Lou Gent, where did he go to after Benn fight

Discussion in 'British Boxing Forum' started by porkypara, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. porkypara

    porkypara Well-Known Member Full Member

    Apr 3, 2009
    Saw this on KOTV Twitter page today and got me thinking what happened to Lou Gent after his fight with Benn? Had 1 more fight and quit , does not seem to be on social media . Any ideas people??

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  2. jarama

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    May 13, 2014
    No idea but thought a few times wondering where he was. Once working somewhere met a guy who went to school with him
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  3. Somali Sanil

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    Sep 1, 2019
    Tough guy Gent, gave it a go just outgunned by a huge puncher..Gary Newbon if I remember right was being a **** in his interview after the fight with Gent, always trying to wind fighters lol
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  4. Lord Burghley

    Lord Burghley Ruthenia delenda est Full Member

    Nov 21, 2019
    Remember watching his brawl against Henry Wharton. He had his loyal fans. Haven’t heard about him in ages.
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  5. N17

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    Feb 16, 2013
    Henry Wharton, whatever happened to him?

    I forget about him sometimes when I talk about that era of Benn and Eubank, what a tough man he was, granite chin, very good fighter too.

    Finished with a record of 27 Wins (20 KO) 3 Defeats (0 By Stoppage) and a single Draw.

    Lost to Benn by UD, Eubanks by UD and was very unlucky against an unbeaten Robin Reid in a WBC world title challenge when he lost by MD.

    He did win British, Commonwealth and European titles, just fell short at world level,

    He had his last fight at 30 years old, really young and strange considering he only had 31 fights, was never stopped and pushed very good fighters to decisions.
  6. porkypara

    porkypara Well-Known Member Full Member

    Apr 3, 2009
    Wharton runs an amateur gym now. He is on Facebook.
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  7. Bulldog24

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    Aug 2, 2013
    I don't think Henry was ever the same after the Eubank fight, that was a helluva beating and he was on fire that night (unlike against Nige when he froze)

    Lou Gent was always a cruiserweight before, hung with big Glenn McCrory
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  8. DemiG

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    Apr 7, 2020
    Hi, I know im a bit late to the thread,
    However Im Louis' Daugther. We moved to Norfolk when I was born and Dad took up chicken farming, he knocked the farm down and built houses and now buys and renovates properties for a living.
  9. porkypara

    porkypara Well-Known Member Full Member

    Apr 3, 2009
    Thanks for the update. Glad that things are going well for your dad since boxing. Vey well respected man in the sport.
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  10. LoadedGlove

    LoadedGlove Well-Known Member Full Member

    Dec 6, 2019
    Always nice to hear about ex pro's doing well. Too many unhappy endings in our sport.
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  11. Patter983

    Patter983 Active Member Full Member

    Jul 20, 2018
    Good to hear he’s doing well!
  12. Ianaird

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    Oct 31, 2020
    I used to make Louis steak dinners for him and his team at Bar Bastian in lanzarote when he was out training for the Benn fight, was always polite as was the rest of the team, think his trainer was Dave, can't recall his second name.
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  13. Cecil

    Cecil Boxing Addict Full Member

    Mar 22, 2015
    Thanks for the update Demi.
    Glad your Dad is fit and well and doing ok.
    He was a genuine tough guy who hung in there with fighters of the highest calibre.
    Someone to be really proud of.
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