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  1. Drinquor

    Drinquor Texas Representative Full Member

    Apr 16, 2011
    :campeon:THE PEOPLE'S CHAMPIONSHIP:campeon:
    2021 Lineage and Records

    Want to challenge the champion? Just look at the champion's upcoming fight picks. If you feel a pick by the champion will be wrong, post your pick, and announce that you want to challenge for the title!

    - First come first serve on challenges issued
    - No stacking of challenges
    - Can not challenge a fight more than 7 days away
    - If champions change their pick after challenge has been set, they forfeit their title and it goes to the challenger who then becomes the interim champion, to fight for the vacant title against the next challenger
    - Only 1 challenge per day, although a champion can have unlimited defenses per day
    - Anyone who loses or forfeits a title fight, must wait until 3 challenges occur before they can challenge again. If no one has challenged the champion, ANYONE IN THE TOP 20 OF THE LEAGUE RANKINGS (even those who have lost/forfeit/participated in the past 3 title fights) can challenge the day of the fight they are challenging (12AM EST)
    - The champion should try to place their picks as soon as they can, to give the field enough time to challenge their picks.

    CHAMPION: sasto
    His picks:


    Drinquor Dec 12, 2020 - Apr 10 7 DEFENSES
    Defense #1: Jan 23
    Fulton (Drinquor) vs Leo (Chuck Norris) - Result: Fulton UD
    Defense #2: Feb 19
    Antwi (Drinquor) vs Tetley (Robney) - Result: Antwi TKO6
    Defense #3: Feb 20
    Wallin (Drinquor) vs Breazeale (Boomstick) - Result: Wallin UD
    Defense #4: Feb 27
    Belmehdi (Drinquor) vs Sediri (johnny_o) - Result: Belmehdi TKO1
    Defense #5: Mar 19
    Martinez (Drinquor) vs Gonzalez (DanielDimov) - Result: Majority Draw
    Defense #6: Mar 27
    Kalitskiy (Drinquor) vs Malikov (nellybc) - Result: Kalitskiy KO5
    Defense #7: Apr 3
    Herring (Drinquor) vs Frampton (CST80) - Result: Herring TKO6
    Defense #8: Apr 10
    Kite (Drinquor) vs Hunt (MexicanInsanity) - Result: Hunt UD

    MexicanInsanity Apr 10 - Apr 21
    Defense #1: Apr 21
    MacKenzie (MexicanInsanity) vs Tarimo (f1ght3rz) - Result: Tarimo UD

    f1ght3rz Apr 21 - May 15 6 DEFENSES
    Defense #1: Apr 21
    Spark (f1ght3rz) vs Brubaker (MrHello) - Result: Spark UD
    Defense #2: Apr 24
    Cash (f1ght3rz) vs Bentley (nellybc) - Result: Cash TKO3
    Defense #3: Apr 30
    Edwards (f1ght3rz) vs Mthalane (Chuck Norris) - Result: Edwards UD
    Defense #4: May 1
    Parker (f1ght3rz) vs Chisora (johnny_o) - Result: Parker SD
    Defense #5: May 7
    Shekhov (f1ght3rz) vs Liashkov (Drinquor) - Result: Shekhov SD
    Defense #6: May 14
    Stanioch (f1ght3rz) vs Talarek (johnny_o) - Result: Stanioch UD
    Defense #7: May 15
    Nery (f1ght3rz) vs Figueroa (CST80) - Result: Figueroa KO7

    CST80 May 15 - May 21
    Defense #1: May 21
    Kudryashov (CST80) vs Romanov (Chuck Norris) - Result: Romanov UD

    Chuck Norris May 21 - Jun 19 4 DEFENSES
    Defense #1: May 22
    Taylor (Chuck Norris) vs Ramirez (MrHello) - Result: Taylor UD
    Defense #2: May 29
    Matias (Chuck Norris) vs Jukembayev (f1ght3rz) - Result: Matias RTD8
    Defense #3: Jun 12
    Ponce (Chuck Norris) vs Ritson (f1ght3rz) - Result: Ponce TKO10
    Defense #4: Jun 12
    Cuellar (Chuck Norris) vs Arce (MexicanInsanity) - Result: Cuellar TKO9
    Defense #5: Jun 19
    Lara (Chuck Norris) vs Fernandez (f1ght3rz) - Result: Fernandez SD

    f1ght3rz Jun 19 - Jul 9 1 DEFENSE
    Defense #1: Jun 26
    Lomachenko (f1ght3rz) vs Nakatani (kirk) - Result: Lomachenko TKO9
    Defense #2: Jul 9
    Tanajara (f1ght3rz) vs Zepeda (PhiloBeddo(e)) - Result: Zepeda RTD6

    PhiloBeddo(e) Jul 9 - Jul 21
    Defense #1: Jul 21
    Kuwahara (PhiloBeddo(e)) vs Akui (sasto) - Result: Akui TKO10

    sasto Jul 21 - Jul 31
    Defense #1: Jul 31
    Yildirim (sasto) vs Cullen (Boomstick) - Result: Cullen UD

    Boomstick Jul 31 - Aug 14
    Defense #1: Aug 14
    Rigondeaux (Boomstick) vs Casimero (MrHello) - Result: Casimero SD

    MrHello Aug 14 - Oct 9 2 DEFENSES
    Defense #1: Sep 4
    Lara (MrHello) vs Warrington (Chuck Norris) - Result: Technical Draw
    Defense #2: Sep 11
    Carroll (MrHello) vs Vences (David B) - Result: Carroll MD
    Defense #3: Oct 9
    Ajagba (MrHello) vs Sanchez (sasto) - Result: Sanchez UD

    sasto Oct 9 - Present
    Defense #1: TBA


    f1ght3rz 9-4 (2 KO)
    Drinquor 6-2-1 (4 KO)
    Chuck Norris 5-3-1 (3 KO)
    sasto 2-1 (1 KO)
    PhiloBeddo(e) 1-1 (1 KO)
    DanielDimov 0-0-1
    MrHello 2-3-1
    CST80 1-2 (1 KO)
    Boomstick 1-2
    MexicanInsanity 1-2
    Robney 0-1
    kirk 0-1
    David B 0-1
    nellybc 0-2
    johnny_o 0-3

    Longest Title Reign

    Drinquor - 7
    f1ght3rz - 6
    Chuck Norris - 4

    Most Title Defenses

    Drinquor - 7
    f1ght3rz - 7
    Chuck Norris - 4
    MrHello - 2

    Most Title Reigns

    f1ght3rz - 2
    sasto - 2
    MexicanInsanity - 1
    CST80 - 1
    Chuck Norris - 1
    PhiloBeddo(e) - 1
    Boomstick - 1
    MrHello - 1
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  2. pincai

    pincai The Indonesian Thin Man Full Member

    Jun 10, 2012
    Henchiri close UD
    Najmitdinov KO4
  3. pincai

    pincai The Indonesian Thin Man Full Member

    Jun 10, 2012
    Shelestyuk wide UD
    David Cuellar Contreras KO7
    Christopher Lopez Rodriguez KO9
  4. destruction

    destruction Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Mar 26, 2009
    Chudinov UD, Briedis KO, Rea KO, Ritson UD Eubank Jr KO Marshall UD Hughie Fury UD
    Ababiy KO Pacheco UD Rodriguez KO Soto KO Garcia UD Najmitdinov KO Francis UD
    Seldin KO Ananyan UD Shelestyuk UD Contreras UD Manzanilla UD
  5. ENI_3300

    ENI_3300 Member Full Member

    Jan 2, 2021
    Shelestyuk ud Contreras tko Rodriguez md Henchiri tko Najmitdinov sd
  6. nellybc

    nellybc Boxing Addict Full Member

    Nov 2, 2010
    I have made a balls up regarding the WBK belt in Series 25. It was not on the line. Contest did not end early via KO or TKO and only went 9 rounds for a decision.

    @sasto I am so sorry.

    Series 25 was like this. Sasto decisions Pincai 89(1)-84 - NEW WBK CHAMPION


    The belt was defended in 23 with a tie.
    Not on the line in 24
    Not won in 25 which would mean Pincai still holds it ( this completely messes up the rankings moving into 26 and 27 )


    Fixtures for 26 are
    Pincai: vs Nellybc: and I will declare this a non-title fight.

    27 rankings will still be determined on results from 26 but please accept a small change as Pincai should have been seeded 1 instead of Sasto.

    Congrats to Pincai - STILL WBK CHAMPION - Good luck in 27 - Somehow don't think you will need it. It has been a hell of a month...


    @Chuck Norris @CST80 @Boomstick @nellybc @pincai @MrHello @johnny_o @BoxingABC1 @Robney @David B @sasto
  7. pincai

    pincai The Indonesian Thin Man Full Member

    Jun 10, 2012
    Ha3xxxxx take that @sasto
    You have to knock out the Champ to be the champ.
    Seriously I’ve never been that good nor lucky with WBK..
    thanks for the second chance Nelly.
  8. nellybc

    nellybc Boxing Addict Full Member

    Nov 2, 2010

    I have checked back over both of the rounds in question.

    6: 9/11 - Zaur Abdullaev vs. Dejan Zlaticanin - 12x3 *** / Abdullaev Wide UD
    ChuckNorris: Abdullaev KO9 vs Johnny_o: Abdullaev KO7 / 10-9

    7: 9/11 - Kerman Lejarraga vs. Dylan Charrat - 12x3 *** / Lejarraga TD10 - Close UD
    ChuckNorris: Charrat KO (NOT SPECIFIC) vs Johnny_o: Lejarraga UD, close / 9-10

    Round 6 is scored 10-9 as the KO was predicted for Round 9. See rules posted below.
    Round 7 was only 9-10 as Chuck did not make a specific outcome on the fight. He only picked KO with no round so it was 9-10.
    HOWEVER I have seen that he now picked the loser and that would make it a 8-10(1)
    That completely changes the result and again messes up the rankings for 26 - MY BAD! Sorry.

    Result was initially recorded as

    ChuckNorris decisions Johnny_o 88(1)-87

    It will now be amended to

    ChuckNorris ties Johnny_o 87(1)-87(1)

    If you pick a stoppage (KO)

    In the last 4 rounds of a 12 round Fight
    In the last 2 rounds of a 10 round Fight
    In the last round of a 8 round Fight

    You can win the WBK round 10-9 if the result is a UD

    ex: KO12 vs KO7 - Result UD - Who picked KO12 wins 10-9 (12 Rounds)
    ex: KO10 vs KO5 - Result UD - Who picked KO10 wins 10-9 (10 Rounds)
    ex: KO8 vs KO7 - Result UD - Who picked KO8 wins 10-9 (8 Rounds)

    *note- If both guys do it, the one getting closer to the last round wins 10-9

    ex: KO11 vs KO12 - Result UD - KO12 wins 10-9

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  9. nellybc

    nellybc Boxing Addict Full Member

    Nov 2, 2010

    I have sent you a message with the rankings and where it went wrong.

    Mainly the 2 ties in 23 that messed me up. 25 rankings were slightly askew as were 26 rankings.

    You had 2 fights in series 24. 1 win and 1 loss. Neither affected rankings from 23 to 25.

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  10. nellybc

    nellybc Boxing Addict Full Member

    Nov 2, 2010

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    Series 4:
    ChuckNorris decisions Boomstick 98(1)-96
    Nellybc ties Boxingabc1 95(1)-95(2)
    Pincai TKO5 Johnny_o ** NEW WBK CHAMPION **
    Robney decisions Cst80 97(2)-94(1)
    Series 5:
    Nellybc KO1 CST80
    BoxingABC1 KO1 Johnny_0
    MrHello KO 5 David B
    Chuck Norris decisions Robney 117(1)-112
    Boomstick TKO11 Pincai ** NEW WBK CHAMPION **
    Series 6:
    ChuckNorris decisions Cst80 119(1)-110
    Johnny_o TKO12 Pincai
    Robney KO1 Nellybc
    Mr Hello KO2 Boxingabc1
    DavidB TKO4 Boomstick ** NEW WBK CHAMPION **
    Series 7:
    ChuckNorris decisions DavidB 117(1)-116(1) ** NEW WBK CHAMPION **
    Robney TKO8 Johnny_o
    MrHello KO1 Boxingabc1
    Pincai KO5 Nellybc
    Boomstick TKO8 Cst80
    Series 8:
    Robney decisions ChuckNorris 117(1)-113(1) ** NEW WBK CHAMPION **
    Pincai decisions MrHello 117-113
    DavidB KO6 Boomstick
    Boxingabc1 KO7 Johnny_o
    Sasto decisions Nellybc 118(2)-109
    Series 9: **AMENDED**
    Robney KO1 Pincai ** STILL WBK CHAMPION ** 1 Defence
    Boxingabc1 KO1 DavidB
    ChuckNorris KO11 Sasto
    MrHello TKO12 Boomstick
    Johnny_o TKO10 Nellybc
    Series 10:
    Boxingabc1 KO1 Robney ** NEW WBK CHAMPION **
    Sasto KO2 MrHello
    Johnny_o KO1 Pincai
    DavidB KO3 ChuckNorris
    Boomstick KO1 Nellybc
    Series 11:
    Boxingabc1 KO7 Sasto ** STILL WBK CHAMPION ** 1 Defence
    DavidB decisions Johnny_o 117(1)-116
    Robney decisions Boomstick 118(2) - 113(1)
    MrHello decisions Pincai 117-116
    Nellybc KO7 ChuckNorris
    Series 12:
    DavidB KO3 Boxingabc1 ** NEW WBK CHAMPION **
    Robney ties Mr Hello 116-116
    Nellybc decisions Sasto 115(2)-113(1)
    Boomstick decisions Johnny_o 115-114(2)
    ChuckNorris KO6 Pincai
    Series 13:
    DavidB decisions Nellybc 109(2)-103 ** STILL WBK CHAMPION ** 1 Defence
    Robney KO3 MrHello
    Boomstick decisions Boxingabc1 108(1)-103(1)
    Sasto KO3 ChuckNorris
    Pincai TKO11 Johnny_o
    Series 14:
    DavidB decisions Robney 117(1)-115 ** STILL WBK CHAMPION ** 2 Defences
    Sasto decisions Boomstick 117(1)-115(1)
    Nellybc KO7 Pincai
    Boxingabc1 TKO4 Mr Hello
    ChuckNorris KO8 Johnny_o
    Series 15:
    Sasto decisions DavidB 116(2)-113(1) ** NEW WBK CHAMPION **
    Boxingabc KO8 Nellybc
    ChuckNorris TKO5 Robney
    Pincai TKO4 Boomstick
    MrHello decisions Johnny_o 119(2)-114
    Series 16:
    Boxingabc1 KO10 Pincai
    Sasto KO10 Boomstick ** STILL WBK CHAMPION ** 1 Defence
    Nellybc TKO10 Robney
    Series 17:
    Sasto KO3 Boxingabc1 ** STILL WBK CHAMPION ** 2 Defences
    ChuckNorris KO9 Pincai
    MrHello decisions DavidB 114(2)-113(1)
    Robney KO11 Nellybc
    Boomstick decisions Johnny_o 119(1)-114
    Series 18:
    Sasto KO11 ChuckNorris ** STILL WBK CHAMPION ** 3 Defences
    MrHello KO1 Robney
    Mr Hello TKO9 Robney - Rematch
    Boomstick TKO3 Boxingabc1
    Pincai decisions DavidB 107(1)-105
    Nellybc KO4 Johnny_o
    Series 19:
    Sasto KO1 Mr Hello ** WBK BELT NOT ON THE LINE **
    Boomstick decisions Pincai 78(2)-74(1)
    Nellybc decisions ChuckNorris 78-77
    Boxingabc1 KO5 Robney
    Johnny_0 decisions DavidB 77(2)-76(1)
    Series 20:
    Mr Hello decisions Sasto 107(1)-102(1) ** NEW WBK CHAMPION**
    Pincai decisions Boomstick 107(1)-106
    ChuckNorris KO7 Nelllybc
    Robney TKO3 Boxingabc1
    Johnny_0 TKO10 DavidB
    Series 21:
    Pincai decisions MrHello 115(2)-113 ** NEW WBK CHAMPION **
    ChuckNorris KO12 Robney
    Sasto KO12 Johnny_o
    Boomstick ties Nellybc
    DavidB KO2 Boxingabc1
    Series 22:
    ChuckNorris decisions Pincai 79(1)-76 **WBK TITLE NOT ON THE LINE**
    Boomstick decisions Sasto 79(1)-77
    DavidB KO6 MrHello
    Robney KO6 Johnny_o
    Nellybc decisions Boxingabc1 77(2)-75(1)
    Series 23:
    Pincai 107(1) ties Boomstick 107(1) **STILL WBK CHAMPION ** 1 Defence
    Robney TKO7 DavidB
    ChuckNorris KO3 Nellybc
    Sasto 107(1) ties MrHello 107(1)
    Boxingabc1 TKO6 Johnny_o
    Series 24:
    Sasto decisions Pincai 89(1)-84 ** WBK BELT NOT ON THE LINE **
    Boxingabc1 decisions MrHello 89-83
    Robney TKO8 Boomstick
    ChuckNorris ties Johnny_o 87(1)-87(1)
    Nellybc KO9 DavidB
    Series 25:
    Pincai TKO8 Robney - ** STILL WBK CHAMPION ** 2 Defences
    ChuckNorris TKO11 Sasto
    Boomstick KO1 Boxingabc1
    Boxingabc1 decisions Boomstick 115(2)-114(1)
    Nellybc KO3 DavidB
    Johnny_0 KO3 MrHello

    @David B @Robney @sasto @Boomstick @nellybc @pincai @CST80 @MrHello @BoxingABC1 @Chuck Norris @johnny_o
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  11. nellybc

    nellybc Boxing Addict Full Member

    Nov 2, 2010
    Amended score for WBK SERIES 25
    ChuckNorris ties Johnny_o 87(1)-87(1)

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  12. nellybc

    nellybc Boxing Addict Full Member

    Nov 2, 2010
    Then just to really finish me off I somehow managed to post 24 and 25 results in the wrong post hence the wrong rankings for 26. I will edit the last chronological post to match the below.



    Boxingabc1 decisions MrHello 89-83
    Robney TKO8 Boomstick
    ChuckNorris decisions Johnny_o 88(1)-87
    Sasto decisions Pincai 89(1)-84 - WBK BELT NOT ON THE LINE
    Nellybc KO9 DavidB

    Pincai TKO8 Robney - WBK BELT ON THE LINE - 2nd Defence
    ChuckNorris TKO11 Sasto
    a: Boomstick KO1 Boxingabc1
    b: Boxingabc1 decisions Boomstick 115(2)-114(1)
    Nellybc KO3 DavidB
    Johnny_0 KO3 MrHello

    @Chuck Norris @CST80 @Boomstick @nellybc @pincai @MrHello @johnny_o @BoxingABC1 @Robney @David B @sasto
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  13. nellybc

    nellybc Boxing Addict Full Member

    Nov 2, 2010

    SEE POST #3207 on Page 214

    @Chuck Norris @CST80 @Boomstick @nellybc @pincai @MrHello @johnny_o @BoxingABC1 @Robney @David B @sasto

    1:Krasniqi vs Boesel / Boesel SD
    Sasto: Krasniqi KO4 vs Boxingabc1: Boesel SD / 8-10(1)
    Robney: Krasniqi KO7 vs ChuckNorris: Krasniqi KO 8 / 10-10
    Pincai: Krasniqi KO5 vs Nellybc: Krasniqi KO6 / 10-10

    MrHello: Krasniqi KO 4 vs Boomstick: Krasniqi KO6 / 10-10
    Johnny_o: Krasniqi KO7 vs DavidB: Krasniqi UD Wide / 10-10
    2:Willis vs. Charlton / Willis MD
    Sasto: Charlton Close UD vs Boxingabc1: Charlton TKO4 / 10-10
    Robney: Willis UD wide vs ChuckNorris: Charlton UD Close / 10(1)-8
    Pincai: Willis wide UD vs Nellybc: Willis Close UD *DEFAULT* / 10-10

    MrHello: Charlton UD Wide vs Boomstick: Charlton close UD / 10-10
    Johnny_o: Charlton KO7 vs DavidB: Charlton TKO2 / 10-10
    3:Conway vs Metcalf / Conway Close UD
    Sasto: Conway Wide UD vs Boxingabc1: Conway Close UD / 9-10
    Robney: Conway SD vs ChuckNorris: Conway UD Wide / 9-10
    Pincai: Conway close UD vs Nellybc: Conway Wide UD / 10-9

    MrHello: Conway UD Close *DEFAULT* vs Boomstick: Conway wide UD / 10-9
    Johnny_o: Metcalf UD, close vs DavidB: Conway UD Close / 8-10(1)
    4:Cheeseman vs Williamson / Williamson KO10
    Sasto: Cheeseman SD vs Boxingabc1: Cheeseman Close UD / 10-10
    Robney: Cheeseman UD close vs ChuckNorris: Cheeseman UD Close / 10-10
    Pincai: Cheeseman close UD vs Nellybc: Cheeseman Wide UD / 10-10

    MrHello: Cheeseman UD Wide vs Boomstick: Williamson close UD / 8-10(1)
    Johnny_o: Cheeseman UD, close vs DavidB: Cheeseman UD Wide / 10-10
    5:Smith vs Fowler / Smith KO8
    Sasto: Smith KO6 vs Boxingabc1: Smith TKO9 / 8-10(2)
    Robney: Smith UD close vs ChuckNorris: Smith Wide UD / 10-10
    Pincai: Smith KO9 vs Nellybc: Smith Close UD / 10(1)-8

    MrHello: Smith KO 9 vs Boomstick: Smith close UD / 10(1)-8
    Johnny_o: Smith UD, close vs DavidB: Fowler UD Wide / 10(1)-8
    6:Johnson vs Emurlaev / Johnson MD
    Sasto: Johnson KO6 vs Boxingabc1: Johnson TKO5 / 10-10

    Robney: Johnson KO2 vs ChuckNorris: Johnson KO4 / 10-10
    Pincai: Johnson KO5 vs Nellybc: Johnson KO6 / 10-10

    MrHello: Johnson KO2 vs Boomstick: Johnson KO6 / 10-10
    Johnny_o: Johnson KO7 vs DavidB: Johnson KO1 / 10-10
    7:Essuman vs Ball / Essuman KO6
    Sasto: Essuman KO6 vs Boxingabc1: Essuman Close UD / KO!
    Robney: Essunan KO8 vs ChuckNorris: Essuman KO 7 / 8-10(1)
    Pincai: Essuman close UD vs Nellybc: Essuman Wide UD / 10-10

    MrHello: Essuman KO 7 vs Boomstick: Essuman wide UD / 10(2)-8
    Johnny_o: Essuman KO7 vs DavidB: Essuman UD Wide / 10(2)-8
    8:Foster vs Cunningham / Cunningham Close UD
    Robney: Cunningham SD vs ChuckNorris: Foster UD Wide / 10(2)-8
    Pincai: Foster close UD vs Nellybc: Foster Wide UD / 10-10

    MrHello: Foster KO5 vs Boomstick: Foster wide UD / 10-10
    Johnny_o: Cunningham UD, close vs DavidB: Foster Wide UD / 10(3)-8 TKO!
    9:Berlanga vs. Coceres / Berlanga Close UD
    Robney: Berlanga KO5 vs ChuckNorris: Berlanga KO6 / 10-10
    Pincai: Berlanga KO3 vs Nellybc: Berlanga KO4 / 10-10

    MrHello: Berlanga KO1 vs Boomstick: Berlanga KO8 / 10-10
    10:Ajagba vs. Sanchez / Sanchez Wide UD
    Robney: Sanchez UD close vs ChuckNorris: Ajagba KO6 / 10(3)-8 TKO!
    Pincai: Sanchez close UD vs Nellybc: Ajagba KO5 / 10(2)-8

    MrHello: Ajagba KO7 vs Boomstick: Sanchez KO8 / 8-10(2)
    11:Helenius vs Kownacki / Helenius KO6
    Pincai: Kownacki KO7 vs Nellybc: Helenius KO6 / KO!
    MrHello: Kownacki KO7 vs Boomstick: Helenius KO8 / 8-10(3) TKO!
  14. DanielDimov

    DanielDimov Jabbing all night Full Member

    Feb 2, 2015
    Fedor Chudinov UD, Mattia De Bianchi UD, Nicola Henchiri UD, Henry Lebron UD, Esquiva Falcao UD, Giovanni Santillan UD, Emanuel Navarrete KO, Mairis Briedis KO, Bradley Rea UD, Lewis Ritson SD, Chris Eubank Jr. KO, Savannah Marshall UD, Hughie Fury UD, Nikita Ababiy UD, Diego Pacheco UD, Jesse Rodriguez KO, Elwin Soto KO, Mikey Garcia KO, Will Madera UD, Jose Roman KO, Cletus Seldin UD, Petros Ananyan UD, Taras Shelestyuk UD, David Cuellar Contreras KO, Cristopher Lopez Rodriguez UD, Kazuki Nakajima UD, Andy Hiraoka UD,
  15. nellybc

    nellybc Boxing Addict Full Member

    Nov 2, 2010
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