Lomachenko got dropped by

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    I personally don't recognize it as a KD, but have zero qualms with those that do and wholeheartedly admit they have a case. Who cares though, Loma checked GRJ's nuts - BADLY - that night and it has no bearing in the Crawford fight. Crawford and Loma are 2 of my 5 favorite fighters in the world, maybe even my top 2 so I do not have a bias in this. I think Crawford was clearly KD against Egis. But who cares, thats what Crawford needed, someone to light a fire under his ass and take him seriously. And he did just that and then some, literally walked the dude down like an unskilled bully and beat his ass and essentially made him quit. EK isn't 1/8 the fighter GRJ is, and that **** shouldn't matter period, what matters is what happened. And for both, a case can be made they were both dropped, though IMO a far greater case can be made for Crawford getting legit dropped.

    Anyways, who gives a ****? Getting dropped is seen as such a big event in a fight because the fighter that was dropped was most likely pretty hurt. Neither Crawford or Loma was in this case, so it's a moot point.

    Why can't "fans" be grateful for the talent, skill, and fighters these two men are and enjoy watching them perform instead of nitpicking on technicalities like a fanboy? Fighters of these guys caliber, rarely ever come along, usually generationally. Just enjoy and appreciate them while they are doing it live and in the present. These dudes are SPECIAL.
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    I thought it could've been ruled one. The punch definitely correlated with the slip. However, it didn't cause it IMO. Loma was going down after missing his own whether Russell threw that or not. It was a good manoeuvre from Russell, but nothing which could really be read into.

    No-one is saying that Lomachenko would've lost if that was scored a KD. No-one is saying that Lomachenko was hurt from that 'KD'. So it has no real relevance when judging him as a fighter.

    Russell just showed some slickness and speed.
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    Obvious slip and good non- call by the ref.

    Loma owned him no matter how hard some folks keep trying..lol
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    Naoya Inoue is the DeFacto #1 P4P fighter in the world, GRJ should be next after Inoue vs Rigo

    He needs to go back to 122/118, he is too small-framed for Feather.
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    He steps on Gary as Gary is pulling away. You ever stepped on a garden gnome before? It's easy to trip over.
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