Murat Gassiev vs Erkan Teper 22 July Moscow

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Scott Cork, Jun 30, 2021.

  1. Sap1en

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    Dec 1, 2020
    I hope to see the drug fraud Teper brutally KO'd
  2. Surrix

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    Sep 16, 2020
    Vs then old and turned from very slow boxer to surprisingly slow boxer in giant Valuev >300 lber Haye looks that more had damaged his hands than this huge giant. No offense here, I had mentioned in some threads about Valuev vs Klits that I think they had won vs him on points and stoppage win might be most likely only due to cuts not KO.
    Giant was slow and landed on Haye almost nothing, therefore he lost decision.
    Btw I had read up some bunch with giant's fans posts and these too usually had scored fight for Haye:nonono by UD.:p

    Vs Chisora, who really is 245-260 lber Haye punched effectively while being then ~ 217 lbs.
    He was more effective vs Chisora than Usyk and Parker, also Fury in their first fight vs Chisora.
    While not ideal ofc, small for HW Haye had punched enough hard to drop ~250 lber down.
  3. FastSmith7

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    Sep 16, 2017
    The thing is, he's only 27, he wants to settle in at Heavyweight and hes got plenty of time compared to someone like Usyk and hes coming back off a few injuries as well.
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  4. FastSmith7

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    Sep 16, 2017
    Wow, what a good shout. Pretty much a guaranteed Gassiev knockout against a well known Heavyweight.
  5. Surrix

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    Sep 16, 2020
    Yeah. Better if he will climb up slowly and maybe this inactivity for him too will be good.
    If compare how f****ed shoulder played on Vitali ( was not good even when he yet was undefeated ).
    27 for HW is young, some lads turns into a pro when they are 30 etc. He isn't >35 y.o and should not make weight for weight ins, this does matters damn a lot for body and nerves.
  6. Doco

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    May 8, 2010
    I really enjoyed watching Gassiev fight, was curious to see how he'd do at HW, legal issues or not it had been very disappointing - if it was indeed legal issues I hope they got resolved and we can see him get some ring rust off and then move into some big fights
  7. f1ght3rz

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    Jan 31, 2018
    Age doesn't matter here. He's a pro for 10 years. You can at least expect a decent opponent. Teper is a fat glass jawed bum with zero skills. And off the juice he probably has zero power anymore. It's a horrendous fight and Gassiev will get another TKO1/2 finish here. What's the benefit being in the ring for like 4-5 minutes in a total mismatch? If he wants to settle in at HW you would expect him fighting guys who give him some rounds. So your explanation is a nice try to protect Gassiev and the horrendous matchmaking here but it's a fail. Based on your logic i'd expect a guy like Kingpin Johnson calibre as his opponent tbh.

    And regarding the injury talk...either he's healthy or not. He already had one gimmick fight a couple of months ago. Now he's getting another. And i expect him to fight more and more guys of that level.
  8. Pimp C

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    Jun 23, 2005
    Glad to see him atleast back in the ring. Hopefully he will be more active after this.
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  9. IntentionalButt

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    Nov 30, 2006
    This does nothing for Gassiev but enhance the highlight reel - but yeah, gives us the joy of Teper being smashed. :sisi1
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  10. Dubblechin

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    Jun 25, 2014
    And I do not. (LOL)

    Gassiev is the guy who pulled out of a fight with Jerry Forrest last year because he "wasn't ready." Then never rescheduled. He also had a fight scheduled with Joey Dawejko and pulled out on a week's notice, citing a sore shoulder, and then never rescheduled that.

    I have always been a big fan of the heavyweights. And I give them a lot of slack most of the time (as most will say about me), but for the life of me I have no idea why people think this Gassiev is great.

    Is he waiting for everyone to get old and retire? Is that the plan here?

    Because, for years, people on this board have said that cruiserweight class was going to take the heavyweight division by storm. And I'm just not seeing it at all.
  11. Serge

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    Jul 21, 2009
    He's only fought once in three years, has been plagued with injuries and had to undergo multiple surgeries on them and that lone appearance was like 80 seconds or so of action 9 months ago and I doubt too many ranked HWs are queuing up to fight him given his fearsome gym reputation and he's probably already beaten the crap out of or knocked out many of the names people would put forward as good opponents for him. Hopefully we'll see him in with someone higher up the rankings after his next fight.

    Chris Arreola still to this day says the hardest he's been hit is by CW Level Gassiev in the gym. He said he hated sparring him

    “The power he has shown me in the gym sparring against [heavyweights Dominic] Breazeale, Charles Martin, Gerald Washington, Chris Arreola, is very real,” Sanchez said. “All those guys, he’s been able to dominate and hurt. Once we get him to the heavyweight division and stabilize him at 225, 230, and put some muscle on those pounds, he’ll be very effective.''
    -- Abel Sanchez

    Which HW's ribs did Gassiev break in sparring?


    ''Ask any given sparring partner who’s been in there with him and they will tell you he’s a small heavyweight who fights like a big heavyweight.

    “Murat Gassiev – that motherbeeeper hits hard,” heavyweight contender Chris Arreola said of his experience while training with the Russian banger in Big Bear, California.

    The two worked in the same gym space for their recent training camps. Arreola was preparing for his December 12 showdown with Travis Kauffman, a fight he won by split decision. The final outcome was disputed, but Arreola’s energy at fight’s end was attributed to the work he put in during his time in Big Bear, also crediting Gassiev as one of the fighters who pushed him in the gym.

    “He caught me in the ribs during one sparring session, I just never been hit like that before,” Arreola admitted. “This was a camp I was already determined to leave as a trim and ready fighter, but I knew I couldn’t half-ass it when he was there. Whenever I saw him in the gym when I arrived, I was like “Beep, not that guy again.” But he makes you work in the gym, he makes you a better fighter.”

    'Here is another endorsement. World-class cruiserweight Ola Afolabi (who has sparred both Wlad and Vitali among other HWs) proclaimed that Gassiev is a certified assassin. “Probably the hardest puncher I’ve ever been in with,” said Afolabi, a pro since 2002 and a three-time cruiserweight title challenger ranked No. 10 by THE RING.'

    S-JAM Boxing said he's the hardest puncher he's ever seen, and that he's seen him up close and personal in the gym and tapes of him doing bad things to top ten HWs in the gym ie. wrecking and sparking them. Just join the dots. S-JAM Boxing manages Joe Joyce, Joyce was trained by Abel Sanchez and he's obviously alluding to the footage he's seen in Sanchez's gym.

  12. Dubblechin

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    Jun 25, 2014
    Sparring stories are always fun. But I remember when all the top fighters were raving about how dangerous their sparring partner Ishe Smith was.

    In the last three years, this is Gassiev's lone fight.

    I don't see anyone in that ring who is going to beat most of the heavyweights today.
  13. rusev

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    Jan 30, 2007
    Good boxer , but he wants to cash out in heavyweight division . Don't think he will become champion.
  14. Surrix

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    Sep 16, 2020
    Gassiev had been champ and ranked highly at CW.
    Then he looks that had decided to move to HW after fight vs Usyk.
    Appeared that looks most likely he was injured later after WBSS, were rumors that he maybe will need surgery.
    Looked that maybe they initially hoped to get over with rehab only, later still surgery and long rehab had happened.

    If boxer is not active too long, his ranking is gone, especially before this modern covid era.
    Not likely he is able to generate enough money for someone to be worth risk with if he was from top 100, not alone higher.
    So he get this lad and now next boxer? Even good that he get these.

    It is not like with Usyk, he when moved up had moved up as undisputed in lower weight class + with The Ring belt and he had vacated these belts in order to move up.
    Usyk looks that had scheduled to fight with some boxer who had been pulled out from fight by boxing orgs or like this and get this Witherspoon as late replacement cos this stuff.
    Then he get Chisora after this fight.

    Ofc for Gassiev even till Chisora as opponent is relatively long road: ranking and $ they are able to pay to book Chisora for example to fight with etc.

    Maybe like Vitaly, I hope that not so " healthy ".