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    Sep 22, 2021
    Soon Chun Kwon

    Dirty as he was he gave Jiro Wantabe hell and I think you guys would like some of his fights.
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    Jul 25, 2015
    One of my personal favourite performances from a Korean Boxer. Quick too.

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    Not important but i would like to write it (maybe interesting for the one or the other).

    You are still using romanizations of korean names which are oudated since many years. To write chinese and korean names in 3 single names is so confusing for western people.

    Todays romanizations write their names like this:

    Soon-chun or Soonchun Kwon:
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    Tae-shik or Taeshik Kim:
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    Soon and Chun like Tae and Shik are not two names, its one name who consists of two syllables, like Patrick (1Pat2Rick) or Christopher (1Chris2Topher).

    Ever seen someone write Pat Rick Spacey or Chris Topher Lee?

    Most probably not.

    Look at Zhilei Zhang. Nobody today writes his name still as Zhi Lei Zhang, even the Boxing world has adopted that.
    With Korean names its the same.

    Here for example you can see the plaque of Taekwondo founder, General Choi, in the Taekwondowon, the "home hall" of Taekwondo:

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    In old romanizations, he was written as Choi Hong Hi. But you see today its written as Choi(surname) Honghi(given name).
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    Only issue is Chang competed in the relatively new super flyweight, burned out quicker, he also fought and lost to his best competition late. I agree on Yuh, he's less flashy more constant.

    A good interview on Chang,
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    I appreciate it. Good to learn something.

    But Christopher is three syllables: 1chris 2to 3pher
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    My pleasure!

    And thanks for this...i feel so damn shamefull right now since my name is actually Christopher...and i thought always its only 2 syllables.

    But i think Patrick should be two (1pat 2rick)...

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