Looking past Wilders Resume

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    Apr 4, 2005
    Yeah he hit hard, very hard and he was always entertaining to watch. But there's a reason why US fight fans didn't care for him prior to stepping up his comp and fighting Ortiz and Fury. They knew his comp was trash, Duhaupas, Molina, Stiverne, please these were not elite heavyweights regardless of what the dumb sanctioning bodies say, does anyone think Trevor Bryan is top 10 now, hell even top 20, lol.

    Fact is a fighters worth is judged by his resume not how hard he hits or exciting he is to watch, nobody is claiming Gatti is an ATG or Randal Bailey. Anyone can look good KOing over matched opposition, just look at Berlanga, KO after KO then steps up his comp, not even to world class and he's taken the to the cards twice and fact is even when facing over matched comp Wilder struggled. He ducked the best fighters of the last era in Povetkin and Wlad and he's ducked the best in this era with the exception of a cherry pick gone wrong with Fury.

    We can't even say for sure Wilder is 4th best in this era. Fury, Uysk, Joshua all have better resumes. You could make an argument for Whyte and Parker too having better resumes. So maybe he's 5th best in this era, then again maybe not, can he beat Andy Ruiz probably but we don't know for sure, can he beat Parker again probably but again same situation we don't know for sure, why because he's avoided these type of fights for most of his career. There's a big question mark over Wilder's standing, at best he's 4th right now at worst he's at the bottom end of the top 10.
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    Looking past his resume?

    Wilder resume is closer to Chalres Martin than it is to the top 5 HWs. Being a cherry picker and beating tins cans doesn't count for much.
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    Oct 9, 2021
    There are 100 punchers, he made his living off soft touches. Who did he beat and what was the age? Who?
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    All the incoming Alts ^^^ who where probably all over Wilder pre Saturday again but now need to hugely diminish him in order to cope with their own grief :lol:

    Im no fan, but his power is legit.
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    I don't add dinosaurs from technologically primitive and geographically restricted eras (Liston, Ali, Holmes) relatively chinny fighters (Lewis, Wlad) or plodders (Mercer, McCall). Every single one of the fighters you listed is shorter, nearly all are slower with a single punch and all are less powerful than Wilder, so all would be at considerable risk of losing at least one of three fights.
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    No !
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    I don’t like his attitude, but he did what I like as a boxing fan. I appreciate that Wilder fought the best heavyweight in the division 3 times and went in there to knock out or be knocked out. Not much more you can ask for from a fighter entertainment wise.
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    we got it, he only beat the **** out of him twice.

    thats all you needed to say.
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