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    Dec 31, 2009
    Wouldn’t that make Leotis Martin the linear number one contender and Sonny the linear number two contender?

    Ali (in exile) is still the undefeated linear champion at that time isn’t he?
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    Oct 6, 2004
    It depends on how you appoint the replacement of the retiring champions. Technically the lineal champion and the Lineal number 1 contender are the same person. Under a purely lineal system (no recognition of Bad decisions, Sanctioning bodies etc), when the number 1 stops fighting for whatever reason, it is the number two person who should be considered the champion. After all, common sense says that if the Best person in the world loses a fight to someone and that person is no longer fighting, then the person who is considered the second best person in the world, by default should now be considered the best in the world.

    For the sake of consistency, i had been using all fighters until the year end. I allowed 1 year of no fighting and if they didnt fight in the second year, they lost their ranking. I did this right the way along. If we dont use some sort of cutoff, then technically Lennox Lewis would still be the number one contender and world champion! Ali was certainly a difficult situation, as was Jeffries and even Corbett and others created a similar dilemma in the past.

    I have been a little inconsistent in that so far i have retrospectively imposed this rule because we know when fighters did and didnt fight. I took ali out after 1967 even though technically under my rules he was still the champion in 1968 with no fights. and it is only at 1969 which he would have no longer been considered the world champ. i did the same with Jeffries, Marciano and Tunney. Even though i technically could not do it if say Tyson Fury (assuming he is no 1 at themoment) simply decides not to fight again for three years.
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    Dec 31, 2009
    Actually, this makes perfect sense. A year is a reasonable cut off.. Thankyou for that explanation. You have me converted!

    You are correct, this is how boxing should really be observed.

    The best fighter is only the best fighter when he beats the man who beats the man, and whilst strong contenders can come along to dispute this, without beating the last man at the top, or the man at the top retiring then he’s just a contender. Each position in the ranking demand the same rule. It is perfectly sensible.
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    Oct 17, 2014
    Joe Louis Barrow retired as world champion too (technical did it even James John Corbett).
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    Oct 6, 2004
    1 Sonny Liston - W Wepner
    2 Joe Frazier W Ellis Foster
    3 Jimmy ellis - W Davilla L Frazier
    4 Foreman W Chuvalo, Kirkman, Turnbow, peralta, O Halloran & Others
    5 George Chuvalo - W Burns Ventura & Others L Foreman
    6 Muhammed Ali - W Quarry Bonavena
    7 Jerry Quarry - W M Foster Johnson Brassall L Ali
    8 Floyd Patterson - W Green
    9 Oscar Bonavena - W Lovell Homberg Pires D Paralta
    10 Pires - w cruz paez lovell L Bonavena D Al Jones
    11 Joe Bugner - Davilla Ramos london Wepner Corletti & others
    12 Migueal Angel Paez - W Bonavena Humberto L Pires Bugner
    13 Henry Cooper W Bodell Urtain
    14 Jack Bodell - W Richards L Cooper
    15 Mac Foster - W Rosette o halloran folley L Quarry
    16 James Woody - W Harris Doyle L Foreman Bonavena
    17 Tony Doyle - W Davilla Spencer & others L Woody
    18 Jose louis Garcia W davilla Spencer norton & others
    19 Thad Spencer - L Doyle Garcia
    20 Jose Roman - W O Halloran, Brassall & Others
    21 Jack O Halloran - W L Foreman Foster Roman W McAlinden
    22 Chuck Wepner - W Ramos L Liston Bugner
    23 Vic Brown - W Drover Askew Carter & others L Doyle
    24 Bill Drover - W Roy Rochards & others L Garcia Brown
    25 Jimmy Richards - W Ramos L Gizzi Debruyen & others L Prock Bodell (Pre rank)
    26 Manuel Ramos - L Wepner Bugner bonavena Richards Roman D Stander
    27 Santiago Lovell - L Bonavena Pires
    28 Alvin Lewis - W Williams Stewart Joyner Williams
    29 Cleveland Williams - W Brooks Davilla L Lewis
    30 Charlie Polite - W Cardoza L Merritt Foreman (Pre Rank)
    31 Robert Davilla W L Doyle williams Polite Ellis
    32 Henry Clark - W Waga Fletcher
    33 Jim Fletcher - L Clark
    34 Brian London - L Bugner
    35 Zora Folley - L Mac Foster
    36 Al Jones - D Pires

    Plenty of Controversy here. Leotis reires as champion, leaving sonny Liston as champion with a defence over Chuck Wepner.
    Oscar Bonavena's Low Blow dq by Paez could play havoc with the lower reaches of the top 10. Although as I write this, Bonvavena corrects the blip by beating Paez' conquerer.

    Joe Bugner's run was actually a verry impressive cleanout of many of the lower ranked fighters.

    Billy Walker Joined champ leotis Martin in retiring as a top `0 ranked fighter although he did need to beat a contender to maintain the ranking.

    Jose Luis Garcia moves into the top 20. He must have looked a decent prospect for a while. Interesting that he had already beaten a young Ken Norton.

    Well done to Cleveland Williams for fighting his way back into the top 30
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    Oct 6, 2004
    1 Joe Frazier W Ali
    2 Muhammed Ali - W Ellis Mathis Blin L Frazier
    3 Jimmy ellis - W Doyle Chuvalo L Ali
    4 Foreman W Peralta Pires & others
    5 George Chuvalo - W Williams L Ellis
    6 Jerry Quarry - Wgosha Doyle Bodell Bailey
    7 Floyd Patterson - W Forte Polite Brown & Others
    8 Oscar Bonavena - W Lewis
    9 Ernie Terrell - W moore hudgins Pires Davilla
    10 Luis Pires - w Drover Burton L Terrell Foreman
    11 Jose Urtain - W Bodell Copeland & others L Peralta (Pre rank)
    12 Jack Bodell - W O Halloran Ramos Drover Bugner L Quarry Urtain
    13 Joe Bugner - W Gizzi cooper blin & Others L Bodell
    14 Migueal Angel Paez - W Corletti
    15 Henry Cooper L Bugner
    16 Mac Foster - W Boswell joiner Ros
    17 Jose Garcia - W Davilla Polite Woody Griffin Lovell
    18 Ken Norton - W Carter Brown Haynes Woody
    19 James Woody - L Garcia Norton
    20 Tony Doyle - W Spencer Gosha L Quarry Ellis
    21 Ron Stander - W Spencer Carr Ohalloran Ramos & Others
    22 Thad Spencer - L Stander Doyle
    23 Jose Roman - W Harris Rondan Sheehan
    24 Vincent Rondon - W Dupree Griffin Jones & others
    25 Vic Brown - W Griffin L Terrell Norton Patterson
    26 Johnny Griffin - W O Halloran L Rondon Garcia Brown
    27 Ron Lyle - W Ramos O halloran Drover & others
    28 Jack O Halloran - W Daniels Williams L Bodell Griffin Stander Lyle

    Smokin Joe Takes over the Mantle at top with the retirement of Liston. He cements it by winning the FOTC.

    Cleveland Williams snuck into the top 30 last time. But he failed to make an impression on the top 10 with his loss to George Chuvalo.

    Ernie Terrell makes a surprise return to the top 10. Outside of Ali and Liston, Terrell has done very well in these rankings.

    I am pretty sure that Jose Urtain's win over Jack Bodell makes him the first spanish heavyweight to sneak into the top 10.

    16 ranked Jose luis garcia who is the first venezuelan to appear in the rankings has a pretty decent win list of lower ranked fighters.

    Ken Norton has made his first appearance in the rankings. He has mostly fought unranked fighters.
    Vincent Rondon becomes the second venezuelan into the rankings. Interestingly, Rondon is the WBA light heavyweight champion, who already beat Jose Garcia.

    Not sure how or why but somehow I left off Floyd patterson from the last couple of rounds. These are a pain to fix! Okay it is fixed now. He accidentally dropped out last round.

    Chuck Wepner's loss to Jerry Judge really does seem to be an atrocious loss. As bad as any loss from any previously ranked fighter, given some of the inexperienced guys the inexperienced judge subsequently lost to.

    One interesting thing to note about the FOTC. Smoking Joe wasnt overly dominant over most of the top 10, although he beat Ali. Ali, in contrast, despite losing the fight, Had beaten (or would eventually beat 9 of the top 10 fighters) he hasnt reached the dominance level of Johnson or Louis yet, but the signs are certainly there that he will eventually.
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    Oct 6, 2004
    1 Joe Frazier W Daniels Stander
    2 Muhammed Ali - W M foster chuvalo quarry Lewis Patterson Foster
    3 Jimmy ellis - W Gosha Brooks Williams Carter
    4 Foreman W Boon Paez & others
    5 George Chuvalo - W Chase Christopher burns Boston L Ali
    6 Jerry Quarry - Wcorletti Middleton Ali
    7 Floyd Patterson - W Bonavena Agosta L Ali
    8 Oscar Bonavena - L Patterson
    9 Ernie Terrell - W Garcia
    10 Ron Lyle - rondon Mathis Pires Middleton
    11 Luis Pires - L Ron Lyle
    12 Jose Roman - urtain Polite ventura Daniels
    13 Joe Bugner - W Blin Doyle Cane & Others
    14 Jeurgen Blin - Chase Urtain L Bugner
    15 Jose Urtain - Wharris ronan L Ramos Blin
    16 Danny McAlinden - W Bodelle Moore L Middleton (pre rank)
    17 Jack Bodell - L McAlinden
    18 Migueal Angel Paez - W Lovell Faustino L Foreman
    19 Mac Foster - L Ali
    20 Jose Garcia - W Harris Jones Hudgins L Terrell
    21 Ken Norton - W O Hallaron Woody Clark & Others
    22 Jack O Halloran - W Harris Clark Woody & others L Woody Norton
    23 James Woody -W Woody Lewis O Halloran L O Halloran
    24 Larry Middleton W Doyle Mcalinden L Quarry Lyle
    25 Tony Doyle - W Caldwell L Middleton Bugner
    26 Bob Foster - W Rondon Quarry Finnegan L Ali
    27 Earnie Shavers - Polite Rondon Caldwell & Others
    28 Vincent Rondon - L Foster Lyle Shavers Urtain
    29 Vic Brown - W Jordan Boston
    30 Johnny Griffin - W Wagner White McGill

    Interesting that neither of Frazier's first year defences were top 20 fighters.

    Foreman's competition was not any better

    In contrast, Ali absolutely sliced through the lower ranks of the lineal top 10.

    The top 10 seems to be interesting this year. Only the 60s raised fighters are actually fighting lineal ranked opponents. The 70s fighters coming through seem to have sat on their rankings and only fought mainly unranked fighters. I could be wrong but this seems to have been the start of the modern push favouring lengthy undefeated streaks against lower ranked fighters.

    Danny McAlinden seems to have caused an upset to move into the top 20.
    Henry Cooper retires with a top 20 ranking

    Earnie Shavers and Bob Foster have made their way into the top 30.
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    Oct 6, 2004
    1 George Foreman W Frazier
    2 Joe Frazier W Bugner L Foreman
    3 Muhammed Ali - W Bugner Norton Lubbers L Norton
    4 Ken Norton - W Ali L Ali
    5 Jerry Quarry - Neuman lyle woody Doyle Shavers
    6 Ernie Shavers - W Young Carter Ellis L Quarry
    7 Jimmy ellis - W Harris Harris Brooks Jones Kirkman L Shavers
    8 George Chuvalo - W Ventura Boswell
    9 Oscar Bonavena - W Cordwell Wallace Bailey Sorrell
    10 Chuck Wepner W Marquart Terrell
    11 Jeff Merritt - W Terrell Stander
    12 Ernie Terrell - W Garcia
    13 Ron Lyle - W Sterling Peralta Garcia Blin Middleton & Others L Quarry
    14 Luis Pires - L Silveira Monagorri
    15 Pedro Agosta - Johnson Polite Lawson McCarter Roman L Neuman (Pre rank)
    16 Jose Roman - W Brown L Foreman Agosta
    17 Joe Bugner - W Lubbers ros Foster L Ali Frazier
    18 Jeurgen Blin -W Machado L Lyle
    19 Jose Urtain W Ortiz
    20 Bunny Johnson W Rogers Stevens Jackson Dunn
    21 Morris Jackson W McAlinden Bailey L Johnson
    22 Danny McAlinden - W Ventura McIntosh L Jackson)
    23 Ray Anderson - W Paez Ahumada L Wallace (pre rank) D Dupree
    24 Guiseppe Ros - W Ortiz Paez L Bugner D Faustino
    25 Avenamar Perralta - W Paez & others L Loyola (pre rank)
    26 Mike Schutte - W paez & Others L Britz (pre rank)
    27 Migueal Angel Paez - W sounkalo L Andersen Ros Perralta Schutte
    28 Bob Stallings - W Foster Green L Lyle
    29 Mac Foster - W Mcgill Williams L Stallings Bugner
    30 Joe Alexander W Caldwell Garcia
    31 Jose Garcia - W Polite L Alexander Lyle

    The top 10 looks pretty solid at the moment.

    Interestingly Muhammed Ali by the end of his career will have a positive win loss record over the entire top 10. Technically though he only ranks 3rd at the moment despite having wins over number 8-10. Foreman and Frazier had only beaten a couple of the top 10 contenders each. Looking at things, you can see that Ali Foreman should not have been seen as anywhere near the upset it was, if you look at the lineal rankings. Ali was a real standout challenger.

    The other interesting thing, I see is that despite this being considered a golden age, it does seem that the old average and retiring 60s trained fighters have really competed favourably against younger fighters of similar level. Bonavena Chuvalo Patterson, Terrell seem to be as successful in the 70s as they were in the 60s despite aging. Later guys like Thad Spencer or Bob Stallings level fighters were still having success against lower level guys. I can certainly imagine several old timers of the era saying they didn’t make fighters like they used to in the 50s and 60s and being laughed away. But the actual results make a pretty decent argument. Maybe this also coincided with when the last of the Pioneer style Jack Johnson era fighters died off?

    Floyd Patterson retires in 7th spot after his loss to Muhammed Ali. The end of a very good carreer.

    Age finally seemed to catch up with Ernie terell with his losses to Jeff Merritt and Chuch wepner

    Jack Bodell also retires within the top 20.
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    Oct 6, 2004
    1 Muhammed Ali W Frazier Foreman
    2 George Foreman W Norton L Ali
    3 Joe Frazier W Quarry L Ali
    4 Ken Norton - W Kirkman L Foreman
    5 Jerry Quarry -W Alexander L Frazier
    6 Bob Stallings - Woody Mashburn Shavers
    7 Earnie Shavers - W Wallace L Stallings D Young
    8 Ron Lyle - w Bonavena Ellis Kirkman Jones
    9 Joe Bugner - w Lovell Ellis Garcia Baruzzi Duncan
    10 Jimmy ellis - D middleton L Lyle Bugner
    11 Oscar Bonavena - W Middleton Renault & Others L Lyle
    12 Chuck Wepner W Williams Neuman Polite Hinke
    13 Henry Clark - W Merritt Foster Gilmore Williams
    14 Jeff Merritt - W Henry Clark
    15 Luis Pires -W Davilla
    16 Pedro Agosta - No fights
    17 Jose Roman - W Perrer Rondon D Urtain
    18 Jeurgen Blin -W Machado L Lyle
    19 Jean Pierre Coopman - W Campbell Faustino & others L Lubbers (pre rank)
    20 Rocky Campbell - W Urtain Rodan L Coopman
    21 Santiago Lovell -W Jose Urtain L Ekwulum Belves (pre rank) Bugner
    22 Jose Urtain W Roman Dunn & others L Campbell lovell
    23 Bunny Johnson W Wallace Vailia Wright
    24 Morris Jackson D Stander
    25 Mike Weaver - W Vaka Quals L Bobick Bobick (pre rank)
    26 Mani Vaka - W Mcleay Kruger Duncan Green L Weaver Bonavena
    27 Rodney Bobick - W Rondon Weaver Stander & others
    28 Pat Duncan - W mca linen McCleay L Bugner Vaka Bobick
    29 Danny McAlinden - L Duncan
    30 Galindes - W Anderson Oquendo& Hutchinson & others
    31 James Scott - W Anderson Vaila Loyola & others
    32 Ray Anderson - W Paez Ahumada L Wallace (pre rank) D Dupree
    33 Guiseppe Ros - W Ortiz Polite Brooks D Cane

    Foreman's record when he met ali had him with an early KO string that was very similar to that of Bob Fitzsimmons or John L Sullivan where virtually nobody went 4 rounds with him. Even better maybe when you combine the Sonny Liston type dominance over previous champion Frazier and top contender Norton. Ali, in contrast, had victories over an unprecedented number of contenders. With both in form (and I will probably look closer at the numbers when I finish the rankings) but I think this is a standout as the biggest title match (or match) of all time. One of the most dominant champions ever from an Early KO point. And the most proven and accomplished challenger ever. And Both close to their prime. Looking back this was the equivalent or better of Jackson Sullivan taking place or any other dream match you can think of. I don’t think there was ever two better qualified (as a whole) fighters who ever stepped in the ring together.

    Awesome effort from old Bob Stallings in his 10th year as a pro and after really struggling in the 60s. He took the step up into the top 10 with a win over Earnie Shavers. Huge Upset unless you have been subscribing to the drop in quality of the 70s theory I floated earlier.

    Add George Chuvalo to the list of guys who retired with a top 10 ranking.

    Pedro "Schoolboy" Agosto became one of the few top ranked fighters to take a year off and sit on his ranking.

    Joe Bugner is on a solid winning run, albeit campaining mostly in England.

    Jeurgan Blin is another 60s fighter who retired at the end of his career with carreer high top 20 contender status.

    Special Mention to Jean Pierre Coopman who becomes the first ever Belgium fighter to enter the rankings.

    Santiago Lovell did well to return to the top 20 with his last hurrah win over Jose Urtain. But it seems that Joe Bugner would be too much Lovell is about to go on a losing streak.

    Ray Anderson I think needs a special mention. Not only is he one of the rare light heavys to make it into the rankings but he managed to turn a plain name into a great one. "Sugar Ray the Magnificent" Anderson. Also., from memory, he is the highest ranked "Sugar" Ray, ever.

    Victor Galindez makes the top 30 in the same year that he wins the WBA Light heavy championship.

    James Scott Snuck into the rankings as well. He was an interesting fighter. Soon after beating Ray anderson he was sent to prison but he would go on to win 9 from 11 with all fights being fought inside jail including a match with Dwight Muhammed Qawi. Seems a wasted talent.

    Henry Clark has been added, as i somehow missed him. Another 60s fighter doing well in the 60s. He actually has a verry good record.
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    Oct 6, 2004
    1 Muhammed Ali W Wepner Lyle Bugner Frazier
    2 George Foreman No Fights
    3 Joe Frazier W Ellis L Ali
    4 Ken Norton - W Brooks Quarry Garcia
    5 Jerry Quarry -W Johnson L Norton
    6 Bob Stallings - No Fights
    7 Ron Lyle - W Shavers L Young Ali (Pre Rank)
    8 Earnie Shavers - W Shore Norris Wright Howard L Lyle
    9 Jimmy Young - Lyle Lloyd Al Jones
    10 Joe Bugner - w Cane L Ali
    11 Jimmy ellis - W Baker L Frazier
    12 Oscar Bonavena - W Gorasito
    13 Chuck Wepner W Evans Dolan L Ali
    14 Henry Clark W Richards Ballard
    15 Jeff Merritt - No Fights
    16 Luis Pires -W Faustino
    17 Richard Dunn - W Campbell Johnson McAlinden & Others
    18 Bunny Johnson - McAlinden Agosta Anderson Oquendo & Others L Dunn
    19 Duanne Bobick - W Wallace Duncan Neuman & others
    20 Pedro Agosta - Johnson Bobick
    21 Yaqui Lopez - W Quarry Burnnett & Others L Burnett
    22 Jessie Burnett - W Brewer Lopez L Lopez Scott(pre rank)
    23 Mike Quarry - W Roman McIntosh & Others L Lopez Loto
    24 Wendell Joseph - W Neuman Roman Thomas Lee
    25 John Dino Denim - Bosman Daniels Roman And others
    26 Mike Schutte- Ortiz Wallace Roman & Others L Richards (pre rank)
    27 Jose Roman - W White L Quarry Joseph Denim Schutte
    28 Jean Pierre Coopman - W Lubbers Daniels & others
    29 Rocky Campbell - L Dunn
    30 Alfredo Evangelisto - W lovell Visini
    31 Santiago Lovell -W Augusto L Evangelista

    Bob Stallings sitting on his top 10 Ranking!

    Jimmy Ellis retires just outside the top 10 in 11th Spot.

    Have to make a special Mention to Henry Clarks opponent Jimmy Gilmore (1 year late). Not sure if it is a mistake or not but boxrec has him listed asa carreer high 5 10 310 pounds Seems like he was built like a tank. Or he didn’t really train for this fight. Not sure which one.

    Duanne Bobick, who beat Larry Holmes in the amateurs is on a pretty decent win streak.

    Jose King Roman, who has been inconsistent at best throughout his career had a really poor year.

    25th Ranked John Dino Denim seems to have snuck in by beating the out of form Roman, but he is undefeated and on a collission course towards none other than George foreman as well as cooney and bugner so it will be interesting to plot his progress.

    Mike Schutte recovered from losing his South African Heavyweight title fight to make the top 10. It is funny how certain countries seem to go through stages of competiveness. The bonavena lead Argentina stage seems to be finishing. We went through a german stage and we seem to be on the threshold of a bit of a South African golden era

    Alfredo Evangelisto makes the top 30 in his debut year.
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    Nov 15, 2011
    Judging by this pic of him fighting Ken Norton at a svelte 274 lbs, at 310 he must have been practically spherical.

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    Oct 6, 2004
    1 Muhammed Ali W Coopman young Dunn Norton
    2 George Foreman - Lyle Frazier Le Doux Denis
    3 Joe Frazier L Foreman
    4 Ken Norton - W Stander Middleton Ali
    5 Jerry Quarry -W Jerry Quarry
    6 Gregory Johnson - W Rodrigues Stallings L Stallings Isaac(prerank)
    7 Bob Stallings - W Johnson L Johnson
    8 Jimmy Young - W Roman Rogan Boswell Lyle
    9 Ron Lyle -W Isaac L Foreman Young
    10 Earnie Shavers - W SW Clark Williams
    11 Joe Bugner - w Dunn
    12 Oscar Bonavena - W Joiner
    13 Duanne Bobick - Middleton Ledoux Johnson Wepner Houpe
    14 Chuck Wepner W Sheehan L Bobick
    15 Henry Clark L Shavers
    16 Stan Ward - Foster Merritt
    17 Jeff Merritt - L Ward
    18 Luis Pires -W Musladino Castellono Da Silva
    19 Richard Dunn - W August L Ali Bugner
    20 Bunny Johnson - W Brisland Martin L Bobick
    21 Pedro Agosta - W Freeman D Lassiter
    22 John Conteh - W Lopez
    23 Yaqui Lopez - W Lee Smith Castaneda & Others l Conteh
    24 Victor Galindes - Burnett Kates Douglas
    25 Jessie Burnett - W Brewer Mundine Taylor jones Rascon V L Galindes
    26 Rosman - W Quarry Elliot & others L Licata (pre rank)
    27 Mike Quarry - W gates Freeman Bethea & others L Rosman
    28 Wendell Joseph - No Fights
    29 John Dino Denim - W LeDoux L Foreman D English
    30 Gerrie Coetzee - Richards Stander Schutt knoetzee
    31 Mike Schutte- W lubbers Ros & others L Coetzee

    Muhammed Ali has a great dominance with wins over 9 of the top 12.

    Bob Stallings and Gregory johnson looks to be the most vulnerable of those around.

    18 th ranked luis pires appears to have remained fighting the south american champions.

    It is interesting that the light heavys seem to be holding solid in the 20 -30 bracket.

    Gerrie Coetzee moves into the top 30 with DQ win.
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    Oct 6, 2004
    1 Muhammed Ali W Evangalista Shavers
    2 Ken Norton - W Bobick Zanon Young
    3 Jimmy Young - W Foreman Ballard L Norton
    4 George Foreman - W Agosto L Young
    5 Jerry Quarry -W Zannon
    6 Joe Alexander - W Carr Johnson Davis Maldonado
    7 Leroy Jones - Wallace Dennis Johnson
    8 Roy Williams w Carter Atlas Johnson
    9 Earl Trip - w Johnson
    10 Gregory Johnson - W Alexander Jones Williams Trip
    11 Bernardo Mercado - W Robinxon Stephens & Others
    12 Horace Robinson - W Stallings Stander L Holmes (Pre Rank)
    13 Bob Stallings - L Robinson
    14 Ron Lyle -W Bugner Ward
    15 Earnie Shavers - W Bugner Ward
    16 Duanne Bobick - W Ledoux Agosta L Norton
    17 Gerry Coetzee - W Foure Shutte Prater Bourdreax
    18 Kallie Knoetzee - Schutte Dunn & Others
    19 Mike Schutte - W Wepner memela L Coetzee Knoetzee
    20 Horst Geisler - Anthony Wepner
    21 Chuck Wepner L Schutte Geisler
    22 Howard Smith W Clark James L shavers
    23 Henry Clark L Smith
    24 Stan Ward - W Ballard Isaac L Lyle
    25 Luis Pires -W Sosa Musladino
    26 Richard Dunn - L Knoetzee
    27 Aldo Traverso- w Johnson Galvez & Others
    28 Bunny Johnson - W mintus white wood
    29 Leon Spinks - W Agosta Ledoux & others
    30 Boone Kirkman - W Roman Stander Agosta
    31 Pedro Agosta - W Freeman L Foreman Spinks Kirkman Bobick
    32 John Conteh - W Hutchins

    Joe Frazier bows out, while George Foremans Loss and Jerry Quarrys win means this is the last year for two long serving top 10 stalwarts.

    Greg Johnson looks to have created a major blip in the system.

    With that being said, Leroy Jones, who took 7th with a win over Johnson did have a nice win streak which would lead him all the way to Larry Holmes. He actually looks talented. Anyone know much more about him.

    Earl Trip actually made the top 10 on debut

    It is very ineresting that Larry Holmes just missed out on the top 15 due to a pre rank win, and he was leap frogged by future wba title holders John Tate and Mike Weaver.

    Ali Still has wins over the top 5 fighters, but the new wave is clearly starting to emerge as the 80s fighters start to make their mark.

    Boone Kirkman has returned to the ratings with a final purple patch of form.
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    Oct 6, 2004

    1 Muhammed Ali W Spinks L Spinks
    2 Leon Spinks w Ali L Ali
    3 Larry Holmes - W Shavers Norton Evangelista
    4 Ken Norton - W Stevens L Holmes
    5 Ossie Occassio - W Young
    6 Jimmy Young - WL Occassio
    7 Kevin Isaac - W Alexandeer Creel Sanders L Occassio
    8 Joe Alexander - W Isaac
    9 Leroy Jones - W Mike Weaver
    10 Roy Williams w Moala Moore
    11 Larry Frazier - Waddud
    12 Bashir Waddud - Bryant Mills L Frazier
    13 Rick Mills - W Ones Bryant Muhammed L Waddud
    14 Robbie Bryant - L Waddud W Muhammed Lewis
    15 Rahman Muhammed - W Tripp L Mills & Bryane
    16 Earl Trip - w Smith Gordon Pulu & Others
    17 Trevor Berbick w giesler johnson& others
    18 Alfio Rigetti W Johnson Roman & Others
    19 Gregory Johnson - L Trevor Berbick Alfio Rigetti
    20 John Tate - Wboudreaux Carter Wallace & others
    21 Stephens - w Prater Ward L Coetzee (pre rank) Norton
    22 Stan Ward - W Weaver KhanL Stephens
    23 Leroy Jones - W Weaver
    24 Mike Weaver - W Creel Mercado Khan L Ward Jones
    25 Bernardo Mercado - W Robinson L Tate Weaver
    26 Ron Lyle - W Robinson
    27 Horace Robinson - W Mercado Lyle
    28 Bobby Jordan W Stallings Haring & Others L Capasso & others (pre rank
    29 Tyrone harleeW Stallings Byrd Wilder Chaplin
    30 Bob Stallings -W Giesler Hilton & others L Jordan Harlee
    31 Earnie Shavers - W Girell Gorokowski Carter
    32 Duanne Bobick - W Bobick Ruddock Maldonano
    33 Gerry Coetzee - W Stephens Arrington
    34 Kallie Knoetzee - Schutte Dunn & Others
    35 Mike Schutte - W Nyalunga L Bobick

    It is interesting that the 80s fighters seem to have moved into the top 10 in droves. I wonder if the lower rungs will but up a brave fight, like the 60s fighters seemed to.

    George foreman retired the first time inside the top 10 in 7th spot surprisingly just one spot ahead of Jerry Quarry. Quarry stuck around longer than foreman, but never really reached the same heights at the top.

    Kevin Isaac and leroy Jones look dodgy on the surface as top 10 contenders. But Jones just did beat future title holder mike weaver and Jones despite losing to fellow top 10 occassio is on track to beat another world champion leon spinks. So once again, the system seems to be holding out as good despite the blip a year or two ago in the top 10.

    Old Bob Stallings upset win back into the rankings is really creating chaos with the ratings although interesingly it has led to trevor Berbick making his way into the top 20.
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  15. ray fritz

    ray fritz Active Member Full Member

    Nov 4, 2018
    Scmeling before Louis bout considered almost unbeatable.RING ratings what I always relird on

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