Loma would do well vs prime Floyd

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by StussyBrownnn, Nov 22, 2021.

  1. Themessiah

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    Feb 1, 2021
    Lol Mayweather is on another dimension compared to Loma. If he was bigger it would be a more interesting fight
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  2. Somali Sanil

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    Sep 1, 2019
    Eh ? Your impressed ? Cheers bud
  3. Somali Sanil

    Somali Sanil Wild Buffalo Man banned Full Member

    Sep 1, 2019
    Much difficulty? He barely scraped it you mong
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  4. iseah10001

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    Jun 7, 2015
    No who you asked but i think at 130 Loma possesses the speed, intelligence, and work rate to really cause him some trouble. Floyd had trouble with Zab Judah and other slick fighters. Was known to be uncomfortable with Southpaws and fighters with a high work rate. Couple that with Loma’s side stepping and angles and I think you have a recipe for a very difficult fight for Floyd. I’d probably still lean towards Floyd, but not in a lopsided decision like he is used to.
  5. JOKER

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    Dec 18, 2019
    Lomachenko takes Floyd's virginity.
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  6. hobby rider

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    Aug 4, 2020
    Problem is how do you know he won’t have a “bad day at the office” against Floyd? When Floyd had a bad day at the office he still came away with the win.

    I’m not saying he isn’t good, he’s great to watch and incredibly skilful but the problem with him is that he doesn’t adapt or he takes too long to do it and it’s cost him twice now.
  7. MVC!

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    Nov 5, 2013
  8. Somali Sanil

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    Sep 1, 2019
    No, when Floyd had a bad day at the office they always gave it to him, that’s the difference. That’s the chance EE fighters don’t get in America. The lead up to loma Lopez, if it was a close fight you could tell they would give it Lopez, he was treated like the star. He does adapt, that fight he left it late I agree
  9. Kell Macabe

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    Nov 20, 2021
    At 130 Loma would win.

    Loma has more pop, better feet, better angles and is just as smart and fast as Floyd.
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  10. StussyBrownnn

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    Aug 17, 2021
    I get what you are saying and i agree that teo won. But i cannot agree that you think teo only won cuz of the hype and the story line. It was a weird fight cuz loma beat the living **** out teo but he deserved to lose the fight cuz teo had a spectacular 12th round. Loma's inactivity cost him, hurt or not he owned loma despite losing, hence it being a really weird fight. Lets be honest, teo is shitting himself and is dead scared of loma to this day.
  11. Somali Sanil

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    Sep 1, 2019
    Very frustrating to watch, loma just wasn’t right. I also think his best days are behind him, mainly through injury but his style isn’t suited for an older boxer. Great fighter an Lopez knows, even current loma past prime beats him
  12. Noel857

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    Mar 24, 2019
    Floyd wins a not very difficult fight for him.Loma struggled with Luke Campbell FFS
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  13. Reinhardt

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    Oct 4, 2016

    I'll agree with that
  14. Azania

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    Oct 26, 2006
    I think at 130 Floyd punched harder than Loma IMHO..not by a lot but yes..A physical prime Loma's movement and volume would trouble Floyd..For once I dont think Floyd would have the clear advantage in speed in this one..but his aggression and combos back then might make Loma timid..leading to a clear points win for Floyd.

    Either way it would be a hell of a fight..For once Floyd would meet a guy closer to his style and has the discipline to match..unlike Zab Judah..who had all the tools..a lot of them arguably better than Floyds but zero dicipline.

    Floyd takes it in a clear but close battle.
  15. George Crowcroft

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    Mar 3, 2019
    No, you're the one who just doesn't know ****.
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