Mike Tyson Vs. Lennox Lewis 1996

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  1. boxingwizard

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    Jul 19, 2004
    Hey, I was just thinking of the situation in 96 where these two could have met. Instead, Tyson went on to fight Holyfield. Is there anyway Tyson could've beaten Lennox Lewis in 1996? Lewis would've faced a better version of Tyson than the one he faced later.
    Who wins and how in 1996: Tyson or Lewis?
  2. bballchump11

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    Oct 27, 2010
    Lewis still. The 88 Tyson would be better
  3. boxingwizard

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    Jul 19, 2004
    No doubt 88 Tyson is better. But 96 Tyson still had considerable skills and power while competing at a high level of opposition(not withstanding McNeely). After the Holyfield fights, Tyson's opposition dropped off and so did his skillset.
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    Jan 23, 2005
    I think Tyson was a bit out of shape (his normal, terrifying shape) in 96 against Holy becuase he underestimated him, but came in better shape in the rematch...where he wasn't right mentally because of how Holyfield mugged him in the first fight.

    Against Lennox Tyson comes in 100% tip-top shape and has a great chance to get the W IMO...something like 60-40 in favour of Lennox.

    Prime for prime I favour Mike by the same margin.
  5. anut

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    Apr 4, 2007
    lewis would beat tyson of 96/ tyson was a shot fighter after jail/ if u use the tyson that fought ruddock(who was slitly past his best)....he would knock out the lennox lewis who fought ray mercer ..........probably in 4 or 5 rds
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    Jul 29, 2004

    96 Tyson wasn't prepared for Holyfield, and he wouldn't have been prepared for Lewis either.

    Tyson had fought Ruddock in June 91, so he had:

    4 YEARS and 2 months without a fight, including time in prison where obviously he couldn't train.

    1 crazy round against McNeeley
    3 rounds against Buster Mathis Jr
    3 rounds against a damaged (eye) terrified Bruno (Bruno put up a great first fight. Terrible second fight).
    1 round against Seldon in a bizarre fight.

    So, in November 96 when entering the ring against Holyfield (5 years, and 5 months, or 65 months after the Ruddock II fight) Tyson had fought:

    Less than EIGHT completed rounds in 5 and a half years, with a significant amount of time in prison.

    I don't care who you are, or were, that is awful preparation to be getting into the ring against Evander Holyfield.

    Now, Lewis had just wiped the floor with Morrison, and was about to get into a phone booth with Ray Mercer. Lewis wouldn't have fought Tyson in such a tiny ring, and this was about the time Lewis really started to get on a roll with Steward (though he was even better around 97-00).

    This would have been the best time for Tyson to face Lewis, but even then I think he would have come up short. Tyson's guys took the Holy fight because they thought it would be easier than a Lewis fight too.

    This is not a prime v prime argument. This is simple I think Tyson was never really given a chance in the second part of his career. He should have taken the George Foreman route, and fought a lot of fights in a short period of time to get back into the swing of things. Like he did the first time round.

    But of course, it wasn't about becoming as good as he could again, it was just about making as much money as possible, before everybody realised THIS Tyson was very beatable.
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    Sep 5, 2010

    :good Couldn't agree more or put it any better. Tyson would've had more of a chance of ruling again by going the George Formen Route or even his own route that was taken BEFORE he won the title 1st time round in 86...fight every month to get back into the life and get used to taking blows, sharpen up and gain stamina. 8 rds is not nearly enough for the war that most fighters had to endure with Holyfield.

    It would've been closer but Lewis by late stoppage or UD
    Now Tyson in 88 would've been a whole different cattle of fish!! Tyson KO in mid to late rounds IMO
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    Nov 13, 2014
    Same, Tyson throws the kitchen sink at Lewis for three rounds, then tires & gets stopped late, similar to 02'.