McGregor is too small as a lightweight

Discussion in 'MMA Forum' started by Gennady, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Gennady

    Gennady Well-Known Member Full Member

    Dec 10, 2017
    His weight on fight night is 170
    Khabib, Ferguson and Lee are going to the cage aroud 185.

    When Khabib-McGregor started I immediately realised that Khabib is much bigger.
  2. Francis75

    Francis75 FAB 4 Full Member

    Oct 1, 2007
    I agree guys like Conor, Pettis etc I would consider on the smallish side for 155lbs compared to most others in the division. Pettis is stupid going up to 170lb to fight Wonderboy. I guarantee he gets stopped. Pettis physique did not look cut at all against Ferguson. No idea what the bloke is thinking. Guess he is trying to emulate BJ Penn for the most amount of losses in the UFC.

    It's absolutely insane how well Frankie Edgar did at lightweight considering how small he is. He is small for 145 ffs.
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    DONT B SCARED Pimpin Aint Easy Full Member

    Mar 8, 2017
    Yeah I can't believe Pettis is fighting at welter let alone a top guy like Wonderboy, the styles make for a good stand up battle but Wonderboy will end up stopping him.
    Considering how well he looked against T Ferg before the stoppage in his last fight I'm surprised he didn't stay at lightweight considering he beats most of the ranked guys other then those at the very top imo.
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  4. Francis75

    Francis75 FAB 4 Full Member

    Oct 1, 2007
    Honestly I would have been happy to see a Pettis-Conor fight at 155lbs. Very fun fight for a rd or 2 until one of them gets stopped. Neither guy is championship material anymore imo.
  5. ForemanJab

    ForemanJab Boxing Junkie Full Member

    May 8, 2014
    Mcgregor isn't a small LW, his height and reach are optimal for the division. He was 173 lbs vs Mendes at FW, at LW he's probably able to rehydrate a few more pounds.
  6. The Funny Man 7

    The Funny Man 7 Boxing Addict Full Member

    Apr 1, 2005
    Should he be fighting at 145 then? Because as I remember he looked like a reanimated corpse when he used to weigh-in back then. I don't think that's an option, at least not if he values his kidneys or wants to avoid fainting and hitting his head while in the sauna.

    Is it really true that he entered the octagon at 170 for Khabib? Is there a source? That sounds fishy as hell. From the word on the street he was still straining to make 155 lbs.

    Even if he isn't the biggest guy at lightweight, I still think its his best weight. Although he's best known for kayoing Aldo in 13 seconds, I think the massacre of Eddie Alvarez was his best all around performance. It was sort of a Ali vs. Cleveland Williams fight. I think a lot of the dynamism and creativity he showed can be chalked up to freedom from the burdensome weight cut at 145.

    Cutting weight isn't just about being hungry during the week of a fight and then sitting in the sauna for an hour or two before weigh ins. It's about dieting obsessively and being calorie deficient for about six weeks leading up to a fight while working out 2 or 3 times a day. It's as miserable as it sounds. If you doubt me, try doing an hour of cardio every morning, then two hours of grappling every night, plus sparring and hitting the bag mixed in at points, all while living off yogurt, chicken & veggies.

    The guys who engage in the extreme cutting have little time or energy left to skill-build and usually come to hate the process.

    Kevin Lee is much bigger than McGregor, but he takes a trip to hell every time he steps on the scale. Tony Ferguson is one of the few guys who doesn't really seem to be bothered by the extreme weight cut. I'd add Michael Chandler as another guy who holds up well through the process.

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