight interview, or a same day weigh-in result, or a fighter's eyes during the ring walk, etc, etc. I would like to leave that option available for us all.

    I feel like this unfairly punishes the players who may legitimately change their mind (for whatever reason) on a December fight.

    I kinda like this one, but it could be difficult to enforce if someone were to edit their pick. If a post is edited, and I didn't see the original post, or subsequent edits, I would have to consult with a staff member to verify number of edits and whether those edits were made in a 24 hour window. I don't want to have to do that. Another reason to request that players DO NOT edit posts, instead please submit a new post.

    I like this as well, but may be interpreted as unfair to the flip-floppers. Those 50-50 fights are hard to call! Someone may legit change their mind at the last minute.

    I didn’t go through the entire 2018 thread or track suggestions throughout the year, but I tried to compile the suggestions stemming from the controversy at the end of the year. I am open to debate and since @kirk and @PinoyProdigy have not made a ruling yet, I figured I would give my opinion.

    We used to have the 30-minute rule, and I believe amending the rule to “changes are allowed up until the opening bell” is an improvement. This gives us a pretty clear cut off time.

    I considered offering a PM option for picks, where ideally I would have to publicly post the pick as soon as the bell rings. If I was unavailable, everyone would have to trust me that the pick was made on time. But, I strongly feel the PM option should ONLY be allowed for banned players, not pick changes. I want the picks for each player to be as transparent as possible so everyone can completely validate my calculations, and because of that I like the fact that everyone can see everyone’s picks.

    I understand that seeing everyone’s picks makes it easy to copy or tactically switch to avoid losing a position, but I struggle to see a good way to fairly regulate changes in a way that improves the experience for all of us without completely overhauling the format of the league. We would have to load matches into a VBookie or Sportsbook type format, where a cut off time is established and picks are collected without publicly revealing who picked who until the event closes. The moderator of this format would not be allowed to participate in the league, and it just wouldn’t be the same experience as this league.

    In closing, “Kirks Championships” is a GREAT prediction league and I am proud to be a part of it. We all need to agree to act like gentlemen, treat each other respectfully, and enjoy the ride!
  5. CST80

    CST80 The Mercurial Mephistophelean Malcontent Staff Member

    Nov 23, 2013
    Since I've already switched picks, I'm fully in agreement.:lol:
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    DONT B SCARED Pimpin Aint Easy Full Member

    Mar 8, 2017
    Changing to Magramo TKO
  7. IntentionalButt

    IntentionalButt Hysterical shrill Soros client queen. Staff Member

    Nov 30, 2006
    Xiang UD Satorn
    Magramo TKO Ge
  8. Drew101

    Drew101 Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    Feb 11, 2005
    Guess who's back...Back again...
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  9. DanielDimov

    DanielDimov Jabbing all night Full Member

    Feb 2, 2015
    Wach out we got.a badass over here!
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  10. CST80

    CST80 The Mercurial Mephistophelean Malcontent Staff Member

    Nov 23, 2013

    Just the inspiration I needed to bring my A-game this year.

    And hopefully this'll entice @UnleashtheFURY to stick around another year. How about it UTF? Imagine next year, two Massachusetts guys going head to head for the top spot.:naughty2:
  11. kirk

    kirk l l l Staff Member

    Jul 26, 2004

    What an absolutely awesome post, Drinquor. I am also in agreement with pretty much everything you said and how you see it. I can see the pro's and con's to each.... but no single suggestion strong enough to sway me as of yet.

    two possibilities or additions for us to perhaps ponder, is...

    long ago, there used to be a rule where you simply can not edit any of your posts in regards to fight picks, and if you did, unfortunately, your pick, whatever it was in that post, became invalid, regardless of what it was. If we went back to that rule, we could do the following suggestion

    There should be a rule that you can’t make a switch twice on the same fight at the same day.

    And everyone just needs to know that there will be no ifs ands or buts, if you edit a fightpick post, it becomes invalid.

    Doing that may allow implementation of that rule.

    Possibility number two.

    We apply one of the suggestions you quoted Drinquor, but only apply it in December, and only to the top 5 or top 7 of the league (places where placing matter most near the end of the year)

    That way its limited to the people it needs to be limited to, without being unfair to the rest of the league and to people who genuinely want to switch a pick for whatever reason.

    Again, just some options we can consider.
  12. KiwiMan

    KiwiMan Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Feb 28, 2016
  13. MexicanInsanity

    MexicanInsanity Location : Nowhere Full Member

    Apr 24, 2013
  14. PinoyProdigy

    PinoyProdigy Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    Jul 30, 2011
    I'll challenge Chuck with my Magramo pick, if no one has challenged already.

    As for a possible rule change regarding changing picks, I'm up for what @kirk has suggested but I also don't think a rule change is necessary. The league has done fine before and regarding similar situations in terms of changing picks to stay ahead in the past, I guess it all comes down to strategy and the individuals involved. When it was down to me and UTF a couple years back and it came down to the last fight of the year, I didn't even want the possibility of that happening so I let UTF take the first pick, which in turn decided my own pick. But I get it what everyone is saying....maybe a strict no changing policy for fights in the last week of competition?
  15. f1ght3rz

    f1ght3rz Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Jan 31, 2018
    Damn, i would have challenged him too but i lost the last challenge....Congrats to all Magramo backers, he did very well and deserved the stoppage. Good start to the new season!

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