Manny Pacquiao wants a rematch with Ugas LOL

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    Feb 6, 2020
    Pacquiao needs somebody close to him, whose opinion he respects, to tell him that enough is enough, that he looked shot against Ugas and fighting on from this point won't add to his legacy because he's not beating anybody at the top table any more. If he chooses to fight on, he'd need to beat somebody better than Ugas to enhance his legacy (Hopkins beating Pascal was impressive, but did it really enhance his legacy?), and what are the actual chances of him being able to do that?

    If most of the massive nationalistic fanbase, his team, his entourage, his hangers-on and the press don't tell him what he needs to know - that it's most likely downhill from here as he just doesn't have it any more, then he'll continue to fight until he gets a severe beating (possibly life changing) or gets horribly KTFO. It's no slight on Pac, that's just how ageing works. If you're a true fan of Pac, you don't want to see him taking losses like this at this point in his career. You can't have it both ways - oh if he wins he's number 1 of all time (lol, other fighters winning in their 40s didn't get the same recognition for beating good but not great opponents), if he loses 'oh well doesn't matter'. That's called having your cake and eating it and fu ck that, that's just rabid fanboyism.

    To use an example from one of Pac's opponents, Ricky Hatton came back from a layoff to fight Senchenko. Now, Hatton had a large, vocal fanbase in the UK, but they weren't clamouring to see him take further, potentially damaging fights once it was clear he didn't have it any more. Pac fans, who for whatever reason overwhelmingly seem to think his achievements are their achievements, seem to want Pac to 'go out on his shield', when it really won't add anything to his legacy other than possible damage. Does that sound like a positive sentiment?

    The best way that his family, his friends, team, legions of fans etc. can show this man that they care is to say 'time's up champ, you don't have it any more, time to enjoy your retirement, you've earned it'. Not to take fights vainly trying to recapture his former glory, or coming up with ridiculous takes on dropping weight and fighting dangerous current champions. How did dropping weight work for RJJ and Oscar when they were shot?

    Let him go, find yourselves another hero. How would everyone feel if Pacquiao starts taking real damage at this point? We all have our favourite fighters and debate who's better, who did more etc. but I don't think a REAL man wants to see fighters getting permanently damage from not knowing when to quit.
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    Excellent post!
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    Feb 6, 2020
    Thanks, also Pac moving on with his life should open the door to better fights at Welterweight without the spectre of jeopardising a Pac payday hanging over them
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    My biggest reason why I want him to retire is because of that very point.
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    I hope we don’t see another legend get brain damage. Pac should not be approved for another fight
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    Feb 16, 2021
    This fight was a good indicator that he dosent have it anymore. It has nothing to do with the switch of opponents. You have to remeber that this is a fighter with 70+ fights, one of the best to ever step into the ring. If any fighter can adjust to a specific style it's Pac. That fight was an perfect example of a fighters hour glass running out of sand and that's all. Reflect and injoy all the fights and memories that he gave us in the ring because there will never be a fighter like him again. Nothing left to prove and no reason to take anymore punishment.
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    May 3, 2016
    Exactly this, i posted after the fight that Paq had lost his bounce... I believe pac about his legs, he's not the type to lie, even though he's a politician now lol
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    May 29, 2007

    Pacquiao really got a beating:

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    Wow! Why did they let someone record this? He has a snake in his camp.
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    May 29, 2007
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    Dec 18, 2019

    Um, Jinkee posted it to her Instagram. It was meant to highlight the brutality of combat sports and their strength through marriage/God.

    Shows what he does for his people everytime he fights (love of the fight game and money too, obviously).

    It's incredibly brave, open, vulnerable, honest.
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    Oct 22, 2020
    Why? What's the point? If he wins or loses what does that mean?

    Joe Louis could still hang with some contenders after the Ezzard Charles loss, but he obviously wasn't operating at his old form. Louis needed the money, does Pac?

    It seems like a bad idea to keep adding miles and damage to the car at this point. And by car I mean his body and brain.
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    Jul 10, 2013
    They'll probably send in Crawford to fight Ugas like Arum did when Pacquiao lost to Horn.

    Pacquiao should have a cash out fight against Amir Khan, a YouTuber or UFC fighter.

    Also Pacquiao really does need to leave his echo chamber. If he keeps hearing from his close circle that he can keep going and making excuses for his losses then he's going to keep thinking he has it and it will take a serious knockout or injury to stop him.
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    Apr 7, 2020
    If there is a rematch... Manny is in a state of delusion or he's getting bad advice or both. At this stage of his career, fighting a guy with the type of skill that Ugas has, is a recipe for a loss. In this case, another loss.

    Manny needs opponents who are there to be hit, as he continues to decline in this late stage of his career, not stick and move defensive fighters.

    Ugas beats him again and by an even wider margin. He won't get the benefit of the doubt of those whirlwind punches not landing. 115-113 was generous for landing only 16% of your punches.
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