Loma vs Lopez

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Reg, Oct 17, 2020.

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    Feb 5, 2016
    I feel like the only person on the forums right now that came out of this fight thinking both men rose in stock tonight. Lopez showed that he could hang with an elite boxer. It took Loma far longer to find Lopezs timing than any of his previous opponents.

    Loma on the other hand showed exactly what you want to see in a champion. He was faced with a guy who could easily hurt him, surprising had more speed, along with grit and determination and he grit his teeth and pushed on anyway. The first 5 rounds of this fight I had flashback to Garcia vs Spence. But as soon as Lopez showed any signs of tiring Loma started to pounce. This is exactly what Garcia should have done vs Spence instead of shelling up and looking to survive. Lopez posed about as big of a challenge as you're going to get out of the 135 lb weight division and as a natural 126 lb fighter I thought he did brilliant. There's absolutely no reason anyone should drag a fighter down for pushing the pace and going toe to toe with somebody that much bigger and stronger. The comments I'm reading on here are ridiculous.

    As for a rematch I think Lopez has more room to improve. Loma likely isn't going to be able to start any faster in a rematch. He would have to find a clever way to expend Lopez's energy without putting himself at too much risk. Lopez on the other hand would do wonders for himself working on his stamina.

    I pick Lopez by TKO 10 in the rematch.