"Miller is Garbage, Povetkin is small, I made AJ upset" - Dillian Whyte

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    Hearn talks about this in his latest video of ypu go and check it out.
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    Creating imaginary scenario's to fit your argument is again showing your living in a fantasy land in regards to this situation. What are the chances of Whyte having a "Rocky" moment and swinging the crowd his way? I'd say as likely as Wilder's claim Wilder/Fury would do 2.5 mill PPV buys. You don't base negotiations on what could happen. I guess everyone now deserves 50/50 vs Joshua because in the build up his opponents could suddenly become the more popular, based on your logic, anything could happen so let's base negotiations on the least likely outcome, right? You have to base negotiations on reality and logical and likely projections not some random fantasy of what could happen.

    Right now, Joshua is the draw and Whyte is the B-side by a big margin and so negotiations should reflect that. What Hearn offered was fair, £6 mill according to some reports. If Whyte's own projections of £30 mill are right and him getting 25% as mandatory his best purse could be £7.5 mill if he's willing to wait. So £6 mill to jump the queue is not bad as all. But according to Whyte £6 mill is nowhere near what he wants. If he wants much more than £7.5 mill then he's pricing himself out pure and simple. Anyone can talk about wanting a fight but so far it seems only Miller really wants it.

    As for Whyte's future ability to draw. Well he was built up by Hearn like Joshua, difference was Joshua had the platform of the Olympics. Whyte had his chance to usurp Joshua before, he did well but lost. AJ was a unique scenario in regards to crossing into the mainstream, Whyte won't likely be able to do the same, he doesn't have the looks, the Olympics as a platform, the media friendly persona, the brand friendly image etc. If it was that easy to cross over many more would do it.

    Whyte is obviously a bigger draw than Chisora. But circumstances are different. Chisora was riding high from the Takam win, a lot of Brit fans have warmed to him over the years and the Takam win solidified that hard earned respect. And lets be clear many thought Chisora win the first fight, while Joshua KO'ed Whyte. Other than AJ, Chisora was the biggest fight for Whyte that was possible. AJ has far more many options. Hearn says with the Miller fight, AJ will likely get a record payday. Chisora had more leverage with Whyte than Whyte has with AJ. Lets be clear AJ doesn't need Whyte, if he never rematches Whyte nobody but Whyte fans would care.
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    He wobbled AJ in the first round.
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    Wobbled is a stretch
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    Breazeale is the worst of the 3 BUT I'm still fine with that fight. It'll be fun and if it sorts out the WBC mando thing then all the better

    Edit: shouldn't need to be added but in no world should that be a PPV fight, despite the fact is absolutely will be.
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    Not really. There's nothing wrong with that anyway, Pov has decent enough power and the way he fights means he can sneak shots in that bigger guys might not see coming.
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    Hardly imaginary, and very possible if AJ and Hearn show some class, and reason in negotiations. The Chisora Whyte rematch nearly never got made, but they both wanted it… Whyte didn’t need it AT ALL. And yet he made it happen for the right purse… and offered Chisora the same deal on a rematch clause.

    What are the chances of Whyte having a rocky moment? I’d say pretty high given his recent dramatic rise to fame and popularity world wide, that is hardly fantasy, but very very real. He has a highlight KO reel to his name that will be remembered for the ages, long after you get little white hairs on your pretty head mate.

    Parker fight was sensational, the crowd LOVED it, the sound of Parker getting dropped was like a gunshot going off and the crowed were on the edge of their seat.

    Whyte knocking out brown was another sensational moment, as was Chisora…. Knocking him out cold infront of all his best friends in the audience… the crowd went ballistic. He has truly won the hearts of the british punters, and they will come out to support him because he is very likeable… and IFL on youtube and Dillian Whyte is among the most Popular recurring boxing interviews in the internet world… just read the comments… and you’’ll see how much he is loved…

    Then read the comments about AJ and how is media trained… fake…blah blah… IT IS CLEAR WHO THE PEOPLE LOVE MORE…WHYTE PUTS ON BETTER EXCITING…DEFINITIVE KNOCKOUTS THAN AJ.

    So a rocky moment? HELL YEAH WHY NOT… AJ three belt holder…hitting the canvas… after a classic toe 2 toe… you better believe it.

    Truth be told… negotiations are based on what is dicussed… and what is estimated… both sides have their own perspectives…there is not logical template or formality used unless it is a sanctioned purse bid with defined splits.

    So it’s all subjective, and you and me clearly disagree.. I couldn’t care less… this is old news… now onto WBO mandatory.

    Whyte is not the B-side by big margin, he is the number two PPV star in the UK, and of Matchroom… and he has drawn impressive numbers by himself… you can’;t blame a mane for selling out a stadium… even if the stadium aint as big as Wembley.

    So come of that ridiculous talk… accusing me of fantasies? Mate here some facts:
    • Chisora v Dillian – fight of the year 2016
    • Best knockout of 2018
    • 474K PPV numbers for Parker fight
    • Ranked number 1 by WBO and WBC

    He has wide enough exposure and popularity to demand respect… while still a B-side don’t make it out like it is a big margin… who is a bigger margin? Fury and his fantasy ppv numbers and apparent popularity due to his polarizing character?? GTFO… even Wilder is unknown in his own country. You can't mention another heavy who is a better B-side in terms of popularity and accomplishments. You reach too far, just stop.

    You want to talk to me about logic? How about the facts and figures that back up Whytes popularity getting 5 million for a supposedly casual fight with no titles on the line. As opposed to Fury.. that is on and off in the boxing world… and no PPV trail of success.

    The brand friendly image is something that was marketed by the gigantic team behind AJ… you proved my point… Whyte had none of that… doesn’t make AJ a great figure just a well media trained.. with plenty of resources to drive that image… but people see through it and it is fake…

    You have to see Youtube comments to see the real picture of what REAL people think about AJ and what they think about Whyte from IFL interviews…. And the results are the opposite to the picture you paint clearly brainwashed by the AJ media machine.

    I got my ears to the ground… I see what real people post on the internet… not what the media shove down my throat. Whyte is way more genuine than AJ.

    So AJ is a bigger draw than Whyte and deserves more money on a rematch clause

    And Whyte is a bigger draw than Chisora but doesn’t deserve more money on a rematch clause… even though HE GAVE IT to Chisora any way should a rematch get done.

    And then you give me this drivel over Takam win, and warming blah blah… it’s all your perspective and bias.

    You can’t have it both ways. You are just contradicting yourself. At least Whyte is a the bigger man, and in the business of making negotiations plain and simple, and smooth. No greed here…unlike AJ which you seem to revere to greatly.

    Many thought Chisora won the fight? Like who man?

    I didn’t… Matchroom didn’t… yeah there was some doubt as to who won, but not everyone had Chisora winning.

    I had it a draw at the least.

    But I don’t care, because the argument has been settled… and Whyte took a rematch he didn’t need to under fair contractual terms. He had as many options as AJ did, AJ couldn’t strike a deal with anyone worthy.

    Miller would NOT give Joshua his highest payday, we'll see very soon, and you'll realise.

    AJ DOES need Whyte... if the other top two aren't interested... AJ doesn't have many other places to go unless you really believe AJ can continue to fight shoddy opposition? And still fill out stadiums. Let me know how that goes.

    AJ doesnt need Whyte if of course AJ doesn’t like high pay days, and going by his behaviour with regards pay splits demands, and contractual obligations… the detective and psychologist in me says he likes money a little TOO much.

    But you spin however you like… to suit your perspective and narrative.

    Good luck watching good heavyweight fights in the coming years that don’t get made because Hearn and AJ too greedy... you keep supporting that greed you are part of the problem.
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    We've had this conversation in the past, and I disagreed. And Anthony Joshua... you know the man that was fighting in the ring... has also cleared it up.

    But if you think we are both liars... then whatever helps you sleep at night.

    "He rocked Joshua I know it... he did ....he did... zZzz ....zzZzzz... I know he did.. zzzz zzz zz"
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    Is the 'zzzz' noise the unremittingly loud buzzing heard across the UK from the vibrator you insert rectally when you read Whyte's tweets?
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    I trust I didn't get under your skin too much Paddy, all fun and games mate. ;)
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    Of course, there's no blood lust over here fella I can assure you x
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    It was a good shot but AJ was slightly off balance.
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    Is Aydamn to Whyte what TonyHayers is to AJ to what Steph Rising is to Wilder?
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    Whyte is sh1t. 23 life and death rounds with serial loser Chisora who most had winning the first fight
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    Splits don’t really have much to do with belts, contrary to what many believe. Yes, a fighters stock and profile can go up because he’s won a belt, but if it doesn’t, or it doesn’t by much, it basically means that their commercial value stays the same.

    It’s all about commercial value. Canelo can change weight divisions, bring no belts to the table, and still dwarf his opponents purse. Mayweather could come out of retirement, fight any number of champions, and still dwarf their purse.

    Joshua is in a position of power, commercially, and so if he negotiates a two fight deal, he’s naturally going to do so in his favour, while he’s in a position to do that. It’s just good business.
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