Magnificent Archie Moore in color by D. Brown ..

Discussion in 'Classic Boxing Forum' started by he grant, Nov 9, 2019.

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    Jul 15, 2008
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    Jul 18, 2018
    Johnson has beautiful fundamentals but Moore has such crushing power and accuracy, which makes him hard to deny. Like a LHW version of Joe Gans

    On a side note the way they colored Rocky makes him look sick lmao, ghastly white. It made me notice how much he had lost the bronze tone of his youth
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    Moore was born to box, he is a boxing encyclopedia. He is so comfortable from any range. Have a look at how relaxed he is, he looks like he could fight 20 rounds. He can parry, block or slip and counter superbly with power. His jab is often undersold too and man does he hit that body HARD.

    The other thing that stands out like dog balls is his finishing prowess, particularly bearing in mind he is fighting a great fighter. Moore has 132 ko's and it's easy to see why. Beside the power look how how swiftly Moore jumps all over him the second he is hurt. Even this late in the fight he still musters up a collection of pinpoint power punches to finish the fight in a virtual blink of the eye.

    Charles sometimes underwhelms me a teeny bit on film (bearing in mind most of his greatest isn't on film) but watching Moore and knowing Charles beat him three separate times just blows the mind.
  4. young griffo

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    Great fight, two top notch technicians and fighters. Archie a bit better but no shame in that because he's absolutely top echelon.

    As an aside I've come to enjoyed these fights narrated by Marciano. When I first heard them I was a bit taken aback by his voice but now I enjoy his style of commentary (even though he's obviously watching replayed fights) and the insight he provides. He could've been a very interesting voice in the fight media for decades to come if his tragic death hadn't occurred.
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