Kovalev: “It was impossible ... you are ignoramouses since you thought I could win”

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    Jul 15, 2013
    Information is straight from Kovalev. Its the best source, or you have better idea?
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    Jun 26, 2019
    Precisely why you just made this point.
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    Shows how good Sugar Ray Robinson was... he fought a couple times a month!
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    Jul 24, 2004
    When a fighter is on the downslope of his career, they come up with excuse after excuse for a loss or even poor performance.

    I think Kovalev is trying to rationalize with himself and the media on why he still has something left and should continue his career.
    The thread starter I believe is insinuating that Canelo drained Kovalev with a weight hydrating stipulation, but Kovalev here is talking about actually struggling to make the 175 lbs weight limit which is the weight he's always fought in.

    Kovalev is making excuses for Canelo playing it perfect knowing that he was going to be weakened later in the fight, you're right Kovalev Canelo did play it perfect but it wasn't because he thought you would be weakend making the weight limit, it was because you have a history of weakening down the stretch of fights. Kovalev's staying power down the stretch of fights has never been good and Canelo knew that and most definitely took advantage as would any fighter going up against Kovalev.

    For Kovalev to say he went in there without much of a chance because of how he felt physically, that's as stupid a statement as you can make. Knowing that he didn't have staying power why the hell did he fight a type of fight where it was only possible to win on points???

    Just like most fighters on the downward slope in their careers, Kovalev is just full of excuses, knowing that his stamina wasn't up to par the strategy to take there is to go for broke from the beginning and try to take the naturally smaller fighter out of there.
    Big mistake from Buddy McGirt for not game planning to have Kovalev out to find Canelo with a power jab and shoot his fight hand over it with power.
    …….and the thing here is Canelo was a willing participant, he was willing to War with the bigger man but McGirt didn't want it going that route.
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    Logically how can you trust a guy who makes an excuse everytime he loses. He signed for the fight regardless of excuses. He was paid and knew what the game is. Why make an excuse? To me it makes no difference. It just shows me a guy who makes excuses when he loses.
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    I still can't get over him basically saying anybody who thought he was good enough to win is a 'moron'. That's what he says to his fans who put trust in him.
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    That goes beyond the excuses thing. I don't want to see him fight again with this attitude. If he knew he could not win he ripped off the fans who trusted him.
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    Nov 10, 2017
    First of all, I partially agree that Kovalev is making excuses again. Because, had he lasted the distance, I doubt he would've uploaded this video. But he was pissed off that Canelo knocked him out, so he did it emotionally after a ton of annoying comments from his fans.

    But he always struggled to make it. Years ago Kovalev was talking about a new weight category (~185) because realistically he just can't move up — with his physique he would be doomed at cruiserweight.
    How can it be stupid if Kovalev almost did it? And he was able to last 11 rounds because of how he fought — light amateur-style punches.
    So, your plan is to throw power jabs and follow it with powerful right hands. For what purpose? To stop Canelo (an excellent fighter in his prime with a rock solid chin) in the early rounds (when Canelo's sharpest and fastest)? Because Kovalev would have been exhausted after the first 5-6 rounds with that gameplan.
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    Jul 24, 2004
    He almost did what? He was behind on the cards and slowing down significantly with each passing round. Though a lot of boxing fans like to score professional fights through the amatuer scoring criteria, most professional judges are going to side with the fighter landing the heavier punches, especially when the connects were as close as the Canelo-Kovalev fight was.

    Goody and Pat Petronelli devised a plan for Marvin Hagler to pressure and attack Tommy Hearns at an extremely high pace to try to take him out of there as early as possible. The reasoning behind their gameplan was that they thought it was highly unlikely that Hagler could outbox Hearns over the long haul of the fight.
    According to the Petronelli brothers, under the gameplan Hagler would have been spent had he not been able to take Hearns out inside of 6 rounds.
    Could Hagler have won without taking it so hard to Hearns and risk wearing himself out if Hearns had been able to defend the onslaught?
    Possibly, but my point is Hagler had a much better chance to win the way the Petronelli's game planned it.

    I would imagine most people would think that for Kovalev to win, he was going to have to lay some serious power on the smaller Canelo.

    If you're a fighter of poor stamina but who has one shot punching power , your gameplan is going to be to try to outbox a faster and smaller fighter over the course of 12 rounds??? I don't think so.
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    Lol give it a rest.
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    Marketing tatic to clamor for a rematch! This time we will be sold the “Kovalev is 100 percent now” koolaid!