Lomachenko's father is a great trainer and a terrible trainer.

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    Lomachenko said yesterday at the scene that his father had a gameplan and that he is a player.

    “My father has a plan, he has a strategy,” notes Lomachenko, who has a tattoo of Anatoly’s visage on the left side of his torso. “I’m just a player, I play his game. I believe in him. I’m a believer and we do this.”

    Lomachenko trust his father a lot, sometimes too much. During tonight's fight, between rounds 4 and 5, his father told Lomacheko not to rush, despite the possibility of being down 4 rounds. I don't know what was said in the corner between rounds 5 and 6, but I had a feeling it was similar. His father gave terrible advice.

    Any other trainer would have lit a fire under Lomachenko's ass if he is likely down 4 rounds. I don't know care if it's Atlas or Roach. They would tell him to start throwing punches instead of waiting. Lomachenko's trust in his father probably doomed him tonight. I also fault Lomachenko for not breaking the gameplan if he know he was losing, but that trust can blind you. It's really frustrating to watch Loma or any good fighters for that matter not throw any punches. He could have won clear if he started fighting early.

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    I wonder what Garcias trainer was telling him in the corner vs Spence.