Maia or Burns?

Discussion in 'MMA Forum' started by POTUS, Mar 14, 2020.

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    I'm probably going to pick Burns, even though Maia has beaten far superior opponents to what Burns has.

    Obviously everyone knows that Maia's grappling is god-tier. If you made a list of the most credentialed BJJ guys who also enjoyed major success in MMA, Maia is in a three horse race with Jacare Souza, and Fabricio Werdum for the top spot.

    Burns isn't quite as credentialed as Maia, but his body of work in BJJ is also outstanding: a bronze medal at the 2015 ADCC, two No-Gi world titles, and a bronze medal and later a gold medal at the World Championships in the gi. He continues to accept and win super-fights in grappling even while training for MMA. If he had never going into MMA and focused strictly on jiu jitsu, he would probably have several more medals from ADCC and the world championships.

    Burns' striking isn't spectacular, but it is a lot better than Maia's. He's also significantly younger, and although Maia is enjoy a career renaissance, he's had stamina issues for years now.

    Burns is also extremely dangerous with the guillotine choke, but arm-in and arm out. This means that Maia will have to navigate a mine-field when going for takedowns. Maia is great at reversing once he pulls half-guard and gets an underhook, but what worked against guys like Matt Brown and Neil Magny could really land him in trouble. It also worked against Gunnar Nelson, an outstanding black belt, but as good as Nelson is, Burns is much, much better.
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